Bitcoin All Time High Hit - 6300$!

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Since my post about predictions of 10k USD for this year we hit 6k 24h later and now week later met ATH of 6300.

Bitcoin Markets Right Now

As usual, after ATH there has to be some rebound, lets see what happens now. BitFinex drives this price and i remind - making leverage there is really cheap and risk is not big - just 2,25%. Yolo trades are from BitMEX where you can do up to x50.
So if you are unsure of direction BFX is the spot if you feel sure.. BitMEX for fast trade and exit. I used to have longs open on BFX for literally weeks. If after registration you wont know how sites work.. ive made plenty tutorials here. Just browse my posts to find them + surely you have missed something else thats interesting too.

Guy Loses 40 Millions Shorting BTC

Today on OKCoin chinese trading platform someone lost a bet.. big bet. 40 millions dollars he was shorting went.. south. BTCs raise is not a good day for everyone.

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I think we're going to see a pullback in bitcoin over the next few days.The rally just looks a bit overdone right now.

Yep, everyone wants free cash(BTC gold). After the fork has happened. The reason for a lot of people to hodl btc, disapears.

Unless everyone is hoping for the 2x split in November to create another viable chain.

$10K by years end...I don't think it will go up that much. Eventually though...

Bitcoin's run has been absolutely amazing. I am still on awe!

Hey @kingscrown, or anyone else who feels qualified to answer, do you happen to know the specifics of how the Segwit 2X hard-fork is going to work in relation to the current bitcoin chains that are already out there?

If I understand it correctly, as long as I'm "staked" on the legacy bitcoin chain and hold my own private keys, then I always have the ability to go back to the moment of the fork and claim all of the bitcoin that I had at the time of that fork. Is that correct to your knowledge?

I'm not clear yet on whether I'll have stake in the Segwit 2X chain if all of my bitcoin is still only on the legacy chain, or if I have to split them into the Segwit chain in order to receive Segwit 2X when it forks in mid November.

I currently hold most of my bitcoin on a Trezor and have kept them all on the legacy chain. It gives me the option to send them to the Segwit chain and that's what got me thinking about whether I'm really prepared for this next fork, especially after I've read from a few sources that Segwit 2X won't have two-way replay protection, similar to Bitcoin Gold which Trezor doesn't currently support and has stated that they won't support unless they add that replay protection feature.

if the chains split you will have same BTC on both chains, just like with BCC/BCH

I think it is not absolute. What if the wallet in which you are storing your Bitcoins does not support the SegWit2x?

Keep private keys and you will be fine

Ok, so is the first Segwit fork that just happened (what was it... a month back?) going to remain it's own chain, seperate from Segwit 2X?

So we'll have, in total (not including earlier forks like litecoin): legacy bitcoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold, Segwit and Segwit 2X. Is that correct?

@kingscrown as a former Stock Broker I have to admit that it is somewhat CRAZY Shorting Bitcoin on Margin or Leverage unless you just like to give money away. I know you can make money going Short but why would you want to short something like Bitcoin that could just Sky Rocket at any given point in time ??

I think this is Warren Buffett. He really believes that it’s a bubble.

I dunno, but I'd sure love to have the type of wealth where I can make those multiple millions of dollars worth of risk type of gambles!

Great post. Any idea why Bitcoin Cash is suddenly climbing?

I think just more uncertainty due to the next fork. Upped&FOL

Well, I was thinking maybe because the transaction cost of most blockchain wallets was high, people would just move to the next currency and thus the sudden rise and fall


which bitcoin will you be supporting?...bitcoin or segwit2x? I thought bitcoin gold was a good fork but looks like the only difference so far is the mining going to be given more to the average user and not the huge mining farms located specially in china :)) bitcoin cash the old bitcoin? the one that had issues with scaling up to more transactions and speed?

Yeah man, its going to continue to kick butt, will drop off a but after fork but ultimately as long as there is coins to be mined BTC will stay relevant. Upped&FOL

Still trying to figure out all of this crypo world, but an ATH for Bitcoin is pretty awesome. Will be interested to see if it reaches $10K.

