Bitcoin Diamond Already in Top4 Coins By MarketCap! And How Easy Is To Manipulate This.

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You wont see it this way since marketcap has only Futures and no supply added yet.

It was forked and split yesterday so im expecting update soon, since the coins are not really futures. Just network is not secure enough to open wallets for withdrawals or deposits for now.

Top10 marketcap coins

BCD is x10 cap, so 1 BTC worth 10 BCD.

Currently then supply is 16 701 062 (BTC) x 10 = 160 701 062
Trades at 100USD if you had coins on right exchange.

If you didnt..

....guys i have said many times to use Binance! Register ASAP to not loose more opportunities.

So marketcap of BCD is:
160 701 062 x 100 = 16070106200 USD which is 16+ billions.

Beats DASH, Ripple, Monero and all the rest.

The Art of Smart Math

Of course this may change later when more coins come to market but this shows how Marketcap is easy to manipulate if you do it right. You could make 1 billions coins, open trading on 1 exchange and trade 10 coisn for 1 USD each. You would have 10 billion marketcap.

This is why i often (and if you read my posts) look for lists of coins out of top100.

Here are other setups to find current or future gems that are not visible due to everyone looking for top caps.
Of course do research on coins form that lists, check if they have good exchanges and such.

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I'll keep an eye on this one then!


All of this competition is going to be a good thing for Bitcoin or a real bad thing.. I see many dark forces at work in the crypto market as a whole.

It's going to be interesting but there is so much going on in crypto right now that has the possibility to seriously derail things in the short term..



Bitcoin Diamond is one of the worst scams to date, please do not promote it, it is designed to give tens of millions of dollars to scammers.

This is funny and a bit ridicolous.
Bitcore ( btx ) should be in 4th position above all of these kind of shit.

Another Bitcoin fork, that is the new fad. Nothing new to add to the space...just piggybacking on the Bitcoin "brand".

Wow $16 billion just like that. Pretty crazy. Any more forks in the near future planned?

Well there was a fork of bitcoin cash

Personally, I don't think that BitCoin Diamond will provide any value in the future. Basically it's BitCoin with a higher supply, but like BitCoin Gold because it mines on GPU's. It's just a bad clone and I won't take part in it, even if there's "easy" money to be made.

But that's just me.



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1320 Cryptocurrencies / 6988 Markets and Bitcoin is No.1

for now

Plus one satoshi! Just keeping it goinggg.

Using the +1
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This one though, Not just SteemIT, because this is just one of the many communities you can create on Steem.

We need bitcoin shadow aka a fork to increase anomity.

Wasn't Dash kind of meant to fill that niche?

I do agree, though. Too many people think Bitcoin is anonymous when it isn't.

Dash uses coinjoin which is ok but no the best Read my ideas on a fork for anomity

There is a huge difference between BCD and BTG, the first one has 8MB like BCH while the other only has 1MB like the original Bitcoin.

You just said it all, imagine other coin beats Bitcoin market. Sometimes any "easy" money are known as scams sincerely.

Agree bitcoin is top dog , but i advise to buy ripple , now is the time

Well that’s silly. I mean if you own a bitcoin you’ll get 10 BTCD. There’s free money to be made. That’s like seeing a couple hundred in the middle of the street and saying “it’s dirty so I don’t want it”. But I agree we need to stop forking. Although there’s so much incentive to keep doing it. That’s the problem.

exactly. more coins means more options which will diverse the users to choose other coins.

Cryptomarket has been though this phase before, everyone was making new cryptocurrency with just slight changes, most of the time just changing the name, and everyone who was buying them was hoping to sell them higher to next fool.

Be very careful with coins like these.

today they realise lightning network

I am not real smart so forgive my stupid question or trash me if you choose, I have thick skin.

Seriously, where is it coming from? What happens when half or more of the bc owners decide to get out? The money is in a bank somewhere, right?

It will never surpass Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin. but it will surely reach 300$-500$ once it hits major exchanges.

It's true with a twist. It's a mix bag and a cashhh grab.

So dont you think @bittrex will eventually hand out everyones bitcoin diamond just like they did with bitcoin cash and bitcoin gold?

I trust in bittrex a
But i will also use binance now and signup under my fellow steem user!

