Bitcoin Down Loads - Some Memes, Charts and Thoughts

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While Korea was pushing the price it didnt sustain at this point - doesnt mean in a week or two we wont be back into bull run.
Hell - some people say in 5 days due to Japan news.

Last Day Predictions

Since yesterday this 2 charts were flying.. And they seem pretty right.

So we could say this was a book case, just due to current global situation and Asia pushing, i dont think we can go to levels from before whole run started. At this point i give max 1500-1800 fall but things can change fast.

A Bit Laugh


Actually price is the same as week ago, such fluctuations happen. I wouldnt stress at this point yet especially on saturday. Keep calm and STEEM On!

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Great post I'm sure as hell excited to see how it plays out. The thought of some $1200 BTC sits well with me.

Thanks for the perspective

Congratulations @kingscrown!
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Upvoted take my 4cents :)


Mmm tasty :)

Thanks for the info. Let's not get worried since our king says so. CHeers!!!!


At least for now.. haha ;)

From this drop all I see important is ETH stability (along with the rest of it's pack: ETC, REP... ).

Cool post with huge optimism.. We need it these days :D
@kingscrown Is there any connection with bitcoin and bitshares? When bitcoin goes down bitshares goes too , or that is not the rule?


Not really a rule, BTS/STEEM like to go together though


Hope to see them high as hell again :)
Next time you should use #memechallenge weekly photo for making memes :D

I like the graphs, but I'm pretty sure we're in the bear trap...

Media has barely scratched the surface and the public have no idea...especially in the US....

Funny post!


I also think it should be bear trap but the charts are so 1:1 ...

·'s theoretical...interesting, and definitely something to consider...I believe in the power of economic theory, but there are so many theories...haha...but one reality...better to take stock in reality than in theory, according to a map, we might be able to sail from Ireland to the US without reality, there might be an iceberg...haha...that is a reverse metaphor, but you catch my "drift" :)

Great thought and perspective. #noworries. Long term investors need not worry but the short term....... Pump and dump

KingsCrown! You get pure Dollar for your posts! Wish i am there some day! Good content! :)

I believe bitcoin will slowly recover his value from now on.
Theres seem to be a strong resistance a 1850$ which means that bitcoin wont go any lower from that at the near future

Thank you for your Predictions and humor on bitcoin

Thanks for your information!

nice....upvote and resteem for your post...

This is great info, thanks for sharing @kingscrown

I just opened an account with ezBtc & they emailed me this morning saying the account is now fully varified. Just need to find because I'm looking to buy some Bitcoin then Steemit

It will come back, just how markets work. I'm a precious metals investor so I'm used to these types of fluctuations

Great info. THX! p.s.. Love the memes!! Life is laugh or cry... Gotta Laugh!

I was telling my friends the same thing, good read, thanks.

greatly appreciate the info

Thank you for sharing information

Some wise/funny info on this post :)
Keep'em coming!

Time to buy! Buy low and sell high. I'm trying to get 10, 000 Steem by the end of this year.

Great information and presentation. Thank You.

Any truth that you see to the rumor the correction was due in large part to Coinbase and Kraken going down?

Hey there all. I post the latest in the meme war and some economic news / markets. Follow me!!!!!

Great thoughts as usual but I just gives I am loving those memes!

The market crash came by surprise for me. Wasn't expecting it at all. I hope things recover soon.

When do you think bitcoins prce is goong to stop the downtrend?

Hi, I've seen some of your publications I'm going to follow, follow me and let's collaborate together =)

true...the best is yet to come... and yes hold your positions firmly!

Is dollar a new bitcoin?

That first fun image was fantastic! Haha.

Buy the dips!

i could do nothing with the fall.... i just looked at it and went to bed

The motion of the ocean baby.