Bitcoin at 3700USD+ and funny Bitcoin "occasions" on some places

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Top exchanges right now have 3700+ USD but due to free market and loads of exchanges there are occassions and.. very bad occasions!

Top10 Exchanges Prices

Looks like next stop is 3800 USD. As we can see KRW/CNY are pushing the price, NEO is a chinese Ethereum, so we can also say its asia pushing this volumes.

Top10 Bad Prices

This means that selling this coins directly for BTC you will pay more than average marketcap.
Notice is mostly 0,01% volume of BTC totally but this coins people want to sell directly into BTC at even overprice just go get out. Sadly STEEM on Poloniex is there. DCT on HitBTC was a IOU so was very overpriced.
The VRC vs BTC on Poloniex is just hilarious. Im sure it was manipulated for LULZ.


I have no comment i will just leave it here ;)

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Is this Changely thing meant as a joke...?

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 21.33.10.png

never expected that BTC will grow such like this..

The truth is that I am here by searching for ways to make bitcoin and hearing about steemit rewarding for posting, upvotes, and commenting. The funniest part is that now I am enjoying steemit rather than worrying about being rewarded(The point to be note down is that It's my second day in steemit).
Happy steemiting!

I stumbled upon Steemit somehow while I was looking for "IRL" platforms with BTC payouts.
Saw the money next to comments and articles, caught my attention for little bit.

But then I've realized Steemit has 10x more new solid articles about cryptocurrencies, with 1000x the quality and almost no advertised bias and ponzi schemes, (like the scammers at Coindesk, and Cryptocoinsnews)

And it has awesome community, unlike above mentioned websites with their "I know it all" toddlers sitting on $20 worth of ETH :)

Hey mate. This is the only guide you will ever need.
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Crazy, I'm loving this wave.

The prices have become insane. I remember the fluctuations used to be quite minimal before sigwet and it's almost thrice of what it used to be.

Not really sure how much would be safe to bid for but really hope to invest and make some from the rise.

The rise in Bitcoin price is the result of the transmission from a peer to peer payment system to the internet of money (Segwit). 2nd layers will bring a lot of innovation and new user cases to Bitcoin in the months / years to come. Beside that there is some release in the scaling debate. I think the bull market will go on for a while. Corrections of 10 to 25% will be a healthy part of that. HODL!!!

Excatly 👍👍

BiteSizeBitcoin huh HODL!!! ;)

I couldn't agree any more! Great comment!

10% since you wrote this comment, it's crazy. I read somewhere (don't remember where) that they expect BTC to reach $6,000 by the end of 2017, what do you think about it?

So can you elaborate on how Segwit means the "internet of money"? I thought it just meant that the size of the block went from 1 MB to 8 MB.

That sounds right.

Holy buckets! That is insane the price disparity. Someone must really want some Bitcoin to pay 3x the market price for it. Hats off to those guys!! Idk if 4000 or 3200 is more likely to hit first!

@sevinwilson you reckon someone is pumping Bitcoin and specting prices to soar so to dump it?

I think the geopolitical tension is contributing to purchases of bitcoin.

you are right, geopoitical turnmoil may lead to heavy investment in cryptos

Poloniex is really out of this world...

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I was thinking BTC will be at $ 5000 by end of the year but it looks like as if it will go to $ 6000 and higher. I hope that the up has nothing to do with Spoofy and this damn manipulation.

I'm sure - 5000$ to the end of the august!

That would be a great finish for the summer ;)

@trihrom Why do you think so?

thx for sharing

Ofcourse this is nice news but then I wonder why it gets a payout of $300...

Wow it is increasing a lot!

I think on 14th Aug when Bitcoin Cash finally make its place on Poloniex Exchange will place a full stop to the unabated price hike of Bitcoin. And if Bitcoin Cash failed to grab customers attention on 14th Aug then there will be no doubt in Bitcoin achieving a new record of $5000 in short span of time.

It's just a start :) It will be about 6000$ or even more to the end of 2017 :) And after that - to the moon! :) Upvoted!

I need your opinion about my new project based on Blockchain. Can you tell me what do you think?

I will be really grateful :)

4 weeks ago it was at $1,700 I bought in ;)

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And now price is crossed the border

Bitcoin prices are going up like crazy. I think if it continues on this trend, it will be more difficult to get our hands on some bitcoin in the near future. Bitcoin seems to be a store of value better than gold.

@andr1ano, the answer is trading and exchange. Probably we cannot invest our outside money, but we can exchange it for ETC which is going down, for example.

Too true. Almost all the other alts are losing ground in the BTC ratio right now. That means they are on sale! It is very hard mentally speaking to sell something that is on such a rising rate right now, and buy into something that seems to be collapsing, but that is how big money can be made. Take DASH for instance, it spent the last 4 months at or around .07BTC. It is now in the .05BTC range, but nothing about DASH has changed, its still just as viable today as it was last month.

nice update... very helpful tip... worthy of my upvote...
how do you see Luno? I use the exchange also...

