@kingscrown went MIA, BTC dumped to 9k USD!

in #bitcoin4 years ago

I went away for a week and got loads of PMs "is BTC done", "where are you, BTC crashing" etc.

So i have been in my snow castle for last week.

BTC already went back to 12k USD and now floats at 11k. 9kj was a great buying opportunity.

I know loads of people had fun on BitMEX with this.

and as usual...


This story happends again and again here. Get used to it and stop panic. Also good to get out from computer for a week like i did ;)

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The post is very dry but your snow castle looks awesome.

Amazing castle! Thank you for sharing :D

If I ever get crypto rich I am creating this very castle... lol

Oh don't​ worry I am sure that it would be quick :D

Castle looks so cool.

Thanks man!

Wait, you seriously built that castle?

no.. ive made my minnions do it!

If you have access to it I’d love to see some photos!

thanks a lot for sharing your valuable post in steemit

What goes up must come down, and likewise vice versus!

Welcome back.

I like Ethereum, is has only gone down to $950 or so , a less percentage drop than bitcoin. The is an ICO that I want to buy in and they only want ETH. I wonder who now has the missing Bitconnect Bitcoins ? Bitcoins are on sale right now, good time to get more! 🤠😎🤑

ETH, LTC, NEO.. all good bets ;)

people calling u when bitcoin drops like you control it hahahahaha

That was the scariest correction since I'm in crypto and I feel proud that I hodl'ed everything like a hero.

A lot of people, especially newbies, don't understand that all markets are cyclical.

What?! You're telling me this market can go down? Must be a scam.... imma pull out now. ;)

Thankyou for your castil....but i m play in forex ill try crpto but no human teach me....i think its simillar with f0rex ... from indonesian steemian






You are right, it's best to stop panic! Getting out for the computer for a week is a good idea..two weeks would be even better.

Yeah btc is dumped to 9k usd right now but sir we belief that it will rise up soon bcoz bitcoin is one of the largest cryptocurrency and most of the other coin depend on it . and I love to hold my btc and aim to buy more btc on this dump period.

Has anyone got any tips with getting started on steemit? any help would be great :)

Cryptos are crashing! - Don't panic.

I have a few Crypto Coins: BTC,LTC,ETH,ETC . I like some of the other Alcoins as well. Just don't understand why so many are coming out and also some have no purpose for a coin.

awesome castle just loved it...

Are you serious...???
That a good information.

Yup. I need a couple days away from the computer. It drives me crazy to watch my portfolio value drop 50%

I feel ur pain bro, but it´s also awesome when the price goes up and the portfolio goes up 50% or 100%(mine did some weeks ago just before crashing xD)

Mine too. I should transferred it all into tether when it was at its peak and then bought these dips. Oh well.

Im following you now because i like the way you interact with people. I was there last month. Just starting out and trying to start a following. So you got a follower in me man

I followed u too :)

Very refreshing to stay out of everything for a week actually!

To be honest, all this drop didnt really worry me a bit, which means Im starting to adapt in crypto space. Healthy conclusion of the week

Yeah, agreed, nice to get away sometimes... wasn't worried either, but jumped in a little too early, right before BTC dropped to 9...smh, but I think it may drop one more time before it's yuge run, and if so going in on some more

To be honest, I sold most of my btc a while back... The fees are just out of hand, rather play with alts

i buy btc to buy my alts

yeah I buy LTC for that...for the speed

yeah probably good, I like to hold my LTC, but may take this recommendation from you. thanks for sharing some tips, much appreciated @karinxxl

Not all places accept Litecoin as they do Bitcoin. Others accept Bitcoin and Ethereum but not litecoin. Hope that changes soon.

Also true, but for me its a good coin to start with from coinbase, and take to take it from there into something else

My dream is to go to a castle das! lol

I agree with the opinion! No panic, more profit!

A getaway is a very healthy activity. Especially with a loved one. I should do that sometime.

Thanks for your kind information about cryptocurrency

The hard part wouldnt be to be away from my portfolio for 1 week, but away from my PC for 1 week, who would feed it electricity ? who would play with it? the poor guy wouldnt know what to do...

Even as you 'hide' away, 'So i have been in my snow castle for last week.' remember to keep vigil. There'll always be opportunity to buy!

