Bitcoin Dead Price Wise?

in bitcoin •  5 months ago

Now in media, forums and other places you will hear - Bitcoin is dead, bubble burst etc.
And maybe you will try to defend it or wont know what to answer to tell people saying that they have dont know what are they talking about.

Today June 30 2018 price of BTC - 6342 USD
Last year June 30 2017 price of BTC - 2499 USD

So if BTC died this year, how do you call year before when its 120% more valuable now?


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All in to bitcoin, all in to bitcoin!

People have incredibly short attention spans. I have fallen victim to it myself, but we have to see the reality of things. We are still very early in the stages of cryptocurrency adoption. To be fair, it really hasn't even gained adoption yet on any meaningful level.

Knowing this and looking at progress thus far, we can see that there is a tremendous amount of growth ahead. We haven't even begun to see where this is going to lead once even a small percentage of the world population begin to trade digital currencies as a primary source of value.

People who are liquidating their digital assets now are going to be very sorry in the future - and that future isn't as far forward as some may think!


Yes, if the bubble has popped then this is the new normal, so why sell? You might as well keep digital money if you don't need to spend it to live. It never hurts to have money to instant transfer to people, soon it will be easy to convert it to video game currency, there are a lot of reasons to keep some digital currency besides getting rich.

We have seen some really great progress in the past year. It is easier to forget because of the bear run, but the market cap is several folds more as compared to the previous year at the same time


All coins or stocks go up and down.Have you ever seen some coin or something on stock markets that is going only up?

It's dead.Game over. xD

Bitcoin is still going up, I think!

There is no reason to worry. Bitcoin never dead. Because it is doing so great job. People all over the world realy on Bitcoin. Thanks for sharing.

For a while I've considered bitcoin to be in a cocoon. With the activation of segwit and introduction of lighting network, I think bitcoin is about to come out of its pupa phase and become a butterfly.

Let the media talk rubbish about crypto we are still bullish for sure. ;)


That's right! We have to have a more long term vision for where it's going. This is the worst time to have weak hands on this.

Bitcoin is not dead, it's relaxing and chilling, but once it's vacation is over it will be harder for others to catch. Afterall king is always a king.

Bitcoin is Deadly for the Banks

BTC has a yearly average of 75% bottoming with its price and we are just near the bottom now. Then it rallies again with ATH.
Case closed @kingscrown

waaoooo.... Greetings, I like your publication is very interesting, let me follow you ... blessings :)

too much manipulation going on.even in the stock market.not realistic.

We all need to keep some perspective. Investing in cryptos right now is like investing in new internet companies back in the early 90's. Sure many of those companies didn't make it, but the underlying technology lived on to prosper. Blockchain is not going anywhere. There was recently a calculation for savings expected for just the banking industry in the US of $39B annually. Those selling now at a bottom will surely be disappointed in a serious life changing way when they look back at their missed opportunity.

I have a subscription to the top financial newsletter focussed on cryptos and the blockchain revolution. There was an article this week about a guy who was able to purchase 15,000 bitcoins early on at $0.3 each. He sold them in 2013. Later on he couldn't take the regret of missing $150M upside and ended up taking his life. Just buy, hold and forget about them. No regret is necessary.

@kingscrown, whether to ride the Bitcoin price :)

So what u say Price of btc in year end 2018 ???

Exactly but bitcoin going up you can see last 24 hours bitcoin price and other cryptocurrency are also going up you can see market moment @kingscrown

People should just stop dealing with people who can't deal with the velocity of crypto and bitcoin.

It will make their lifes much more enjoyable.