Abd hey Lets get bittrex to start a referal program where they simply share a portion of any earky fees for anyone you can get to signup deposit coins and trade with! And speaking of bitcoin forks...minergate now allows anyine to mine bitcoin gold with their video cards or even cpu and all with a one touch start! image

In about 5 years a lot of Alt coins will be gone because they didn't make it. Just because Bitcoin Diamond has 'Bitcoin' in it doesnt mean they will survive that long. Just like Gold they will vanish eventually because they both don't have any value. The true Bitcoin will stay for a long time though!

While a lot of that could be true, let's not be too hasty. There are no guarantees in cryptocurrency, and determining what gives a currency the most staying power isn't an exact science. That said, I've cast my lot in with currencies that have some serious traction, potential, and purpose - whether that was a wise move remains to be seen.

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I don't mind to sit around and wait for wallet and exchange support, I'm probably just going to add to my LTC or ETH holdings like I'm about to with gold

Lol in 2018 Top20 will be full of Bitcoin Hardfork coins :D

Well coinmarketcap updated and bitcoin gold is in the top 5. Next fork bitcoin shadow aka a fork to increase anomity.

This is true, yesterday it was not trading in that position. Even Brazilians know about Bitcoin Gold right now is the new easy money

We need biteth

Not impossible.

How do you know?

I absolutely don't, except I know that it's possible to do and more people are waking up to the benefits of forking rather than doing ICOs.

But I'm not alarmed by this in the slightest.

The world has gone stark raving fucking mad.

Again, I stay sceptical about these kind of forks, which don't seem to give any new value in use right now in comparison to the core.
On the other hand, hey, free money.

It also increases bitcoin prices by one people buying bitcoins for the free coin and second when people sell the coin for bitcoin increasing bitcoins prices as well :)

and yet other then enriching bitcoin holders (especial the big players who don't want to sell their BTC core but still want to spend like ballers) what value do any of these forks bring to the market?

All the bitcoin variations are inferior to DASH, LTC, Monero, Z cash, Zen cash, Ethereum etc.

The sad truth. But i like by bitcoin made by core but if a slowing moving away from bitcoin for all of this drama going on.

It could take awhile (probably longer then I think LOL) but I think all the BTC spin offs are going to hurt the BTC brand.

i know... if bitcoin cannot improve by march next year i selling 50% of my bitcoin for eth. I stopped buying bitcoin and been buying altcoins

Hey sir you are really explaining us very well in the market condition and the top Movers of market.
Your post is actually very helpful for all the investors you are looking forward to invest and is very informative thanks for such great content.

BCD is a nice improvement on BTC in terms of scalability. but i think the adoption of it will be very limited like it is for Bitcoin Cash. Honestly, I dont see it getting as popular or more popular than BCH either. I hope it does honestly. The supply increase and fees/transaction times are a lot better as far as I know.

Did you know bitcoin gold i now in the top 5

@sames yeah im not really a fan of bcg though. i like the bitcoin diamond and bitcoin cash forks a lot more for some reason. BCD will be in top 5 as well.

I am a fan of a future coin callwd bitcoin shadow

@sames never heard of that. honestly im tired of all the bitcoin forks. i only like BCD cause they have a 210 million coin limit. 10x as many as btc or any of the other forks which is nice. btc is overrated though. too slow and fees are too high.

im investing all my money in bitshares, basicattentiontoken, and ardor. and of course steem. i also like IOTA because it has offline transactions and 0 fees. theres tons of better coins than bitcoin out there. but these are my favorites right now.

Golem is another one with a lot of potential if it all works according to plan. I also like Cardano, Lisk, and MaidSafeCoin too. I wish i had more money haha I want to invest in all of these!