Good post my friend

Yes, I think we need to pause, breathe in peace, in order to make the best decisions. I do not have a snow castle but I do have my little studio to analyze and review the opinions of the experts. Good advice. Greetings.

@kingscrown True, one should just get use to the highs and lows. HODL is the only way I know. Staying positive all the way :D Thanx for sharing. - @splendorhub

I am about as much of a newbie to the Crypto world as one can be, especially when it comes to Alt Coins. I bought in on Ethereum when it was at $19.00 and have held it since. I had enough sense to do that. lol! But, I didn't take it to the next level until now. I have invested in some that I feel will do really well. Two of a few of my favorites are ETHOS and EOS, so invested pretty heavily in them.

Back to your oost about Bitcoin. I have heard nothing but fear around Bitcoin and Crypto's in general. I almost wonder if the MSM is doing their best to scare people off to give corporations time to get in before the average person has time to get invested. I know the Alt. Media is pretty darn scared too. lol

Thanks for helping others make sense of it and bringing some clarity to it all.

think about this a little. cryptocurrencies should be a little safer relative to fiat because fiat can be devalued by a country printing more of its fiat. cryptocurrencies like BTC are decentralized, distributed, and have built in scarcity.
The only way to manipulate its price is with propaganda -- negative propaganda when they want it down, positive propaganda when they want it up. The future market is just an abstraction and not necessarily pegged to the real thing. It only gives a "prediction", which many may or may not pay attention to. So if they are telling you not to buy it, buy it. If they are telling you to buy it, don't buy it -- HODL or sell. Or, dollar cost average every week or every month.

You are very right. The markets are being manipulated in order for the big players to keep buying up while it's cheap. The manipulation is at the highest levels. Your definitely onto something. Keep that in mind and you will start to see the patterns of manipulation much more clearly.

one more dip to buy... saying 7.5 k, but could be wrong

with US government shutdown, I would think BTC will go up - flight to safety as US dollar sinks more.

Welcome back! SBD is being​ pumped on Bittrex at this very moment, CoinExchange has been down for​ the last 8 hours, and today C-CEX resumed taking​ in new registrations.

I believe it will go high again.. Meanwhile, nice castle you got there..

There's no reason whatsoever panicing on the fallen of BTC is gonna shotup again and again, the wise buy when fallen and the weak panic and sells but'll leave to regret later.

Grandma needs some new boots! :D Good post...no need to panic! Things will go up and down, sometimes rapidly...just breathe!

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BTC bump. Not dump

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9 k was an amazing buying op but I didn't get it at the low low hit it at just above the 10k mark so still a win in my book. Btw that castle looks bad ass! Hope you had a good time.

Nice market info

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Well for a minnow like me, i sure did panic, but i had to HODL. The whole process was interesting overall, now im even stronger

That is very nice castle. How can i find that on google maps?

I strongly believe this is a good period to buy BTC bcos im very positive it will rise pretty soon. Great post...

how to earn free btc ? anyone ??

looks like a wonderful place to be! :) The crpytomarkets are looking very bullish! Exciting time to be long in the space!

Amazing keep sharing God bless you

We are getting up back


Awesome post. Thanks for sharing it.

The fallen will rise again! ;)

Castle looks so good!! ^^

That's a huge castle

I am still kind of unsure as to how bitconnect had a major percentage of the cryptocurrency market. One of my theories are that as soon as bitconnect fell, many people thought that other currencies were like this and decided to drop out as well. Then we hear about other coins like Hextracoin and Davorcoin who come in. I am a little sketchy about joining these lending groups as they are bound to fail at one point as the same concept is in these groups. As for the price of bitcoin falling to 9k, likewise, everyone needs to basically calm down as this isn't the first time it dipped like this. Right now, the value of bitcoin is 12.94 thousand dollars. So essentially the coin is climbing back up in price meaning that investing into cryptocurrency right now is perfect. Of course, the market needs some time to recover after the whole bitconnect thing happened. But with all the panic, yea it needs to calm down a little.

Thanks for the updates and the chart action on the run up since Bitcoin hit the low$9k. One question though, should Bitcoin and Altcoin holders be concerned that short positions in Bitcoin is now even bigger than 2 weeks ago. Would love to hear back from others.bitcoin net specs 1.21.jpg

Thank you for information good

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