BTC-E the most trusted exchange is back!

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I know "most trusted" may sound odd but lets look on facts - oldest still running exchange. Once got hacked - refunded back everything to users.

Got raised by FBI/USA gov - refunded 61%, re-started the platform and promises to buy back 39% issues tokens back.

I dont think anybody else would dare to come back after such situation - especially within less than 2 months.

So currently url is and all balances/engine was moved there.

Trading Pairs

Notice that currently it trades premium to other USD exchanges, normally BTC-E was the spot to buy cheap BTCs and dump elsewhere. But this is really just first 24h of trading and 39% funds are not liquid (can be traded but not withdrawn).


Now for the 39% of value that got taken by FBI they issues tokens that they will buy at 1:1 when they have enough funds from fees. Currently those trade at of course lower levels than their future price. Also you cant withdrawal FIAT for now.

Keep in mind you have to do math, ie sell here for cheaper BTC ratio but then we have premium.

I hope this guys get back on their feet stronger than before but only time can tell.

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Hi ,
Thanks for the great content

This is definitely the best exchange, I don't even know why would any exchange risk to steal people's money since bigger exchanges earn much enough to be "not worth it" to risk legal consequences. I myself was scammed from crapcoins by Cryptsy because I was too lazy to install multiple wallets. Last time I checked my crapcoins were only worth few bucks but the uncertanity what type of coins I had there makes me anxious since I checked them 2 years ago but I hope they aren't still worth much. Maybe some day there will be multicoin client for computers.

Nice to get a second opinion thanks! Def checking it out.

I was not in BTC E. Come back within 2 months, great job. Best wishes for the team and investors who believe in them. Cheers

That's certainly a good commitment on their own side. I believed this will raise
the trust of the users. Thanks for the update.

Hmm....good to see one of the oldest exchange still survived. By the way, their trollbox have some great history :)

This is a wonderful news to hear about BTC-E and will be looking forward for more efficient performance in the future

I wonder if anyone could shine some light on this. It's a message on the new website.

We would also like to thank the technical team of btc-e for their professional help of transferring digital profiles and data of users and also want to emphasize that our company did not cooperate with BTC-E Always Efficient LLP in any way and did not receive their funds.

Does this mean that wex is a totally new entity and have only imported existing BTC-e customers info to their new website and not the actual funds?

Have wex refunded users crypto themselves?

Well spotted. I believe this is a slick move to avoid any legal troubles. They were shut down by the FBI and reopened under a different name afterall!

hope to see decentralized exchangers in future -.-

Good news. But I wonder if its the cia or fbi that actually have control of it to monitor large transactions and money laundering.

The CEO did say that they are cooperating with the authorities.

what this represent to me is a system that can easily be broken down, so I going to keep my coin safe elsewhere

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I Miss BTC-E!

Good to see btc-e back up. The feds did them dirty that's for sure. Hopefully they can move past it.

post of the day.thanks for sharing.

Amazing job , i just log into my account for over 5 years wao .

What makes this exchange the most trusted?

this may a grate content, I myself was misled from crapcoins by Cryptsy in light of the fact that I was excessively apathetic, making it impossible to introduce different wallets. If I'm not mistaken my crapcoins were just worth couple of bucks yet the uncertanity what sort of coins I had there makes me on edge since I checked them 2 years prior however I trust they aren't at present worth much.

Oldest doesn't mean it's trust able, but i guess they deserve limited trust since they keep running even with various incident.

That's great to know thanks a lot for sharing an update about it :)

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Thanks for the post, will check out BTC-e now due to your article!

Great news! Thank you

This awesome! Is pretty great to have BTC-E back

I got some excellent points from your post. Thanks

I hope they keep their promises. Thanks for the article @kingscrown.

awesome brother.....your very brilliant.....

The most important thing is to follow and know when the vilnerabilities arise. Someone who does the research can show you - all you gotta do now adays is look

Two incidents in only a few years isn't a great track record. Just because BTC-e is the oldest doesn't mean it should or is the most trusted.

Yo guys, come over to this post to Upvote for DUF over FUD...

Cheers! :')

So if you really trust in them you could buy tokens at about half price now hodl and enjoy double returns on btc/eth/ltc and so on when they get bought back?

Hi, I just upvoted this great post and hoping you could do the same to this post of mine:

Hurray! I'm going to return the dollars lost there!

Thanks good information..////////

@kingscrown its really intriguing data..excellent submit preserve it up..

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nicely doing dude

Looking for decentralized exchanges to step up!

Good news! I believe in that always) resteem

I wish them success too

Thanks for sharing @kingscrown, upvoted.

💯 you are right

wohoo - an exchange of trust - love that one

Thanks for the information sir.

Thanks for the info. This are good news

sorry but its hard to trust this exchange after it was already banned previously

@kingscrown finally! some good news after cryptos have taken quite the battering this week! really interesting post and I will definitely look into this more.

I may use this news as the basis of my next episode of Crypto Nights, a new series I have started. Please let me know what you think of it so far!

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Welcome back , stay forever , we missed you.

Thanks for the info... Great content.

very nice post .
thank you,,

Thank you @kingscrown.

Content is very informative as I am still new to Bitcoin. I am not familiar with BTC E. I will be dedicating some time to research today!

Good article, thanks for sharing, resteemed it and upvoted ✌

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Great post! Thanks for sharing

Maybe it is smart to also say that is the same as

Great news! Let's forget Polo.

Great news to have BTC-E back

It has maintained trust among investors therefore it has been able to bounce bank keep it up

It concerned me when it happened, glad to see it's back. The US government is a bunch of criminal thugs, they took people's money.

Glad to see the site operators are trying to do the right thing in the face of adversity.

Thank God, you are here!

Thanks for the information @kingscrown.

Mmmmh, hard to tell. Now that China is banning exchange sites, does not look convenient release one of the largest, even with that fraud issue? Looks that countries want to take part; and one of the Bitcoins core strength is the opossite.

Thanks for the info. I have never used them in the past but will be willing to check them out.

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