Bittrex Delistning Bitcoin Gold

in bitcoin •  5 months ago

If you have BTG on Bittrex its suggested to move it out or sell as the exchange will kill the coin in few days.

Bittrex says the coin is too insecure with possible 51% attacks, devs of coin say this delisting wont do much change in the existence of BTG.

Worth noting that often coins delisted from Bittrex die, unless they have other big exchange and for now Binance and Kucoin still have this trading pair.

Keep in mind, not all of those let deposits or withdrawals.

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thx for the heads up, I got a little on Bittrex!

While I can't say I'm an advocate of Bitcoin Gold, I had hoped it would stick around a little longer on exchanges.

With the >95% collapse in price, it was bound a make a run sooner or later.

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I hope it will.I lost few dollars on it.



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Welcome to

Bittrex was good but they been spending most of there time for their new exchange


I haven't heard about What is it?


An exchange with more trading pairs I think. Bittrex been working with them...

Hopefully Bittrex will continue to delist coins with little utility. At present there are too many coins that just have no inherent value which are casting a cloud over the rest of the crypto ecosystem.

Thanks for the heads up. Gotta stay in the loop lol

It was trash from the beginning imo

Thanks for your news. it's really helpful news.

That's good news. All the forks of Bitcoin will die except BCH in the longterm. No community nor developers behind any of the other Bitcoin forks.

damn, i was just about to buy


It will probably get his pump in future...

I moved it to Binance...tnx for info.

Thanks for the info @kingscrown,
I would rather exchange my BTG than take chances.


Maybe it pumps.

great news

Fantastic work with this one. Nice review and continue the nice work! Glad to peer you posting again. Thank you for the updates.

Hope they are only to delisted BTG otherwise it will be bad for BTG holders. And I am one of the holders of BTG

if i say soon it will list on #bittrex again? What if it have more potational for relisting again? @kingscrown best of luck dude.

what! I need to move it now asap!!!!

BTG was a very scammy coin from the get go with most of the investment going towards marketing. They had to community source the code even though they had some devs who thought changing pow was some massive achievement. Turns out the pow change was not go enough suckers.

You can see my early posts for more evidence ;)

name your coin with bitcoin doesnt mean you are same level as bitcoin.

thats good I believe

Thanks for this news.

thats why btg price went down drastically.good information.

The first sign of demise for BTG. The only fork Ive kep is BCH. I'm glad I sold early.

This reminds that a coin which slumbers on an exchange does not belong to you.