Me as a Steemit writer in Top Article @ TheNextWeb (with some big crypto names)

in bitcoin •  2 years ago is a very popular technology portal.

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Lately my work as cryptocurrency blogger have been noticed by them and i was contacted for small interview about Bitcoin forks among people like

  • Nejc Kodrič, CEO and co-founder of Bitstamp
  • Jeremy Epstein, CEO of Never Stop Marketing, advisor to OpenBazaar, IOTA, Zcash

Instead of going as author of my personal hosted blog or twitter since 2013 we have decided to promote Steemit and link to my profile there. I'm sure it will bring more technology-aware users to the site.

Article Was on Top of Portals Frontpage

Full text here:

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" is a very popular technology portal."

Yes, it is. #3186 Global rank on Alexa means something.
Do you know what is even cooler? ;-)
Steemit is now at #2117

So, which one is the next web?

(damn, I need to think about my career in marketing)

Yeah Steemit is rocking no dobut :)


Great to see extra exposure though!

Congratulations @kingscrown.

Great job, you deserve the exposure alright! Thanks for sharing this information with us all as well. These are some great news.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

I second, indeed well done job. You deserve it.

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Me as a Steemit writer in Top Article @ TheNextWeb (with some big crypto names)

thank you..

Great job - well done

Nice one, you have already convinced me that you are good steemit writer and good in article writing. keep it up @kingscrown.

Bro I love all you post NO LIE they "ALL" have great detail and were greatly written 👍

Great job @kingscrown you had it and i do follow you for you articles and you are among the people i followed while i started using steemit. And you are great bro you are doing a great job you deserve all this sucess @naseerbhat

Thank you and 4 share.

The site is pretty convenient, thanks for sharing!

congratulations, teacher! :)

That's a great achievement @kingscrown and a good steemit advertisement. We need more such exposures like that.

Good work @kingscrown

nice work @kingscrown

I always visit your blog because you inspires me. Do what you do. Thank you very much for sharing inspiring content.

your fake pic fools a lot of ppl. a girl that hot would have more posts with photos of herself! i do like the name "keks"

You've got a very valid point right there. Lol


Great job, you deserve the exposure alright You have been one of the most influential blogger in the steemit community. And Steem You have been one of the most influential blogger in the steemit community Value More Up ;)

Guest posting on thenextweb is not an easy task. I know several good writers who have not been able to achieve this feat, and they have had umpteen articles rejected.

Directing traffic to Steemit will ensure that we will receive readers as well as some good bloggers on the site through your article. You will also get some good followers who are used to reading high quality content.

Thanks for the post and your traffic contribution!

Wow this is amazing news, congratulations mate, you inspire everyone in this community!

Welcome to new era of Crypto, good luck @kingscrown

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good move. And this did not disappoint. You did it successfully @kingscrown

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Great job bro, i really gain a knowledge . . .

This is cool. It motivates nerds like me to switch to steemit to share my knowledge and ideas.

Kudos :)

You nailed this one, more of this from where this is coming from.

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Long Live the King

Long Live the Kings Crown


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Nice man, a blockchain influencer! Good title, and fitting. Thanks for throwing a steemit shout-out.. I am heading over to read the article. Keep up the good work!

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You are even more famous now! So nice to see. We have plenty of room here for all your crypto fans!

Good Luck :D

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I'm glad you decided to promote Steemit.We're happy to have you on this platform.

good job, Bravo....

Awesome, spreading the good word about Steemit.

Thanks for sharing

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Aw man, top exposing! It's exactly stuff like this steemit needs to get in the eye of folk!

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Great Job

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Work hard and then.. Play hard.
Well done mate for your success

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Tell us some techniques to grow in steemit.

Very informative post. I'm so inspired to keep working hard on steemit.

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Congratulations to you, good luck and bring steemit to the main site that is used by many people. ..

It's great to see that your thoughts are valued concerning cryptocurrency outside of the steemit community. Congrats!

Good work @kingscrown.

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It must be admitted, the work you do should be appreciated, not easy to achieve something bigger.
what you achieve makes me motivated to be like you.
Thank you for sharing your success with us,
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Your posts show your dedication. Keep it up @kingscrown

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Congratulations for the mention on TNW and great job for posting from Steemit. Showing the potential of the platform in already consolidated tech news sites is one of the best ways to give it visibility.

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Great. Good works are always appreciated. You have been one of the most influential blogger in the steemit community and your contributions are rightly recognized.

I don't know much on or about crypto.
Thank you for sharing this information I do not know how I will use yet, but I am sure it will come in handy!!
But I am learning, I hope though that I will be able to bring my music to this community like you have brought the news!

Congratulations @kingscrown!
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its really great.
it really boost me to spend more time and more concentrate on steemit . and i am sure i will be one of the top authors in steemit

I congratulate you on this achievement. So happy to hear that you decided to promote our platform. Thank you for this!

good job bro...!!
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Congrats, kingscrown! You're my favourite so far, so you definitely deserve the spotlight ;) Thanks for quality content and hope you'll continue on this road

Grats! I am going to check out the site now.

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