Faucets - An Extra Way to get Free Cryptocurrencies

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When Bitcoin started you could get even 5 BTC from faucets, just by clicking a captcha or so. I remember myself getting 1,5 BTC per Gmail address on the very first faucet made by Gavin Andresenn.

Keep in mind those 5 BTC were worth nothing back then, same as currently, some coin may not be worth much or maybe small amount of BTC may not be. You don't know what it can be in future though.

To be clear - i do NOT suggest faucets as a way to make money.

On the other hand it wont hurt you to do 1 click a day on some site (many allow clicks every hour or once 24h) and it may help.

Here are few faucets that i found working without issues.

Free BitcoIN

This is the oldest good paying faucet out there. Every 1 hour you are eligible for freeroll + you can deposit BTC and play them in casino. Faucet has loads of options like betting, buying lotery tickets and many bonuses. I remember i was lucky enough to win around 0.03 BTC once in the free-roll.

Bitcoin Cash

This is a new one, no idea how long it will work but for now it does. Every 24h you can get BCC/BCH (however you call it) sent directly to your address.


This is actually an exchange, a not bad one. But if you deposit some coins, and trade them (can be literally 1 USD worth) then almost every 1 hour they give away on chat coins to "last people who logged in".

So just login, say hi on chat and expect some coins to drop. There is really many giveaways there and you can trade those coins into DOGE/LTC/BTC right away. Nothing big but a fun way to treat users. Its a really friendly place and exchange never had issues (so far). They also have Lotto and other cool options.

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Don't forget about STEEM faucet, run by the one and only @klye!


true that! good addition to my post

Does it still work? Looks dead.

Is that site legit? Looks dead.

Yeah, just verify with @klye on his post

Eventhough "No free lunch". I will try it. Thanks for the info.

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It's not really a "free" lunch. You get exposed to ads, so the faucet owners profit from it, so it's not like most of these are operated from the goodness of someones heart.

plus whats even more evil :D they used the ip registered on the faucet sites to map the bitcoin adresses . This Ip-geo-mapping was know years (2010 or so) ago but people still use faucets... survises like chainanalyse deliver all those data to the Goverment/IRS...all anonymity is gone

My experience with Bitcoins was I got .3 coin early on, then put it in MT. Gox (I think that's what it was called) for binary trading, but then that company got hacked and I

Ouch, that sucks :(

Thanks for the info. I never heard of faucets before. 5 BTC was nothing back in the day, how times change.

But now everything is changing with regret

I did some faucets when I first started too! Actually my very first bitcoin came from a faucet

thanks for the suggestion, but faucets are wast of time. much better airdrop of new coins :)

Is ETH going to airdrop when they get through Forking?

don't think so..

Yeah well, it's free, but it's REALLY slow.
I tried when I first got to know cryptos and boy, I lost patience after a month seeing less than $100 earnings per month...
Anyway, great post, and thanks a lot for posting it!

this is my only issue with these as well; you have to have NO LIFE whatsoever to spend enough time, earning enough coin through these faucets; they are .... really 'cheap' on the payouts for our time; almost the only way to really earn is to have a massive amount of referrals who are all referring others; Even then many of them would be discouraged by the small payouts.

Did you really expect more than $100 per month for a single click on a website?

Nope, I was on multiple faucets, about 10 or 15, with multiple times a day clicking, still could never reach that in a month.

Ah, that makes more sense. Faucets are generally not worth time time, but it could be very profitable if the coin gets a 10x or even a 100x value increase.

I had a friend who earned $5000 a year by faucetting. Scored a good $2500 a year or about 1btc at the time.

Thanks for sharing! <3

Wow, not bad at all! How did he possibly manage this?

must have been a long time ago; and they probably had a BUNCH of referrals

I don't have the patience for faucets... but that's cool you used to get 1.5 BTC from the gmail faucet... that faucet alone could have made someone rich!

I can't believe these faucets are still around. Considering the price of btc and the rate of fees,

Yoo, faucets aren't a good way to get crypto, unless you try referral networking :) I couldn't build up my net:( Anyway, I got some extra time from my sleep to write post here and be with community, because it's my steemit bday - one month here! It's cool to be here

Happy one-month anniversary!

Thank you, never thought somebody will write on this post :S

A very Happy Anniversary to you. I have been here about 18 days. I have connected with some very creative people. It has been fun.

This fucking post made $195, what the fuck is wrong with steemit, this is not worth that much, what the fuck!!!! This post is so fucking generic, like of course we all know faucets made a ton back in the day. Please people why are you helping this post with upvotes, like dam almost $200 for this shit!!! Fucking trash post made this, holy shit people. Why was this worth almost $200 are you kidding me....

Yeah i made a similar post to this and it made nothing😸, its because this dude has alot of folowers,

lol but Can you not understand his salt? lol .... I do! .......... crazy what earns and what doesn't on this platform :) Congratulations to the winner though

On the first mentioned faucet (freebitco.in) you can even mine BTC by using your CPU via the browser!

Reflinks aren't allowed on this site.

Really? The original post in itself has referral links!

