Bitcoin ATH Again - Lets Check What Coins are Worth Keeping Eye on

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Its boring to write about BTCs ATHs every 2nd day and predictions. Currently more and more analysts speak of 1 million by 2020.

Those are UP

IOTA debuted on BitFinex currently you can also get it on Binance. So has 2 superb exchanges and loads of faith in its future. I would say its still cheap. Augur/NXT are good technologies Bittrex is the spot. Minex here is very expensive and trades mostly LiveCoin, thing is - it keeps raicing daily. Pretty much all of this coins are good and worth checking news of.

Those are DOWN

QASH had debut on BitFinex lately, not sure where its going but with such exchange worth to keep eye on. Walton is a chinese blockchain traded on Binance so also looking good. RDN/PPC/XLM/GBYTE are good projects mostly on Bittrex. I would avoid CNX, XUC, EMC2 - big manipulation here imho.

Those Pay or Will Pay Dividends

This are coins that are used be some services or exchanges and if you hold them they will either be rebought in some time (at least thats promised) or they pay monthly/quartely dividends.

  • COSS - Buy it on COSS exchange or HitBTC, pays monthly just you need to deposit it to their exchange
  • ICOO/OBITS - Buy on Bitshares Exchange and hold there (its decentralized anyways). ICOO pays BTC monthly, OBITS gets rebought and burned.
  • BNB - native currency of Binance, will be bought back in future.

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Done. When you say... "Those are DOWN"... does it mean they are cheap right? =)



There is still a lot to happen in the market the next few days. I would advice caution..


Hola soy nuevo y me gustaría que le dieran un vistazo a mi video sobre bitcoin aqui


guardado a favoritos seguro lo leere mas tarde,sigue asi!

Thank goodness their are people like you to help us keep up. I could not imagine trying to glean this information unless maybe I was writing my graduate thesis. Thank you.


Well,maybe you should write your graduation thesis :)


people really need to start looking into potcoin very solid coin


many of these marijuana coins went up yesterday. still trying to figure out why. made some $$$, nevertheless.


What exchanges sell potcoin? I haven't seen them


I got mien through coin exchange

@kingscrown is this real

"This are coins that are used be some services or exchanges and if you hold them they will either be rebought in some time (at least thats promised) or they pay monthly/quartely dividends."


I have this same question. And what does rebought mean?

Some good gains overall on the market, in my opinion IOTA is cheap but is alot of speculation right now, not a working product yet but alot of potential
Thanks for the info

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Upvoted and I am really lucky to see these predictions of the future so let's hope to be this way.I reallly appreciate this post and thanks to you i'm going to make investment,
I'm really excited to know that how much is going to be the value of IOTA cos' the last months was really down and hope that my investement will worth it.

All cryptocurrency bodes well for the future of coding and information technology; also travel, real estate and finance industries in idyllic tax free havens :))


That's so true!


@katyclark blockchain technology has been adopted by many industries


Hi @bismark1, sorry for delay in responding - I've been away from the keyboard lately, but yes, the blockchain will bring great changes.

Thanks for sharing! It saved me some effort from screening through out of hundreds of alt coins. Holding IOTA, WTC with some handsome profit, and waiting for EOS to fly!


where did you buy IOTA coins?


I got it from BitFinex by depositing Ethereum. You can also do the same at Binance. But do your own research, I read some articles saying that BitFinex is a bit shady...


i have an account in bitifinex,still i dont have any coins there,why do you think it is a little shady?

Bitcoin is down at -2.92% at the moment. The top four are in red. Do you think it's signal for another bear market coming in right now?


I don't see it stopping until well into the new year


it´s going to the moon!

Great analysis @kingscrown - certainly appreciate your concise report
Would be very interested on your review on Bitcoin investing services, and mining services as investments.

Wow, you kept this blog simple, only points at really matter, no fancy writing, thnx for this blog and direct news 👍

My buy list is 18 coins but BNB and COSS included.
I'm like the Cryptopia exchange fwiw.

This is really interesting. Dividend paying cryptos! Definitely worth a look.

Seeing amazing potential in Walton with the rollout of greater masternodes but not sure if there will significant fallback after those who've missed out sell what they've gathered

new ath of btc every day, damn..

What do you think about ETN.Is it worth to invest in it, from last days it doubled in cryptopia exchange.

Good that you mention IOTA. I really think their technology has a lot of potential.

The dividend coins are pretty cool are these POS


nope this are coisn you hold in wallet (even if its closed) and they pay based on what their services earn!


I think paying in dividend is a very potential coin Coss. Nice post.

@kingscrown thanks for this updates. I think i will also add BTS the list. I wrote about the lesson to be learnt in the history of bitcoin recently. I can be a standby untill they starts increasing . I will grap my copy now. Thanks

I love how straight-to-the point your article is! Thank you! By the way, I got hooked on IOTA fairly early, and couldn't be happier to see it growing solid! I mean, the Tangle its based on is by all means brilliant. Would add LISK also, I'm defenitely giving it a chance (and some prayers:) ).

its Worth it to follow you .

