Cryptopia Delistning Loads of Coins

in bitcoin •  6 months ago

If you are holding any of those move them away or .. sell. Im not sure if any exchange has them though, most of this coins i never heard of.

We are delisting these coins as they have ongoing technical problems such as no working Block Explorer and we want to ensure our customers have access to digital tokens that continue to meet our coin listing criteria and have a properly functioning blockchain and wallet. To ensure your funds are safe and off the exchange before these coins are removed, for those where it is possible we recommend withdrawing these coins from the exchange immediately. Prior to withdrawing, we recommend checking the CoinInfo page as to the status of the coin.

PLEASE NOTE: The coins marked with an asterisk (*) have significantly broken blockchains or wallets that will not allow withdrawals
These coins/projects are effectively abandoned.
BestChain (BEST) *
Cannation (CNNC)
Creatio (XCRE)
CryptoRuble (CRUR) *
ElaCoin (ELC)
ElephantCoin (ELP) *
FacileCoin (FCN)
FireRoosterCoin (FRC) *
FonzieCoin (FONZ)
Fortcoin (FORT) *
GaiaCoin (GAIA) *
GameUnits (UNITS)
Independent Money System (IMS) *
KangarooBits (KGB) *
Kurrent (KURT)
Le Pen Coin (LEPEN)
Macron (MCRN) *
MetalMusicCoin (MTLMC) *
PureVidz (VIDZ) *
Rimbit (RBT)
SharkCoin (SAK) *
StopTrumpCoin (STC) *
TattooCoin (TSE) *
Xcoin (XCO)

These coins will be fully delisted one month from today (the last day for all these coins on the exchange being June 7th).


Notice their top volume coins are not super popular elsewhere. Since Bittrex and Binance are not easy to get, Cryptopia became a spot for smaller coins without too much money that need listning.

There is one thing that makes it worth to register for Cryptopia even if you dont want to trade there - their arbitrage info page.

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Criteria for enlistment are good.
Why did they list them initially then?
Did anything change for the bad about these currencies?


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Shitcoin cleaning is a very good thing to do.

As I can see this is all failed business and since they were never business
full fledge scam.
Sad to see how people lose money buying crap.

Lol, I haven't heard of any of them! Thanks for the heads up!

There are only a few pending for delisting. Many of these coins are not on the delisting schedule. can you share the source please?

News like this is why you shouldn't hold shitcoins.


You wouldn't hold any IF you knew they were shitcoins. After-all, they all start out as such at least at first! ;) And no I don't hold a single one of those.


Tons of shitcoins can confuse greenies on the market. The kingdom of shits and scams is Be careful this exchange is higly unrecommended even you can earn a lot.

Here goes my LADAcoin investment...rekt

It sounds like a clean up op.
FYI, there's a typo in the title .

Good work and wonderful wish you more tender

I have not heard of a single one of them lol wow

Follow us back and learn more about AITrading-ecosystem.

Those coins don't have a real purpose. Among the coin proliferation, very few can build a solid community. The others just try to harness on the crypto subject, which is popular now.

Crazy how many coins launch and just go no where

Thanks for the info @kingscrown!

While obviously not ideal for holders, I think for the overall market it is probably a good thing. At the moment there are just too many coins that have little utility behind them. As long as exchanges keep providing a home for such coins to trade there will continue to be projects that are essentially scams.

very interesting article and information post @kingscrown

Hola amigo, excelente trabajo. Encantada saludos

Hi @kingscrown,

You were one of the first people
I started following here on Steemit.
I think the animated gif of the
stabing steem creature is pretty funny.
The only thing I've noticed is that it
doesn't look very good in
Nightmode because
of the white background.
I've taken the liberty
of giving it a transparant
background so it will look great
in nightmode Steemit too!

With kind regards,

At least now the junk has been removed there would be room for actual coins not jokes.

It's good to clean the closet every now and then to rid of clutter.

It's also good to see the list. Some of these coins are laughable. My fave is sharkcoin...Of course, it's all about the numbers; but, how safe would you feel investing in a coin that has links to thievery; aka, pool shark? Or, even yet, an asset named after a fish that's known to tear the limbs off people without mercy.

To those new to crypto, it's a good thing to be leery of things that have a hint of impropriety. It's your money. Invest wisely.


I really think there are way too many scammy / trash coins out there that needs to go the way of the dinosaurs and need to be delisted from most exchanges.

Too many new "Joe Public" type people get into Crypto after talking to friends and family and end up buying into coins that won't ever go anywhere and end up loosing money. This just gives the whole Crypto market a bad name, which will hurt all of us in the long run.

So why Cryptopia lists lots of shitcoins in the first place, while legit ones like pkt or elix are not represented there

This probably signals the death of those coins (or at least a huge dump from which they will probably never return). Cryptopia is the only large(ish) exchange that trades lots tiny and/or shady coins, so I'm sure getting kicked off is not a good sign.

Important thing to know if you hold any of those over there. I wonder if they will leave the wallets accessible for people?

Interesante información, para estar preparados y con los ojos bien abiertos, ya que no todo lo que brilla es oro, las cryptomonedas se prestan para cualquier fraude. Gracias por la información.

Good info.
Thank you!!!