Unlike few years ago, you just waste your time/money by claim faucet these days.
The income from faucet can't even cover the transaction fees because many dust input.

What is it, is it like mining?

It is like a lottery, where you click a button every few minutes or hours. After a fixed timespan a winner is drawn. They draw their funds from the shown adds.

Sounds like fun I guess.

This is a very nice post @kingscrown but I honestly don't agree about free bitcoin earning coz bitcoin is very high and there's no means to earn other than mining or some kinda btc generator scheme.

after reading this post
goto the website of freebitco.in then read the whole shit
after some time i signup there and then click on the roll button after signing
this website gave me some satoshi's but the cool thing is that there's multiplying game as hi-low roll
find out which one number will come
if choose the right number then you will earn a huge amount guys but slowly
remember that these robots that working continuously so first play slowly and understand the strategy and win big slowly guys
really awesome
this one help to earn big

thanks for the information. what your news is useful for us all ..

First time that I've heard of a faucet. Thanks for the info. I'm afraid of getting a virus from these sites though.

Thank you @kingscrown, that was a wealth of an information. Really liked the cryptopia thingy and surely would give it a try!!
Followed & Upvoted your post.. Thanks a ton!!

I thought faucets are only giving you coins that can be used on testnet. Not actual coins.

That was very useful info I didn't know that was even available to take advantage of....

The faucets tied to coinpot are kinda nice- decent referral payouts, plus they have a daily loyalty bonus that you can increase by 1% per day up to 100% if you tap it a least once a day. It has a randomize bonus, and it has a 1%-per-active referral payout.

What I like about these is that they have a faucet that continuously pays out. Per the site:

Whereas most faucets only allow you to claim once per hour or once per day, we allow you to claim as often or as little as you like*
The faucet will gradually fill up - quite quickly initially but it will slow down over time - until you make a claim. So the longer you leave it the more you will be able to claim.
You may prefer to claim a smaller amount every 5 minutes, or visit once per day and claim the large amount that has built up while you were away!

I like them for this reason. For BTC, the once-every-15 minute faucets pay out a bit better, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference.

The bitcoin faucet now has a function that enables you to use extra CPU from your computer to go work on the mining pool they're a part of (or running themselves) and get a bonus based on that.

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Nothing about Coinpot the best faucet ever?????

there is no faucet for other currency or an ico?

With a little bit of searching , you can find faucets for many different coins. Some of the older Alt coins like Blackcoin, Peercoin and Dogecoinare pretty common as well as some coins that make the top 200 or so per overall market cap on Coinmarketcap.

For ICOs, the big thing these days seems to be participating in bounty campaigns. I swear, those are becoming the scourge of my online world as I see a lot of my favorite youtubers doing numerous videos on XYZ coin (PayPie is the most recent one.) If you are curious about those, you can usually find something listed at bitcointalk.org.

Interesting, never been into faucets, but could try it sometime...

Thank for sharing the info... I have a Cryptopia account and don't know about chatting that can produce some coin... And now can earn easy money by chatting...

Thanks for sharing this information and giving info on the ones you found that worked.

Thank you @kingscrown. Some of the faucets i never heard. It is not bad to play with them in extra time.

Thanks for the advice..check out my posts when you get a chance please!

I really do believe they are waste of time. if you wondering why then check this article... https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@wealthypioneers/are-bitcoin-faucets-waste-of-your-time-or-are-they-profitable

As you wrote it, people make just a little bit. But let's take in consideration that in some 3rd world countries, if someone has to be on the computer either for for or work (i am not saying it is right), they might as well make some money! Little, but nonetheless money!

Interesting with the transaction costs and decrease in ad revenue I would have assumed all the faucets would have dried up.

Use to be this one game that had faucets inside. Was a gambling game so most people back then blew all the drips they got out of it on the games. Whoever the top spender there must be anger now a days he blew tens of thousands of btc. The site was a bit old by the time I found it. I can only imagen the guy was gambling with a few dollars’ worth total at the time. I don’t recall it and its doubtful that place is even around anymore. If the owners didn’t cash out right away they made off with a lot of money.

I got like $20-$25 or so back then total out of the site and some other faucets.

Wow......free bitcoin.....
@kingscrown Thank you so much for sharing this great and good news....this is very useful to new crypto users......like me...
I'm surely try this faucets.....
Wel done...

So basically, I'd bet crytocurrency for clicking on things that the website wants me to click on?

Great information thanks

Imagine if you would have saved all the free Bitcoin you got back then?

Nice post.very useful thanks for sharing my greetings.

Faucets can be done simultaneously by doing other job, one should not expect magnificent return and should not depend on it completely

Thank you I am following you, I hope you will also follow up vote me this honor to me

Faucets are good when you have a team of referrals

https://qoinpro.com/fa78859ba6d5aa08f38582084d89ecb1 this is the best if you have a lot of referals because it goes 7 lvl+s deep on passive income

You just got one referral from me!

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Whattt this scam or legit ??

