Bitcoin Gold a Legit Fork Now - Loads of Support

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We all know of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and there were few others. After laugh and such.. BTG seems to have ended with a stable position everywhere.

As always when there is a fork/split chain on BTC or ETH the best place to keep money at is Binance - this guys give you forks right away.

Now we saw the most used by exchanges and services online wallet - BitGO has added BTG among with BTC BHC and LTC.
This guys dont play silly games, it means people do want to use BTG if they wasted resources to get this fork integrated.

BTG Markets

BFX Giving Out BTG To Many People

This guys have sick volumes so if they like BTG now, i would say its bullish and the coin is considered legit now.

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Something's got to give!

I just posted a rant about Bitpay not working with Exodus wallets. Basically, I have to transfer my BTC from Exodus to Electrum ($50 cost) before I can send it out over the BitPay network (yet another transaction fee).

and here is the truth:

No matter what shit you throw at the wall right now its sticking. Seriously though total shit coins are being launched with massive market caps.

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Differences between bch and gold are not clear to me

Bitcoin Cash y Bitcoin Gold quieren volver a que sea como Bitcoin era antes, que se pueda minar facil y co n cualquier maquina no con ASIC solamente, pero Bitcoin Cash no lo logró, para minar BCH toca minarla con ASIC, pero por lo contrario para minar BTG si se puede con GPU y CPU como lo pretendía la propuesta. (ENGLISH) Bitcoin Cash and bitcoin Gold want to get back to it as Bitcoin was before, that can be easily mined and Co n any machine not with ASIC only, but Bitcoin Cash did not manage, to undermine BCH touches mine with ASIC, but instead to undermine BTG if you can with GPU and CP U as intended by the proposal.

Oops, shouldn't have sold mine!

Thanks for sharing.

I wonder how long until Coinbase will roll out Bitcoin Gold to it's customers - CB responded negatively initially, but they'll be forced to give access to it if it shows it has value and some staying power.

I'm unsure if they'd ever support trading it, but they'd at least need to allow users to cash it out.

That's a good question. Weren't they negative BCH as well? I noticed we finally have it in our CB Wallet now.

Hey, I'll take any free coin someone'll give me. I don't see the community ever embracing BTG, but if I can get a free dinner out of it I'm happy.

I know the best coin that can serve the people and lovers of crypto will win.

I'm interested this me.

At least we have BTG which is stable

Good News for BTG holder... dance

Agreed. Let's dance after its on coinbase.

I like your comparison between BTC BTG etc .thanks

I dumped as soon as they brought the wallet up... meh..

Is it fair that exactly 125 original words and some screenshots are worth so much reward? There's so much more that could be discussed that would be equitable, in my opinion.

Excellent update news about Cryptocurrency and bitcoin trading. Upvoted and follow you. Thanks for sharing the post

Hmm you are right sir .


Ability to use GPU for mining is huge! ASIC is a lot more expensive than GPU's and could allows the average population to at least obtain a bit of BTG!

Wow.. Nice update..guess steem is also making waves

Interesting!! So fascinated by crypto currency right now!

Binance is great. I highly recommend it.

Tienes toda la razón, BTG es una muy buena alternativa y excelente criptomoneda para minar y obtener, aunque no hay mucho apoyo con respecto a esta criptomoneda todavía sigue creciendo poco a poco y es la mejor de las tres alternativas para mí. Apoyo totalmente BTG y más porque hay un Colombiano en su desarrollo, Bitcoin Gold es la mejor alternativa para quienes no tenemos las ASIC S o los equipos especiales.

Your story is absolutely fascinating to readers.
From today I will read you every day

You are absolutely right, BTG is a very good alternative and excellent cryptocurrency to undermine and obtain, although there is not much support regarding this criptomoneda still growing little by little and is the best of the three alternatives for me. Support Totally BTG and more because there is a Colombian in its development, Bitcoin Gold is the best alternative for those who do not have the ASIC S or special teams

Another quality post on a relevant topic. I learned one more benefit to Binance.

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It will be a good move from btc to bitcoin gold. How about steem? I think steem will be the next btc.

Amazing news. I had no idea Bitcoin Gold was being taken seriously. I do think that some of the coins unique features make it interesting.

I found this article to be informative and helpful, going to share a link at I hope that you don't mind! Cheers!

Good to know... still rather have BTC

Webmoney bitcoin gold gave.But no leap. Reason bitcoin gold managers.

It will be a good move from btc to bitcoin gold.Nice update..guess steem is also making waves.Thanks for sharing. I always Resteem your post.

Might not be a bad idea to pick up some BTG while it's still cheap. I was anticipating this correction. This is healthy for the market. Looking to grab a few different cryptos. I want to add to my positions in Substratum, EOS, Bitshares, Steem and now Bitcoin Gold. The acceptance of Bitcoin Cash shows Gold will have it's day too. This is now the level to accumulate my friends.