:D Have you guys paid attention this Crypto Currency that offers a service too?

beg beg respect for me

This is a good sign that your Bitcoin price target of $10,000 within this year is highly probable. I hope within the month of November, before the fork is going to happen, Bitcoin will reach $9,000.

It probably going to dip hard after the fork. The price of BTC is currently stewed up because everyone is anticipating free coins.
After the Hard Fork, funds will float back into altcoin.

I guess, there will be a retracement after the fork, but it will not be a hard dipping of its price. If the price of Bitcoin before fork will reach $7,000, the retracement will not go down below $6,000.

Have you guys paid attention this Crypto Currency that offers a service too?

I wish Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon and all the people who keep talking shit about crypto would put their money where their mouth and went short on bitcoin as well

Maybe this is one of them.

Road to 10 k ;D

this is a great post brother

Wow....another highest for bitcoin...

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All Time High!!! Heck yeah!!! gonna be a good year!!

That is indeed a crazy amount. Will our loved steem get there eheheh

Awesome Post, Keep it up!

Thanks for your good information of this bitcoin topic

The price bounced from SMA100 line and moved to 6000.00 resistance level . RSI confirmed price reversal. Now we have a situation when MACD and DMI 2.12% support further upward movement. It's buy opportunity and we can entry the market based on a breakout signal above the resistance level . Pending orders should be placed at 6050.00 level with stop orders below the local 1.08% swing low at 5600.00 level. Profit targets are based on round numbers like 6500.00 and 7000.00 levels.

I mean not that a feel sorry for the shorter, but yeah that is a lot of money.

Great analysis of cryptocurrencies in block chain technology.

Great post!

for sure it will go up

good information, thank @kingscrown
Resteem permission..

Wow, Your Post is Awesum, Thnx for sharing :)

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Beautiful demography ! Thanks for sharing !!

wow that will be really interesting to see bitcoin climb to 10K. Do you think it will happen this year though? People might start cashing out a bit for holiday shopping since bitcoin is not accepted in most places yet. just my 0.02 steem lol

Time to success buddy

no it reaches to 7000$.....see my trading signals

BTC to 100.000

great informative post.

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Its still shooting up! oh yah!

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hi,kingscrown,nice to read about you.
am jeevansantoshi from india,am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
i have followed you.So,can also follow me.
Best of luck!

Yes HODL and stay informed with a great newsletter :)

Poor guy... But why he bet all of her money! That crazy!!! 🤑 Come like my posts and have a good day!

I like your post.

I thought that in the next March April, 1 bitcoin would be over $ 10,000. Now I see that this will happen sooner, and maybe the new year will cost $ 10,000. :)

dont think a 10k bitcoin is to far away!

I cannot wait for this fork and segwit 2x to be over and done with. Im glad bitcoin is going strong but because of these nonsense forks its sucking money out of the altcoins. WIll be nice once they are done so money will start flowing back into alts.

bitcoin is flying

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Honestly! They deserve our help.

Noticed this earlier... But quickly retracted... I guess BTC will hit 7k or more in the next few weeks... You think after segwit2x could fall big?

If you've never seen it it's really a treat to be watching the charts (especially depth) when Bitcoin pops off like that. It was frantic. A $40 jump in a second, orders getting obliterated, a couple minutes of mayhem followed by a minute or two of relative calm. Check the candlestick, volume is dropping, is it over or just recharging? And then boom! Another leg up, another wall, a $150 drop off a cliff, a hold, and slow rebound. Rinse and repeat. Most entertaining hour of my weekend, and I watched Stranger Things 2 :/

Bitcoin high level

BTC going up again..resteem

Biting my hands for not buying more 5 months ago. I would be interested to know when the bubble will burst.

Ive done a little margin trading on Bitfinex, the rates are reasonable but ive never succeeded. Doesnt mean you cant win big but i sure didnt.

One piece of advice in case you margin trade, set stop losses! Make them small amounts so they close quickly before and in case, the price really falls fast.

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My take profit is in 6675, and then I plan on buying the dip 4.200-4.400 :D. Good luck guys! and upvoted

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Good luck and happy investing :)

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