Bitcoin Exchanges with no Documents Verification List Updated

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Had to remove Cryptopia as it doesnt seem coming back, if it does it will be re-added.
HitBTC was removed permanently as they dont want to pay out some money for some coins and users (me in those too).

Two exchanges are in review - need to be tested for trades, deposits and withdrawals.

Current list of secure bitcoin no kyc aml exchanges is here.

Luckily STEEM has plenty of the list.


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I suffered the same thing, just before cryptopia went down, I bought 4 EOS three weeks ago and made a withdrawal and up until now it has not been sent.

I contacted their support but till yet nothing positive.

Well I guess it's one of those things!

seems some wallets were closed already.. a lot of people speak of exit.. we will see (maybe)

Great list, thanks for sharing - btw EXMO will let you use Crypto, also Lbank and LakeBTC do not need KYC just for crypto trades...

Bitcoin has the right balance of pros and cons. That's why it's so popular.

Too much worried about this matter. Thanks for this post.

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