Do yourself a favor and get vacations once in a while.

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While im addicted to trading and looking for opportunities at least 2 times a year i stop doing anything crypto related at least for a few days. Literally anything, i stop bots that i run with HaasOnline and i dont look at prices or any news at all. Its not just vacations time, often on vacations im still active, this is something like a detox. And to people who wondered where i was - i was on fe days detox from anything.

Ive turned everything off, just left some buy/sell orders open and now im back with coffee and fully clear mind. Im not even re-reading what ive missed, just looking at charts and having good time.

My sell orders that hit when i was gone:

  • DGB
  • KMD
  • GNT
  • WAX
  • TRX
  • DGD
  • EOS
  • HSR
  • ZRX

My buys that hit:

  • EXCL
  • KNC
  • ADX

So as you can see mostly stuff that i bet will go up did it for me while not many low buy orders hit. I didnt check all exchanges yet but this is from most popular pairs that i use.

Exchanges Traded by Me

  • CoinExchange - many ETH tokens and anon coins like ZEC XZC EXCL
  • Binance - the obvious top vol exchange, has STEEM
  • KuCoin - i would say twin brother of B with mostly different coins
  • BiBox - amazing China exchange, similar to B and Ku with another lawyer of coins
  • COSS - many deals on ETH tokens for arbitrages
  • Cryptopia - they have some decent coins that others dont have and nice volumes
  • OpenLedger - decentralized exchange build on BTS, the older brother of STEEM


But sometimes..


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Crypto trading started giving me migraines so I started trading part time, and primarily just holding solid project. I find myself to be a lot me accurate these days as well.

I think I understand your point well.
Checking out charts, currency pairs exchange, margins and others are enough to turn the head and blur ones eyes. But we ain't going to give up.

Wow, so BTS is older than steem. Steem has done very well in a short time. I have traded on cryptopia and binance. My best exchange is Binance. And I trade on poloniex too.

on point calls

That is the downside to crypto markets being 24/7. No downtime. And the moment you take a break you can guarantee a break out! But I agree, sometimes you’ve just got to take a break!!

Looks like crypto is a full time job for most. Lol!


I also think the same. Its good to do so It not only help your body but also help your mind to think better

Buenos días, @kingscrown, la mayoría de las personas que estamos en este mundo virtual,hemos pasado por este experiencia,por eso es hay ....a donde yo digo y reafirmo ,no vivas del trabajo,trabaja para vivir,la vida es una y aveces hay que desconectarse del mundo ,para renacer,saludos,espero me visite pronto y a descerezarse....

Good morning,@kingscrown, most of the people that are in this virtual world, we have gone through this experience, that is why there is ... where I say and reaffirm, do not live from work, work to live, life it is one and sometimes you have to disconnect from the world, to be reborn, greetings, I hope you visit me soon and get lost ...

For Crypto-Veterans like yourself @kingscrown, Vacation is good.

It's nice to see you long has it been, a week perhaps?
I hope you got the rest and fun that you were looking for during your break.
Hell you do that only twice a year. For me it seems like every couple of months I have to unplug or go a little crazy in my head :-)

Happy trading again.

That's a very good advice for me as I struggle with disconnecting all the time while on vacation. Thank you for reminding me of that. I'll try harder on my next vacation. Cheers!

It is good to take vacation and take yourself away from this world, help one reflects on life itself and come back more better

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De cuando en vez hay que hacerlo, el cuerpo lo necesita tanto mental como fisicamnte, libera el estrés y la mala vibra. Hay que atreverse.

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See you on the top

we need time to rejuvinate and recharge, i do it once a month, get into the woods with no tech by side except a note book and pen

Why do you use OpenLedger and not straight BitShares?
It seems to me that the OpenLedger site is the same as the bitshares site, accept limited to the open stuff.

Went to an vacation.

Spent most of the time on my phone looking at steemit posts.


Nice to do. I Can believe Its hard to trade on Many exchanges and different coins.. happy trading again

Sage advice!

Haha read the title as "Get vaccinations once in a while"... much prefer vacations!

I like the posts that talk about people's actual life and give perspective. Thank you!

How can i travel for vacation without money? I wish i had enough

Agreed! Crypto can become all consuming! A good refresh is beneficial for you as well as your trades!

I take a very passive approach to trading, honestly I dont trade everyday. I watch three coins at the most and I look for opportunities. If I dont see one today I wait.