Bitcoins Price and Most Pumped and Dumped Coins YTD!

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Welcome to 2018 people! Lets do a market check just 1-2 hours (depending on where you are) after the year has started.

Bitcoin Markets

If you are from KR congrats you can make some nice money right away. Japan also not in bad position. Worth mentioning - usualy world stepped up to Asian prices not the other way around. Amazing to see TRX on Binance so high. XRP is bankers coin. You want them to pump their infinite coins to get cheap BTCs or make them pay full price? XVG is volumes, far from ATH but i dont want to make predictions on this one because i know the dev since years.

Top Gainers

Good to finally see KIN raising, DRGM trades KuCoin and has Disney connections. No bad projects here but is it time to enter? Decide yourself.

Top Losers

Also only good ones, they lately raisen so now they have biggest loses but still nothing spectacular here. Try to find good positions ot get in.

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Let's keep this gravy train rolling into 2018. The higher it goes, the more profits I will take!

It is fascinating to see the dominance of BTC is at its lowest 38%.
New year is over, what is next ?
Thanks for sharing
Keep on steemit.

Steem up 9% and Steem Dollars up 7% in the last 24 hours. I'll settle for that!

Why tho? Isn't steem dollars supposed to be pegged to $1USD?

In theory, that was the plan. But it operates as a market, and the market is skewed to send SBD higher.

They changed how it works recently, In the Colour paper ... sure steemit is still in beta

Did not know that. Thanks for sharing that info! I will look more into it.

I think another coin that should be gaining interest is XEM. Its value has risen in the past week from like $.20 to $1.00 USD. And that is a big rise.

So I looked into it and XEM is a coin representing the NEM Distributed Ledge Blockchain. I think its revolutionary and can provide a better use of blockchain for everything and not just coins. Please take a look at my blog about it and share with me your thoughts. Please follow me if interested.

You have been voted up! Happy New Year!

Xem is a very underrated coin, not focused on hype, have good bis connections in Asia/ Australia, recently improving marketing,

One of the only enterprise ready blockchains (catapult has been rolled out it's in P1, with an expected very high tx/s )
Runs on POI and has scaling down

XEM is really going somewhere. If you are interested, head over to the website for the DSO (Discounted Sale Offer) of XAR coins that are based on the NEM Blockchain. XAR will be used on the Xarcade gaming platform where delevopers get paid for publishing their game, and users get paid for playing the game. Read on at

good post

To the entire crypto gang, wish you all a very generous 2018! May we all get the pleasure of quitting our jobs and living in freedom. Happy New Year!! $btc $eth $ltc $icx $etc $xem $omg

Happy new year! BTC is going sideways for a while and this is good, all the air is going out. I think soon BTC will make another run where alts get sold off to invest in BTC. Expect many bullish events to happen in 2018! (new technology and adoption by big players)

It's going to happen at some point. We will need more than just a blockchain however, we will need reputation systems for fact checkers and analysts. In short we need a journalism blockchain system.

Correction in Bitcoin is happening in small number

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Got a good trade from the XVG bump before new year. Still studying how it goes. Have a bit of NXT & VOX lying around, fingers crossed. 😂

Upvoted, nice post , beautifully presented contains very good information. thnx for keeping us Up to date .

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Technically btc is dropping while others still remain strong especially xrp

Imagine that kind of miracle, that's crypto life though. Thanks for sharing and wishing you and your family a lovely and fruitful new year.

For me pump & dump is an adventurous ride but some pump like John Mcafeee did was not good for crypto industry, its a loot.
XRP I feel is like banks uniting against BTC, let people gain wisdom and dump XRP, I have only 10 XRP now.

Decrease and rise significantly. Need carefulness in choosing no loss. The information is very useful.

helpful post, thank you for sharing your great experiences with us we appreciate your efforts friend, sharing is caring
Happy new year guys

Bitcoin price is bumping a lot. So unusual.
ANd Thank you for sharing

Great stuff. I found you on one of @velimir post.

Does it works

Btc is is falling in value just like skycoin. but in this 2018 most crysto will come into the market while many others will wear off

Ripple became the second largest in the world in the world sir

Danke fürs Teilen. ;-)

2017 was quite the show, especially the tail end of the year, but I think probably it was just the opening act and the show will really start in 2018. Should be full of pyrotechnics too.

To more pumping and dumping in 2018!!!

Happy new year! :)

thanks his tips. I already follow you I also want you to follow me. take your time to upvote me

@kingscrown Happy New Years....2018 will rock :) Best wishes

i thought will be YEAR summerly top gainerz loosers for all 2017 year but seems only for 1 day haha

nice post bro follow me and voted my every post tnx

This is a captivating post, you gave out the info i needed at the right time

hopefull post i follow you and p vote you hope you will do same for me thanks and happy new year

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There are some fine shitcoins there

thanks for the tips

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Nice post 😉

Finally tron and verge are making their way by up. It was my second week investing in altcoins and I had my first FOMO with both of them right before they dropped. I tried to buy SALT low yesterday but it ended up going lower. Missed before it shot up, was thinking of jumping on this one. Maybe it’s time to buy in. I’ll wait for a drop to get some raiblocks.

really your writing so creative......
.this post is too much importance...

Cryptos are crazy these days. You can x3 your money in one day, and then lose your underwear the next.
Play it smart guys! diversify, and don't 'play' with money you cannot afford to lose.

Happy 2018!! <3

Best advice, sound of ICO. Wishing you and your family a lovely and fruitful new year

from what I hear, redd is a joke of a project; I get that in a position of attention saying only polite things is de facto, but not every project can be a good project <(* _ *<)

hopefull post i follow you and p vote you hope you will do same for me thanks and happy new year

Beautiful presentation dear friend !
Happy New Year 2018 !

Great first analysis of the New Year, Happy 2018 @kingscrown, heres to some good times ahead for the crypto community. I'm excited to see what projects get off the ground in 2018, especially excited for a project here in Australia called Flux party, they are using the blockchain to improve democracy in politics! Let me know if there are any other decent projects to watch.

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Hello sir @kingscrown
Thanks for update and sharing nice information. Its very good sharing for all steemian. Who want to earn some thing new in 2018. Resteem and
Keep blessed

Thank You so much, brother.

I agree with you by reading pros and cons of crypto currency here:

Shouldn't a global currency be priced the same throughout the globe?

This dependence on the state of the local fiat currency scares me because it leaves bankers in control of the value.

What I do like is this new trend of misled buyers being convinced to sell Bitcoin and buy these worthless alt-coins in the name of immediate gratification. I love bargains.

I guess they'll buy and hold when Bitcoin hits $90k because they'll finally see what's been happening for 10 years. Of course - they'll sell when it dips to $70k and I'll gobble up more....., smiling and shaking my head.

I want to earn BTC but i have no idea , please do you give me some idea???

very good

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rising up yeah!


Best wishes to you always.

2018 might be the year for Bitcoin to proove itself as a currency or the rising transaction costs will result in a new no. 1 coin. Also Ethereum will need to show that it can overcome scalability issues or it might be a big reshuffle and value drop for both coins in 2018.

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Thank you for your post. I am just now starting to be interested in markets other than steem. Not knowing where to start I am learning from people here on steemit. Thanks.

@Kingscrown thank you information

On December 30th, 2016 the price of bitcoin (BTC) was $960 USD, and since then the price had risen 1,941 percent 350 days later to an all-time high of $19,600 across global exchanges. Now the price rests at roughly $13-14K but a lot more has changed this year besides the significant price rises of bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies.