KatyPerry Shows Crypto Nails

in #bitcoin4 years ago

This is not a fake or not a joke, she did it https://www.instagram.com/p/BeXchJzFkhJ/

So this is verified by media worldwide, its their real nails it seems.

So she "likes" Litecoin, Monero, Stellar, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

NEO, NEM, IOTA and many others from top13 are skipped but XMR stays.

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Do you think it reveals Katy Perry crypto portfolio?

we need to buy her STEEM nail then ;)

Might be, she can be the new "McAFEE" influencing the market with just a few tweets!

Yeah, I would love to see what her portfolio would look like :)

Katy Perry is becoming one of the leading Pop Stars shining the light on Cryptos...

she even grilled warren buffet about the value of the blockchain... Look
Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 11.27.03 PM.png


I think Satoshi bribed her to not put BitcoinCash huehue

First there were Crypto Kittis then Crypto Celebrities now Crypto Niles tomorrow Crypto Beard)))


she should change her name to : Crypto Perry :)

What the fuck
Everybody go in crypto today!

excellent way of self promotion. we should also organise fashin shows on cryptocurrency

i like the xlm nails!

Looks like EOS is on her nails ..... I’m really thinking good things for EOS!!
Etherium and Litecoin also.
Bitcoin has me holding back right now.
Maybe a mistake??? But I’m seeing better results and faster transaction with the others with less fees.
Nice post thanks for sharing

Bitcoin is going fail over time if it doesn't fix its speed and cost. The whole digital gold "meme" is a garbage excuse and marketing ploy by the miners.

That is really cool @kingscrown :) Specially because i mine Monero, hehe and i have a love relation with that coin and haven't yet had the courage to sell it because it took me half a year to mine 1 XMR and everytime i think about sellling i get a little bit sad. Its the first cryptocoin that i mined :)

The simple fact that Hollywood is now pushing crypto should tell you something very important about governments true feelings on the subject.

Crypto? Try Satanic. This makes me want to sell everything.

Saw her nails a few hours ago on instagram!
Good thing! Join the revolution!

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I just love the way she did ,it will be good if we get to know how to do it.

Crypto is becoming mainstream!

I think thing like this are going to make Bitcoin look like just another fad.

That's the most creative fingernails painting I've ever seen.

Seriously, where are the Steem toes?!

If Katy Perry is shilling for crypto, does that officially make it "dumb money"?

She needs a STEEM pedicure!

ohh my good....its the future..!!

wolf bitcoin.png

Anyone else notice that she didn't use BitcoinCash, XRP, or Cardano :-D


Yup, I know that this is Katy Perry nails.
I like Katy perry nails from core of my heart.
Cause This nails only should her not others.
But that is katy perry Portfolio's? I don't know.
Great to share

Somebody get that girl on Steemit!

Bitcoin is really an honest coin to thanks for posting concerning Bitcoin

Wow look fancy @kingscrown 😍

Me gustaría que también mostraras en la imagen el valor del Steem ya que es la moneda por la cual se trabaja en Steemit:) Saludos!

Katy Perry knows about crypto? I would have thought she'd only know about hairspray and the wonders of water from the ancient waters of the La Trobe or something or other.

Just imagine if she would join Steemit.......

Great work done. I think she loves it. U5drYq5L49MzaChemRpSRwdjGZmCneB_1680x8400.jpg

I can now see crypto imagery being used as art in a multitude of ways. I’m sure her nail design will inspire others to get creative with the use of crypto logos!!

very Noice!!!!

Wow, if crypto started to be shared by these influencers we should really really expect a BOOM in the market in the near future.

Selling all my Neo for stellar and litecoin! I’m not going to miss the Katy Perry bull run!

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She knows as well as I do that Stellar is going stellar!! That’s my coin of choice at the moment. Lot of good momentum..certainly not quite getting as much appreciated as I think it should. Only time will show..

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Oh god, not stellar...

At least she has a monero-cure.

Haha, crypto is literally EVERYWHERE!!!

i always watch your post @kingscrown by the way thanks for information. i hope all people use cryptocurrencey like katty perry

Not a fan of Katy Perry at all but glad to see that crypto is getting some celebrity exposure.

It is so hard to tell with Katy Perry.
She could be a control puppet or not.
Sometimes it seems for sure, others, maybe not.

When does it seem like Katy Perry isn't an empty puppet?

Is that the code that she hold that coin..? 😀

Wow! Hard to believe, but it was authenticated.

Like Twitter in 2009. That's when big celebrities started to sign up.

I like when already very rich people promote crypto it gives off a vibe that its not just get rich quick scheme

Not a bad influencer to have on the side of Crypto! Love it or hate it THIS is exactly how Crypto becomes mainstream.

I already like katy perrys music now I like her even more!

No ripple nails, nice, Katy Parry has now become my favorite singer! All my coins in the nails of a gorgeous singer
😍😍😍 I wish i was those coins

I think the crypto craze is here to stay, there's so many celebrities and powerhouses out there looking into it now

I didn't expected that she'd be interested in cryptocurrencies, nice! Nice nails by the way XD

Bitcoin is actually a good coin to thank you for posting about Bitcoin

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