So beautiful seeing BTC at $4000K

Bitcoin will continue to fly =)

hmmmm... occasions indeed! :) Exciting to see the trends. Looking forward to full Steem ahead :)

Everytime I think bitcoin is too expensive to buy, it rises even further :(

Hahaa, agree with you
When we wait price drop and buy it, the price increase so crazy

@mohammad32 me too...I´ve heard of some correction this forthcoming week, but it might just be 5-10% of the price...nonetheless since the hard fork has passed from 2200 to 3800 in just 2 weeks! just insine!!
I also wonder if iths time to jump in or let it cool...but prices may never be low no more, its a big doubt!

YEAH! Onto $5000 now and then, can't wait. A little concerned about the next "thing" though. Hope that will be just another blip.

I found your post less than 24hrs later, and it is now at $4100. I really feel bad for the friends that I told about BTC at $10(too high), then again at $80(missed my chance), then again at $250(must be a bubble), then again at $2000(its a Ponzi scheme, nothing should climb that fast). I think its time for me to just keep it to myself, they are only going to have resentment towards me when they find out my original $2.5K is now over $200K.

Expert said that, bitcoin will increase up to $5000 in December. What do you think about that???

I think its low. This technology is about to move from "innovators"(<1%pop) into the "early adopters" (~3%pop) phase. This is when leading edge investment firms get involved in a race to stay ahead of the curve. I would guess that BTC will be flirting with $10K by years end. It might take some time to break through $10K as there is a mental block with the milestone, but that will happen as well.

I think the pullback (whenever it comes) will be deep and fairly quick just like the last one. Need to watch it every few hours if anyone is planning to scale in near the lows...

I think it will come between $6K and $7K. All these new ICO's will be closing and they will start converting back to fiat for development funding and purchasing. I look forward to the day when ICO's can just stay in BTC and start buying office space and paying employees in crypto... that will spell the end of the large pull backs.

If I were to give a price level, it would be near $4700 as it is the 1st fibonacci level between the past major high and low. Regarding ICO's, many of them are just accepting Ether as payment, not BTC.

🐒 - 97,659 has been the largest drain on the Rewards Pool since HF-19
🐒 +7,128 has been the largest daily increase on the Rewards Pool since HF-19
🐒 Today the pool is at 697,578 and the decrease was -1,050

I think bitcoin will be over $5000 this year!

For sure. I'm just wondering how big dip we're going to see before.
BTC at $5000 would most likely mean crypto market cap of about $200B.
From $80B to $130B in this last three weeks was just amazing. I definitely see possibility of $200B by the end of the year.

$200? I bet it will be over $300B :D

Steem on! Let's hope for the best!

Then $5000 BTC would be undervalued. Would be closer to 7000 - 8000.

This news very interesting and how lucky those people who keep btc in hand. To be honest, I don't have any coin with me. This is my first and only coin if I have a luck to possess. Steem only. I am not a technical person, so I din't umderstand mining things.

Love Bitcoin it will touch 5000

bitcoin will soon break all the records

There's no way bitcoin will hold over $4000 for too long

E-money has developed and now become a payment tool in the world event though very view people familiar with that and also still new

Before BTC fork it still at $ 2.7k , but now it grows drastically to $4k, no wonder what'll happen in next year

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Invest in your 401K they said. Get an 8% return they said. Smh, BTC is the millennial's savior.

Thanks for this information.
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Awesome!!! I am personally expecting to reach to $5,000 in December. Wow!!! Bitcoin Christmas in Christmas time!!!

Keep pushing that price Asia. WE LOVE YOU!

read if ur holding ripple
i have very very bad news for ripple holders i have read the white paper and its not good news at all

xrp tokens will not be used to transfer value they are just ledgers that will be communicating in the network

they can use other tokens also and ignore xrp if they please.
get out while you can guys , oh also this is just xrp is just token its not a real cryptocurrency its not even a blockchain.

help out your fellow crypto investors and warn them of this finding.

Seems NEO is controlled by chinese market, Bitcoin is more safe to invest. May be bitcoin will increase to around $4000 just in the coming month.

That's what I think. I wont invest in Neo at all. Chineese are always saying YES / NO. In 2013, when Bitcoin was at $1300, China decided to say NO and it went down. Neo has brilliant brains, but doom government.

Bitcoin prices are going up like crazy...

seems very promising to me..
Nice! I upvoted you!

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I'm shocked how every time I login BTC seems to be $100 more minimum. I personally would rather see us move sideways to build more resistance strength.

amazing post
thank you
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Thanks good information!!

Changelly is crazy with their USD prices :/ tip! link

i think the recent weakness in us dollar and stock market has started this new bull in cryptos. cryptos will be the only real hope to fight counterfitting and inflation. best wishes for everyone. think ahead.

