Bitcoin Diamond Open For Deposits and Trade on Binance

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

Yesterday i wrote how Bittrex is killing BTG market. Today Binance hit us with massive pump on BCD.

BCD is another fork of Bitcoin which got added to some exchanges but none was really operative - it was IOUs, today Binance opened deposits and withdrawals of BCD and pump started.

To be clear, claiming BCD is hard as hell, took me the almost full day of research to do so, but i finally made it and sold.
Ive also helped some friends from our discord group to get their coins aka free money.


Do not get fooled with prices, most places wont let you deposit or withdrawal.

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Yesterday I saw 123% spike in bitcoin diamond prices while entire market was red

BCD could be a very valuable currency in the future.

Thanks for information . Thats the reason BCD pump to much in last 24 hours.


I see, is it a good news?

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The issue of withdrawal is a big pain in the *** when it comes to online finances.

Not just cryptocurrencies, even forex, surveys and other stuff would get ones hope up and end up disappointing when a withdrawal is need.

I hope the BCD spike is a caused by real growth and not a game of deceit though.

Good news

Can't beat those forks just handing value out. Airdrops onto new chains or sub-chains have been big lately so it's nice to see a fork rewarding previous holders.

is it be good to invest or not?

Go steem go up



Ohhhh wao this is very good news for all,Everyone happy to see this great news,Very great information,bit coin investors are so happy,Thanks for sharing,

Yesterday I saw 123% spike in bitcoin diamond prices while entire market was red. I think this was manipulation and we need to be careful.

And only because of this news it is the only coin in list to make huge grow from last day @kingscrown