I regret 5 hours late
for reading this exciting news
@kingscrown thank you for sharing

thanks for the information i will do now and see what happens next @kingscrown

Great :)

  Thanks for this info about crpto @kingscrown

Where do you store btcs back then?
If i could turn back time. I was introduced into cryptocurrency last yr only.

Great! I've also discovered https://21.co/ that pays you BTC to do tasks here and there like checking your inbox, answering questions etc. Very interesting.

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Freebitco is certainly the best em of all. No other faucet compares to it. Between I thought you will be listing at least 10 best faucets! 😜

I used to try out faucets before, but way after they were offering 5 BTC or so per go. However, I made some dollars by doing it back in the days. These days I rarely spend any time on it; it's much better to simply interact with people here on Steemit :) It gives a much higher earnings per interaction.

I have tried faucets before and due to the low payouts, I stopped and sometimes I forget to check those sites but I want to try out the BCC faucet to see how it works :)

Thanks for sharing XD

FreebitcoIn is so legit! You can also try their betting game using the btc that you've got from the faucet. Nice post man.

how true is this however I gonna give it a try you never can tell thanks for the post

nice postnya .........
posting is perfect, I like posting like this.
I like mined bitcoin for free.

ya i have tried some before but the ones that pay give out so low amount it will take almost an entire life time to make money out of them so i prefer to buy and hodl

Even back in 2014, you could ea quite a bit from faucets. Now that the value of Bitcoins has increased, it becomes way harder to earn now. You would have to work quite hard with referrals.

Thank you for sharing this post! Followed resteemed and upvoted!

What is a faucet? 😄 😁 😆

Free Bitcoin is quite fun LOL! Love it.

Also don´t forget the referalprogram at freebitco.in, it´s nice aswell. If anyone want to go on and try the site, you can use my referal, wich is this link https://freebitco.in/?r=7103560 , or someone else, just get that persons id no.

Bitcoin (and by extension popular altcoins') faucets are simply not worth it these days.

You would literally earn fractions of cents per claim, and there is often a high payout threshold, such as a dollar or two (remember, fractions of cents).

The only ones who win are those who promote their referral links, as they earn per each referral's claim, the faucet owners (earning many dollars a pop thanks to the advertisement revenue from networks), and those who cleverly automate claiming somehow on a virtual proxy server, somewhere.

You're better off either freelancing for crypto, or exchanging currency or some type of medium (Amazon gift cards, for example) for them with other, trusted people.

It is amazing to consider/remember that there were once faucets that dispensed whole bitcoins, though!

All that i a-fart-jokes.jpggot back trying free bitcoin faucet is back ache,,,pressing and waiting for time to load up free btc isn't joke.....free launch isn't free but i enjoy getting it free even if it comes in bitty bitty

Nice post I Am already use faucets.
This it's my post about free money too all rest of life, read and resteem if it's interesting for you.

Faucets cool but it requires patience

Sometime small things plays a huge role in life who would have imagine back in those days that BTC will be of that much value now life is crazy and awesome at the same time :D

When I did faucets the moon ones were always good.

thanks for the information....

This info has really been helpful. Thanks

How many trades do you have to make on cryptopia and do you have to chqt once every hour to qualify?

I’ve seen some sites that claim to give out free bitcoins and I thought they are all fake. But reading your post now I’ll go back and check out those sites. Thanks.

The Minimum Withdrawl For Freebitco is 30000 satoshi
If you claim 16 time a day(16 hours) you will get around 900 a day
For 30000 it will take a month .
So it is not profitable

Very informative post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Thank you for sharing this great information, I'm learning about the cryptocurrencies and I think this will be a very powerful economy change in the future.

We just need someone to set up a "Pocket token" faucet now. 🤑

Somebody should please help me out on how to open a bitcoin wallet address and how to buy it

The best thing to do would be to download an Exodus wallet.

For faucets, you and then use the wallet address from that to go to the respective site. For example, Coinpot and Faucethub are where you would set up an "account" to collect the payouts that you get from various faucets. Each site has several faucets that link up to them. When you collect enough of a given crypto currency (and it requires a good degree of patience,) you can do a withdrawal to the Exodus wallet address.

If you want to buy cryptos outright, the most basic basic way would be to open an account at Coinbase (and download an Exodus wallet) to transfer your cryptos to once you buy them.

If you needed a tutorial on how to set up each step, you can find videos on steemit and youtube instructing you on how each process works.

Hope this helps.

It doesn't hurt to try, especially if it works. Thank you for sharing!

Yes, playing faucet is a good experience to get cryptocurrency. Nice information :)

I've always lost the satoshi earned by FreeBitco.in with that stupid and rigged game! My suggest is: Try to store more satoshi possible with the hourly rolls and with referrals code so you could have a decent amount of satoshi. Also, for every rolls/wager made by you and your referrals you will earn reward point that you can convert in satoshi. Good Luck!!!

Thanks bro, this is very useful lol

Good information I wanted to know these things. Resteemed this nice post

i am new if you follow me i will follow you

Nice thing to do, when you are free.
I like this post, thanks @kingscrown for sharing.

Thanks for the INFO @kingscrown. I wish i knew this in those days.