Bitcoin has so much potential but the community is not working together. The lighting network in theory could process about a billion transaction as second. Segwit is like .00001% of the lighting network. Bitcoin is slowly truing into digital gold. Gold is old. Bitcoin is old. Everyone know gold has value so does bitcoin. Gold is to heavy to move. Bitcoin has to many fees(current form) to move. Gold is not changed much. Bitcoin not fucking changed much.
Bitcoin with the lighting network and 4 mb blocks would be faster, cheaper than any coin and almost be feeless like iota. And i was kidding about bitcoin shadow. It a fork i actually want.
Here my coin list= Eos,steem,maidsafecoin,filecoin,eth, neo, bitcoin

LTC already uses lighning. its not that fast. faster but not billions a second lol/

bitshares is faster and handles more transactions than visa and mastercard combined. quicker too. iota is nearly instant. the bigger the iota network gets the faster the transaction gets and its built on a dag not a blockchain which is truely unique.

theres just far better technologies out there than btc. but btc will continue to rise in price just because its the poster boy of cryptos and the first in the market. its not going anywhere anytime soon.

not saying btc is super bad or anything. but its nowhere near as good or efficient as most other cryptos today. its old school. and theres bilderburgers behind it now which i absolutely do not like. i dont want the elites/globalist zillionaires having any control over anymore currencies. they already run all the fiat world banks. yuck.

look it up. theres bilderburgers involved in btc now. theories around too that theyre trying to sabotage it which could be a reason why theres so much tension in the community and failure to implement the new better technologies. -_-

that y i see the fork kinda of a good thing. With every fork it takes out oppositions groups. Bitcoin unlimited taken out so segwit talks are going. Gpu people out in the diamond and gold fork. One fork over anonymity is needed to rake those people out. Maybe anther fork to the segwit2x supporter out. Leaving a much easier time fore core to do it thing. It going to be a messy year of forks in 2018 and we shall see if bitcoin aka bitcoin core survives

the lighting network in theory can process up to a billion transaction a second. Litecoin one has one protocol. With more research on lighting protocols lightning network alone can process up to a million a second by end of 2018.

@sames i like EOS. but im hesitant about it. still has a very long way to go and i dont like how they did their ico. i also dont like how they used ethereum as the ICO platform. the founder of EOS was a founder of bitshares. they shouldve held the ICO using BTS and the bitshares network. also dont like how the ICO was closed to US citizens.

its basically bitshares on steroids with a slightly different purpose. if they get a finished working product though it will be a good technology.

Just another Bitcoin clone without any real benefit that is similiar to other forks as well. I am starting to get the impression that these are not created to fix an issue anymore, but to provide a "cheap" looking alternative as the bitcoin price is so high at the moment.

Thanks for your post. Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency ever. Ƀ

interesting post. Followed and voted re-esteem happy steeming.

Bitcoin Gold was just updated on CoinMarketCap and it's number 5!

Same. We nees bitckin shadow aka anonymous coin. Y bitcoin cash= fater bitcoin for now
Bitcoin gold asic resistant coin
Bitcoin shadow will be the fork for darknets and anonymous coin

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Nice post my bro! Thanks

this days Bitcoin are too much
it already cross 8500 Usd per BTC

with all these forks, to really evaluate the long term price of bitcoin we need something that shows a "fork adjusted" price just like stocks show "split adjusted".

Between BCH, BCD, and BTG and BTC, a single bitcoin from last year has well over 10K/BTC in total current value.

Impotent Information........

I got a great knowledge about the cions from this post but I do not know so much about the currency, i know only three currencies i.e rupies & steem dollar & dollar & thanks for sharing such a nice information with us

How did you not know of bitcoin? Not to be offensive but i thought everyone in crypto atleast heard of bitcoin

Great post! Keep up the good work.
With best regards from the Bitcoin for Beginners-community

Most of these altcoins just take the name of bitcoin so they can actually have some demand. Eventually most of these will die out just like bitcoin gold will. When Cryptocurrencies are the number 1 choice to the consumer they will go with were most people have adopted too. No consumer will buy bitcoin diamond or bitcoin gold or any other shitty altcoins that dont do anything to put them over their competition.

Ahh but u didnt mention bitcoin cash because there we do have a real use case.. bitcoin cash does things bitcoin cannot like fast and cheap transactions when bitcoin is taking up to $20 per transaction and 24 hours to send during times of conjestion.. so take ur money out of btc while u still can and hold it in EOS and steem and honestlt if segwit and lightening network are adopted sure we will see bitcoin $100,000 but if not we will see

Price is driven by familiarity and emotion. The coin may be technically better than Bitcoin, but the factors that drive price are nearly impossible to predict. Spread your value across many coins and hedge. Hope the powers-that-be never find a way to control this economy. Leverage pure freedom and we all will prevail.

