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When people ask me for best desktop wallet i always say - Electrum. Its lightweight, has all options and full control of private keys + a lot more.

The official domain for the wallet is yet today some hackers got ahold of .com version and are spreading malware that way. This is one of the most used wallets and im sure they will run ads and SEO to rank the domain.

To not be a clear case they call their wallet Electrum PRO so there cannot be easy copyright violation.

They did spend some money to get this domain and the website looks really nice, way better than original.

So please stay aware and spread the word to not use the .com domain despite what they write there.

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you can use ledger nano s, it might not a be reasonable price, but it is a reasonable investments.

Good to know.
As much as I wanted it, I could not install it so I picked jaxx which seems to work for me.

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thanks for the heads-up.I use blockchain and luno wallet, they have served me very well I see no reason to change to electrum will pass on the info to friends and family.

Nice you must be from South Africa?
I use ethermask, the official wallet and I've send ethereum to my bitshares account before.

That's why you use the offline wallet of electrum, it comes preinstalled with TAILS.

yeah i love tails :)

gotta use that bitcoin mixer first ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

.com or .net makes all the difference!

Thanks for sharing this valuable insight.

Thanks for sharing this important information

They said in Twitter that they are legit, but it is difficult to believe.

Thank you very much for the much needed update and info

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i use exodus one of the best wallets

Wow thanks so much for the information

Got it.

thank you very much for sharing information
I Will upvote and restem @kingscrown

Hmmmm hackersspammers and scammers are just everywhere. Thanks so much for the info @kingscrown. You're a darling

thank you for informing us! I installed electrum on my pc 1 week ago, so this is a close call!

wow thanks for sharing that ! But they did put the work in, that's pretty impressive

thanks for the information.

Thank you, @kingscrown.
Your posts contain many good informations and really useful for me as newbie in this platform. Please keep on writing about this.

thank you so much for sharing this important issue, much appreciate

Talk about a sneaky way to scam people, especially since most people would probably head to a .com site over a .org site, falsely assuming that the .com was first and the .org was a knockoff/scam.

I really hope this just kind of fizzles out and doesn't become a large problem.

This is always a question
Thank you for answering

thanks a lot

me too

thanks for the notification ,, very useful for me👍

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