I would avoid CNX, XUC, EMC2 - big manipulation here imho.

There is major manipulation going on all around the cryptomarket right now, including BTC. Stay on your toes, everyone.

Ive bought some IOTA. I think the price os very cheap considerung where its at at the moment. Once it is fully up and running i think that it will be a hundred dollar coin within a couple of years. And from its growth over the past few weeks a lot of other people seem to be thinking the same way.

When will be STEEM on Bitfinex and Binance? Is is due to technical difficulty (setting up a STEEM server) or, STEEM volume is low? Once STEEM is on there, volume will adapt. Hope to see STEEM sooner than later.

Augur REP will start in 2018, so expect price will hits $100+ per REP.
Btw, COSS pays every week (Tuesday to be exact)

Glad to see IOTA in the list. This project has tremendous potential and is worthy of being in top 3; i.e. BTC / ETH / IOTA.
BTC is the KING ALPHA for store of value.
ETH is amazing for Smart Contracts and Tokens.
IOTA is amazing for pratical micro-transactions which could be lesser than any of the alts transaction fees. Machine to machine payments possible.
I wonder why no one mentions IOTA, seems like a propaganda against it. I love ETH BTC IOTA LTC BAT CVC and few more.
Nice post, thanks for spreading the reality @kingscrown. Cheers!!!

@kingscrown: You Should add NEO to the list of coins that pay dividends - it pays you GAS periodically, if you hold it in your official NEON wallet or evn in Binance. Plus it's a coin with a future too..


Moved mine to binance and got my first gas within a week. I had it siting on bittrex before that doing nothing only earning them money. What a rip off.

Thanks for sharing your analysis... i am going to choose some for my trading

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thanks for your kind information of crypto @kingscrown

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Agree that IOTA is doing great, and has amazing future potential. Also worth noting that EOS has had an amazing run over the last few weeks, even if it's dipping today :)

Thanks for sharing this important information with us.

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How to start with the bitcoin?


So wait, China banned all the mining and exchanges on their territory, but not before said miners and exchange runners managed to stock up with millions of bitcoins right ?

So, there are Chinese nationals just itching to sell the things ? I figure they already are, but through some backchannels only, sadly, I don't know what those channels are.

That's what's up.

As long as Bitcoin is fine, then we are fine.

Thank you ... nice post :-)

wohhh nice and lovely post dear friend,,,, We got huge information fromyour post,,, Thanks for that again....

So wait, China banned all the mining and exchanges on their territory, but not before said miners and exchange runners managed to stock up with millions of bitcoins right ?

So, there are Chinese nationals just itching to sell the things ? I figure they already are, but through some backchannels only, sadly, I don't know what those channels are. @tuhin201

Thanks for sharing such informative post.

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Thanks for this wonderful analysis

Long term outlook is important in the crypto scene. Nice post!

Great post buddy!

Thanks for this valuable post.

Thanks for sharing. I have made $9000 over 3 days with the help of the dva largest signal room in Korea. The select coins was EMC2,TIX,REP.

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Coincido con IOTA, es muy buen proyecto todavía es accesible, pero también hay otras tal es el caso de PIVX, LISK, estas ultimas también tuvieron muy buenos rendimientos.

Thanks for an easy guide on the altcoins.

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I now hold Santoment because i think their idea is great. Lets not only invest for the quick money

I do not want all people to start speaking BTC 1 million or we will jinx this BTC bull run.

Dividends info was quite useful as I was unsure if any did.

sera aburrido si,, pero sigue asi de verdad mantenernos al tanto. gracias

It's funny seeing groestlcoin where it is now. I remember buying some when it was like 38 cents and getting out around 70 cents. I didn't believe in it and I thought a dodged a bad decision lol. It will dip again I think and I may buy back in.

Hi All,

Some important dates to keep in mind:

Siacoin - Dec 6th - Hardfork (Block 135,000)
Bitcoin - Dec 10th - CBOE starts trading bitcoin futures
Gold Reward - Dec 11th - GRX Lending Platform Opens
NXT - Dec 28th - Snapshot for IGNIS Airdrop (more Info:



thanks for sharing this analysis i glad to sew this post, thanks once again

Not sure anyone seen , but SALT is much higher . Really fast change

IOTA has extremely high potential. I think this is definitely something for the future if they manage to achieve their plans!
Thank you for your constantly updates!

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Gran aporte excelente análisis!

Keep a look at Bitshares! ;)

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Thanks for the quality content, I'm fairly new and trying to expand my knowledge of crytocurrencies. Your posts are always informative, even when I don't quite get it all yet!

About Bitcoin: RSI levels are too damn high to take a long position on Bitcoin right now (although there is still room for the price to go up to a RSI level around 95. A major correction, likely going to 7000 euros (sorry, I am not working with dollars) or even to 6500 euros will probably happen soon. The price will find strong supports at those levels and only when it breaks through 6500 there will be a real mess. I am expecting the price to return to a bullish movement from those support levels though.

QASH deffinitelly going to be in the top ten next year, learn more about QASH here

What does rebuying mean in this case?