Cobinhood, Cryptopia, Hitbtc removed from anonymous exchanges list

in bitcoin •  6 months ago 

Me and guys from cryptocurrency trading free Discord group (click to join) verify bitcoin exchanges that need no documents and all time.

The list of anonymous cryptocurrency (ethereum, litecoin, neo, eos, bitcoin etc) exchanges is on -

Lately we had to remove:

  • Cobinhood exchange as it ended as exit scam
  • cryptopia exchange as it is dead and in liquidation
  • hitbtc due to loads of coins not withdrawing and markets down
  • Wex/BTC-E was there too but its so dead, not even worth to mention.

We are going to add a few exchanges in coming days ie BitMax (yes, this is unique info for Steemit readers) and... that we wont say ;) But some hints are in ebook -

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Cryptopia still has tens of millions of dollars of digital assets that the liquidators are trying to collect and distribute to account holders, the filing shows. The liquidators are trying to determine which account holders own which digital assets, but the information they need is hosted on servers run by an Arizona company that’s terminating its agreement with Cryptopia and demanding about $2 million, the declaration states.

The liquidators are concerned that if they don’t pay the Arizona company, Cryptopia’s data could be overwritten or lost. “This would be potentially catastrophic for the liquidators and account holders,” according to the liquidator. As for the hacked wallets, “recovery efforts are still being made, but to date, none of the stolen digital assets have been recovered.”

Eventually they'll all require KYC.

DEXs won't, and if VPNs become decentralized with Satellites controlling the signal, "they" can't do shit. [Unless you want local currency, a crypto debit card or any other connection to the main economic system.]

Good thing that I used KuCoin from the very beginning of my journey here in the cryptocurrency world. Also they never fail to keep me on track on the latest happenings to their platform. See what I'm talking about here;