Exchanges are starting to make BTC withdrawal fees smaller and smaller!

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

Segwit and now LN, the expensive withdrawals started to be cheap and companies are adding the discounts one by one.

Soon everywhere about scammy places it will be cheap.

BitFinex Decreases by 25%

Binance by 50%

Worth to note that STEEM is traded here.

Kraken close to 50% too

This are 3 huge spots in volume so this news are big.

All in top17 in BTC traffic and actually some of them are few times there on various pairs.

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Looks like .0005 is the prevailing rate for BTC. That's great...

What a good news

As this crypto world evolves these fees need to be low to get mass adoption and show the world that money can move around more efficiently. Keep it up.

This really is good news. Exchanges should adopt improvements at the earliest possible opportunity.

Good new!!!

It's about time!! Paying 0.001 BTC to withdraw was ridiculous

Incredible to see how SegWit transactions as a % of total for bitcoin have doubled this week due to these implementation:

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 8.58.00 PM.png


Preparing for the new higher highs of BTC in 2018. 🚀

hopefully bittrex follows

Thats the power of competition, good for steemit one can withdrawal without loosing half to charges

Yes even today Binance announced they were dropping BTC withdrawal fees, I hope Bittrex follows soon because I have been converting it to Litecoin to transfer funds.


Converting it to Litecoin to be able to transfer with lower rates has been a tremendously great idea in order to avoid getting rekt with fees!

This is a great news

It's a better step. Now withdrawal is eassy of cost. Thanks for sharing.

That's some good news. Hope it decreases further.

This is great news. I've noticed many platforms are lowering BTC transaction fees. I kinda wish it would have happened earlier, but ah well. I hope this will last or perhaps even get better. But this is a great start, I won't complain on any fee drops! I'm sure many people agree

Good news great posts those fees was getting rediculous hope to see them keep coming down or ltc will take over one day

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this is good news.

Yay! Great news. Can't wait till it's 99cents. :). Great info. Joy

i like your post @kingscrown

Competition is getting fierce. In a free market, this is great news for everyone. Wait until a GOOD decentralized exchange come into play....ohhhhh I can't wait to see how much the fee of that would be IF any.

Happy to see that, next step should be lower the confirmations required to deposit coins, that is still a pain in the ass.
Thanks for sharing

This is a great move. Btc fees shouldnt be expensive.

'm really impressed with the potential of bitcoin.

weeee!!! that's a great news!!!
thanks for the update ☺️

They should! Or, I'd use only exchanges that support Doge to save fees (^_^)

If only Bitfinex would take my money (I am a US citizen.)

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This is big news, most including myself have stayed away just because of high fees, this should put Bitcoin back in high demand.
Even if buying a bit of it.
Thanks for sharing

Cheerful to see that, following stage ought to be bring down the affirmations required to store coins, that is as yet a genuine annoyance.

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Lol the "media" only reports about fees when they go up ;-p

You mean exchanges starting make bitcoin great again 🙊

Well that is good to hear!! This needed to happen, for the good of BTC!!

Thanks for that of bitfinex ,because withdraw fees are smaller rate.

there are better assets then BTC in crypto space
the first generation must retire

omgggg i loveeee this!! gonna use those crypto exchanges , this is what i am looking for !thank you @kingscrown

It takes how many hours or days to recieve 0.0904249Btc in my luno wallet pls

informasi yang sangat menarik dan bermanfaat

Thats very good news! i thing big role to all this is the huge competition and the Lightning Network!

Great news . thanks for sharing

This is awesome and great. Will make crypto trading sweet again. The fees where actually too high. And to think that they could still make good money with the fees at a reasonable rate was annoying. Good they got their senses

Everyone hates fees. They make transfers terrible for people moving small amounts. Most people would rather move one currency over moving to another just to minimize the fees to send. I looked at the fee to transfer USDT from Poloniex and its 25.0 so if you want to send 100 you get 75...WTF... BTC cost me 5 dollars to send recently so it still has a way to go to be acceptable in my opinion.

Its great to hear such a jolly news. Keep it decreasing. Hehe

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Finally some good news,this is why I deleted my polinex accoun,too high fees.

That's a HUGE deal. It seemed like only a couple months ago it cost a disgusting amount to send Bitcoin...and I must admit I opted to use BitcoinCash a few times instead due to its tremendously low transfer fees.

At last bitcoin is back on game. But will it stay decentralized? Thats the question..

Very good post,thanks for sharing