What the fork is going on?

Great post and thank you for sharing a timely update on Bit Coin Diamond. I was curious after seeing a ‘soon to launch’ video hours before it went live. Not certain I’ll jump in... but is it still accessible?

What the hell. Wasnt bittrex supporting this fork??

Maybe it will soon...

I noticed how BTG is now in the top 10 in market cap. If BTD is the same where it will be worth top 10 in market cap then who wouldn't want to make a fork out of bitcoin. Then the 250+ billion cryptocurrency market cap is a irrelevant. We can easily get to 1 trillion just by making forks. I must say this on the surface does not look healthy for the overall market, but it may likely lure in my real fiat currency into crypto world with more coins to invest in. The end result is crypto assests replacing fiat currency.

so if I have 1 btc do I also have 10 BCD??

Currently, only opting for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and few altcoins.

Bitcoin is strengthened by trust and if you prefer these forks for simply "easy money", you may not be worthy of supporting the bitcoin network or any other crypto-currency that imitates it.


Bitcoin diamond or whatever it is, its lifespan will be short. 😏

Simply amazing how other coin could beat the market price of bitcoin. Am still here watching... Thanks though for your nice post.

I still sold mine!

Dang it i really need to join binance

Bitcoin diamond is not better than Bitcoin gold

Here is a great site I’ll tell you for a living. There is still a wonderful promotional code 3LD3NA Therefore, I recommend to earn there, believe it is really worth it.

nice my friend

Came across Bitcoin diamond on same day it was forked. And bought it imminently, also thought i will blog about it in Steem, looks like i have to be faster :-) Awesome post

can't wait!

thanks for the post..... bcoz through ur post i acuire a knowledge that the bitcoin & bitcoin cash is different.....thank u so much,,,,

I am still trying to understand this crypto market someone should put me through

Would you like some resource recommendations? I know it's pretty daunting, but the more informed you are, the easier it is to get into.

I traded out my life savings 25 USD into ETH from BTC a few days ago , I'm very dubious about anything bicoiny or bitcoinish , atm my faves are LISK deep onion and PIRL

@kingscrown i don't think Bitcoin Diamond is here to stay...
I checked there website, Team members are completely anonymous...

I think this fork is only a SCAM...

Well, to be fair, Bitcoin itself had some pretty obscure origins. When you have to confirm whether or not Satoshi is a real person, that's not exactly transparent.

Well everyone can go to build-a-coin and create a new source code easily or simply copy the bitcoin code with few adjustments...but if the project has no fundamentals, ideals, a skilled developing team or support it wil be forgotten very soon

It thr good old times of shitcoin pump and dumps

That is the same forking cloning trick as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold did. Copy-paste the Bitcoin blockchain, get a trade-token value pre-attatched to the 16.7 million already mined BTC, that came for free with the split and hey presto.

Top 5 guaranteed right away with virtual value of 16.7 million times the trade-token value. Free Cryptos all around. Bitcoin Diamond does it, just like Cash and Gold did it.

It is a new kind of Crypto business, forking clones, to get a part of the Bitcoin value.

And for those who hold Bitcoin BTC, it is yet another air-drop, free BCD this time.

Great to buy other Cryptos with or to just HODL.

Good post, didn't know much about Bitcoin Diamond before this

This is getting better and better.

i an enthusiastic about earning of bitcoin but still i could not earn even a single penny, its tough job

Bitcoin is best of course!!

Informative post thank you for sharing

Mainstream adoption and new buyers across the globe are pushing the bitcoin price higher and higher !!!

Hey sir it's really great to see the market information from you and you are really doing a great job.

Thanks for your post.

Thank you for your post,good explaining very well ,your post is actually very helpful

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Thank you

Thanks for posting dude. I went into my Binance and bittrex, and didnt know what i was looking at. Was like what the heck it bitcoin Diamond? Have to look into this further.

I know Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency, but there is a big risk to the transaction. However, bitcoins are every popular across the globe a digital currency.

bitcoin smashing through the $8,000 level for the first time this week after a 50 percent climb in eight days, Central bankers are worried they will be blamed if the market crashes.

Awesome post friend.
I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.
best of luck go ahead friend.

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these forked Bitcoins will have a TON of selling pressure for a long time.