Cryptopia Registrations Open Again!

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I have written that exchanges will close on this boom and it happened -

Today Cryptopia opened doors again

This guys do114 922 256 USD volume a day. They used to be middle exchange but due to pump on everything they lately wrote they make 1 million USD from fees a day. Tldr; They have traction, get there. They have loads of cool coins you can trade just there or vs other exchanges. I really like this spot.

Just like other exchanges they have native coin DOT, which needs to be bought to get their services.

To list a coin you need to get 5 millions DOT.

That adds up to 305000 USD.

Crazy right ?!

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Well, the game has just begun. Mass adoption incoming. We can see that with exchanges closing registrations. Crypto is getting it's long due attention that it deserves!

I think that the exchanges closed registration partly from the intel computer chip mess. They needed time to update and secure their computer systems before allowing new people in. That makes sense to me and the timing matches up pretty well

This phenomen- of closing doors - has also concerned bittrex and binance. Maybe you need a ticket in near future for registration.

The horror going on in these exchanges.. I hope that things will get better!

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I was surprised to see even smaller exchanges were closing their registration. I expected it from Bittrex or Binance, but I couldn't make an account at trade satoshi! wtf

I think they needed to update things to better protect against the intel computer chip fiasco. That’s the only plausible explanation to me since everything basically stopped

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Hey all!
I have put together some picks. They are low market cap coins that I believe have great potential for profit. Obviously there is risk and do your own diligence before buying. I am not a financial planner or advisor.
In no particular order:

  1. AirSwap AST (Binance)
  2. Lamden TAU (EtherDelta)
  3. Loopring LPC (Binance)
  4. aelf ELF (Binance)
  5. Luxcoin LUX (Cryptopia)

(Follow me on my new Steemit for daily picks, and have an excellent day!)

godd news for new investors


Please let us hold the bag a little while longer

Cryptopia is one of the few exchanges where I can buy smartcash!

Yup. And a bunch of other small coins

you predicted the exchanges will close it doors to new sign up and it happened. that was spot on, cryptopia is really making some huge amount daily in fees, wow and its just going too get bigger

Their system was falling over because of all the traffic or maybe it was a DOS attack? It looks better now though.

Thanks for the information, Binance is also closed for the moment.

I managed to get in today, been trying quite awhile.

I told a couple of my friends to join binance and both were getting full messages but were able to get in at night pacific time zone one of them last night the other the night before keep trying.

Same, many exchanges now want your SSN just to sign up, and most major ones don't accept new accounts.

There getting issues and have to prove thier users are legitimate people and not just a money laundering account but yeah it sucks.

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You can get in using this binance referral code: 21212857

Do you need to do extensive verification for Cryptopia?


I hope Bittrex open theres soon, I love bittrex more than any exchange.

Bittrexx is great :)

Interesting post. What's the primary driver behind the exchanges closing their doors - government regulations or is there also a motivation to drive some demand via "manufactured" exclusivity?

I'm glad they reopened... keep trading guys!! 👍

its a great news ,thanks for this useful information

#cryptopia is good but i love #bittrex #binance and #kucoin.
Still Im just going to register on every exchange and call it a day!
You never know which exchange might get hacked or have service issues as mainstream adoption starts.

thanks for this useful post , its great news for all

how is your prediction of bitcoin prices this year, whether the price will go up as it did in the past year or it will go down again

waiting my post have the same money like this hahaha

Makes me optimistic that once other exchanges open again, there will be awesome price action this spring! Hold on to your butts! I'm getting on Cryptopia and Binance ASAP. Thanks kingscrown! Followed!

very nice and informative post

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awesome, thx for sharing

Crypto-currency is the most popular currency

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That is NUTZ!

very good post

Are they dealing in fiat currencies ?

very nice post

thanks for informing us ,i need to resteem this

Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

And the great thing about Cryptopia is it's based in New Zealand; English-speaking, British Commonwealth Law framework, values green, pure, honesty, etc.

Thanks for the recommendations of this post it really has helped me understand it better ways of explaining steemit community to my colleagues other than my methods. Thanks

you can't put the idea back in the box now ;) onwards! :)

This is great news indeed.

Thanks for the heads up... you've been one of the most helpful follows of my short time here on Steemit.

I was able to at least create an account. I prefer using Binance and KuKoin but you never know when this comes in handy right?

Crazy is not!, Your information is very interesting, thanks for sharing, greetings.

Yes that's right! Cryptopia is open again for registration. Hurry and sign up!

Yeah man. The fee to list a new coin is so expensive there. They should revise the price.

thanks for the information ..
i have made account on binance and thinking to open on it too.
Thanks for telling this great news

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Thanks, very intersting

Really awesome post you share & i will try to Registration this site again.

Forget signing up, I'm buying DOTCOIN! SLEEEEPING GIANT!

Hay. Iam ubay as a trader. Thank you for sharing about cryptopia. Iam memeber of that to. That was amazing i think because have high transaction. Ithank you for sharing to exchange another coint to cryptopia

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it's very crazy , this what i need

they are making hype among the newbie that if we do not act now we wont get the chance again.

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and the gates open again for the flash coin!

I actually registered on every exchange i could find to stay safe. thanks for that tip

Informative post.

This is good so people can trade does it take steem? Do you need to buy their coins in order to trade ? Also are fees higher then bittrex do you think @kingscrown ?

Eye opener to the money world

Glad the registration is open, and since they're making so much in fees now maybe they can lower the listing fee for new coins. How much they charge is a little greedy in my opinion.

Wow its amaizing.

I already made on 20 exchanges.

I was just trying to get in yesterday to buy some small altcoins. Hold some of those for a month and i would easy 5x my money. Glad to finally have gotten in today

Thank goodness they opened again. More investors/traders, more volume.

obviously, the game has just begun. Mass adoption incoming. We can see that with exchanges closing registrations. Crypto is getting it's long due attention that it deserves!

thanks for this useful information

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Let the flood gates open!

i like the fact that exchanges closing their doors to deal with the influx of new accounts indicates a huge tidal wave of money that will flow into crypto once they open their doors fully. That can only be a positive thing for the crypto space.

Why these exchanges upgrade there server ? Same for binance and bittrex. May b hitbtc will go down in next few days..

That's good news

Good. But I see DOGE & LTC pairings exchanges have not resumed​ as of yet.

There are so many exchanges, let alone coins. It's surprising that with such an influx of capital in these past months they are closing now. It seems like the new ICO's will be crypto exchanges battling it out.

Tron (Trx) next Jetplane will land over 0.0002000btc $ 1.50


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