Scaling the Blockchain

In the meantime, we have been working on some fundamental changes to help scale Steem.We currently run 7 steemd nodes in AWS to support and will need to continue to run more and more to support our growth.The key problem is that Steemd is single threaded, however, we are well along in the process of making it multithreaded.

Imagine the steemd server program is a stove.Right now, it has a single burner and we need to make a meal.A few of the dishes are the peer to peer network, accepting and evaluating blocks, and responding to API requests for data clients like are rapidly switching pots, pans, and skillets onto the single burner to make each component of the meal.The increased request volume from is delaying the meal.

wow, fantastic..

Although many say that a correction is coming but i doubt it. Unless we see a shooting star in the technical chart. Too much dissastisfaction with current fiat and with the fork over with minimal disturbance, its almost natural for this rise.

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great post :)

I seen price(btc) hovering near 3900 when I woke ;-O

BTC will pass 6000 by October

I was so wrong :)) it was 9000 $ in October

I think bitcoin will continue to rise, keeping my eyes on it ...thanks for this post

It will touch the sky !

This video link may explain why there are such differences in the market differences:

Nice Update!!! I am following you to get your video reports. Neo: No way Jose. I dont trust Chinese government. Civic: is a YES. It sold 33 million tokens and it has a product that will be appealing "on-demand, secure and lower cost access to identity verification via the blockchain." And Bitcoin is a MUST! Thank you for your info.

Guaranteed $5k by end of month. Watch.

BTC means Best Trade of the Century!

hy listen bitcoin will bang this year

very nice the raise of bitcoin, it didn´t know about it directly, thanks for posting it. It gives me a better perception on it. :)

BTC became more popular than gold and other currencies

After the fork, I thought BTC price would go south... but alas!

Yeah, I remember last year forecast "bitcoin will rise above 1000$, and stop then"... Now it's almost 4000, and growing) I made 200$ already on forex trading.

5k by the end of this year for sure

muy buen post me gusto!!!

Bitcoin prices the past few days have been surprising. I've been bullish on Bitcoin, but did not expect to see these price increases so soon. Definitely makes for interesting trading to say the least!

$4000 just round the corner :)

I think after Segwit2x a new door has been opened and there are lots of possibilities for bitcoin.

Bitcoin will remain the king, wow thanks for sharing, upped. Steem time will come from next year

Now it's 3800 USD...

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5000 before the end of the year just watch and see @rogerblu great article budd

Kingscrown, help me understand of what your thought of the future in blockchain is. Do you think it can ever be destroyed or will it always be here. Lets take 200 years back, the tulipan marketing stunt, everyone bought and lost everything. I'm a big supporter of bitcoin and ethereum and neo. I have also alot of money in it myself, but could it all crumble? I'm a avid fan and followed of yours. Wish you all the best. Resteemed and upvoted as always.

Haha the comment about VRC on poloniex 👌
sigh 😔

I've been using Changelly mainly because it's easy to use, even for me!


Good post
thanks for sharing

Bitcoin with this price rise validates the technology and general use case of block chain. Be prepared for a lot of institutional endorsement of block chain in the coming time, the centralized entities will try and take the narrative as much as they can.

Wow this is an absolutely mad pump from Asia at the moment.
So much money has been put in from Asia it is crazy.

yep @arckrai let´s not forget that in Asia is the largest population of the world...if in places like China, India, Indonesia, japan, etc people start to generate an interest in cryptos the market is gonna be a mad casino!

$4000 now. It grows every hour

I think we should do something about the people trading on the bad exchanges. I think some of those people using the bad exchanges are probably not informed about the price, and I think more should be done to bring the no of people trading at bad exchanges to 0

steem will go high soon to i think accumulation time.

I love Bitcoin :)

Wow! Very interesting, great post.

Now $4000 im so happy

Thanks for the info Kingscrown.

Qué alegría, yeahhh

I had the impression that the implementation of Segwit should make Bitcoin transactions push through faster. Earlier today, sending $100 worth of Bitcoin took me 2+ hours when it took 30mins in July, with the same miner fee. Is this because more people are finally getting into Bitcoin, or am I wrong with my understanding of Segwit, or am I missing something entirely?

Segwit is allowed on the blockchain now, but adaptation is not implemented until the end of August. Plus there is more development needed to truly experience an increase in transaction times. This is why BCH went straight to 8mb blocks on their chain, they did not want to wait until next year to start scaling.

Price discovery can be a gut-wrenching thing at certain points of flux. And we are at such a point of uncertain transformation. With things moving so fast, some will take advantage of others and some won't even know they've been taken advantage of until markets sort things out.

But hold your moral compass steady, always lift and help your fellow man whenever you can. Watch the Invisible Hand sort it all out in the long run. Be vigilant.