Bismuth - No ICO, No Premine and First Python Coin!

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Lately we have loads of ICOs, many good and many crappy ones. Theres literally 100s of them and when i find something worth im trying to post about it.

But now this is another case. Bismuth is a fully new chain, build on Python, the coin had fair launch where people could mine it (and its still mineable), had no premine and just rocks as a concept.

What is Bismuth ?

So the dev (who is in crypto since long time) looked at all coins, took what was best in them and recoded everything from the ground with his base idea.

Bismuth is a decentralized transaction platform focused on modularity and open source approach. It comes with default decentralized applications and tools out of the box, not only to be used by everyone, but also to be hosted by anyone. These applications are supplied as interpretation engines, which prevents blockchain bloat. Inspired by Satoshi’s whitepaper, Bismuth also offers optional hyperblocks as a pruning mechanism, a system which greatly reduces disk space usage and increases execution speed.

On-chain messaging and data storage is available in both public and encrypted forms. Together with Tor support and transaction mixing decentralized application, Bismuth offers top-of-the-line privacy features.


So to note TOR is already implemented by proxy, it has Decentralized Applications creation option, right away there is free dAPPS to use: casino, pool, transaction mixer (for anonymity).


I was looking at this coin since some time but until trading began we couldnt know how its gonna be, especially that codebase is new. Cryptopia for now is the only exchange capable of adding it and seems floor is at 20 000 satoshi right now - which looks cheap for fully new code-wise coin and concept.
Chart also looks not bad.

Find Out More and Test

More info is on their website -
There is Windows and Linux wallets + online wallet.
If you want to test the network with a transaction you can try on my addy - 05a7c02546d24056d409c6d8c985190698014d98973337740869f5c9
and yes this is how addresses look like on this chain. I really like the project and i hope we will see less ICOs and more fair launches in future of crypto!

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Check out the Bismuth documentation at

thank you for the documentation

wow, this one looks really nice. good to see a python blockchain

That’s interesting

I will research this more. thnx for the heads up

good idea. Need more detail info.

Many thanks for this article, I'm really glad people like the concept

There is one thing I'd also like to mention especially here on Steemit.
Recently there has been quite a lot of discussion about Smart Media Tokens

We're planning to implement similar feature into Bismuth:

The initial 2017 roadmap has been almost completely finished and updated in September — Bismuth will have it’s own on-chain language, which will enable generation and transfer of secondary tokens for everyone, and eventually execution of smart contracts as we know them.

Here is an interview with lead dev .


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be cautious in investing

you dont have to invest, you can ie mine it, its CPU based

Will it also need extra mining hardware like bitcoin needs. Is it possible to mine with pc?

No extra hardware, it is ASIC resistant.
You can mine in any PC using CPU, so far.
GPU mining will be implemented in future.
Which will render CPU mining almost pointless, so mine while it is still profitable.

Profitability calculator will also be available soon.

Always love your posts @kingscrown and the 20,000 satoshi is quite cheap especially when you can get it for free using faucets. Not harm in trying and no loss especially when using the information you gave and how to get free satoshis. I will give it a try and that will be my first trading experience.

This looks promising from a dev point of view.
The rest is up to the market adoption now. I'm all for free and fair token distribution.
This looks hot. Let's steem and resteem it. ;)
(I'm new here do people say that?)

Decentralized currency is definitely a boost to the economy and for self earning. What concerns me is the governments. As they are used to centralized systems. Do the government have the power to ban such currencies completely? Requirement of mining hardware requires initial good investment though

They do not have the man-power to stop cryptos and Decentralized apps. They would have to raid EACH node (Miner) on the network, SIMULTANEOUSLY.
For this they will need a person at everyone's house, at a specific day/time. Which is impossible. Yes there will surely be some conflicts when the Governments try to come up with new ways to make money.

But at the end of the day, its up to the people, whether of not they want to use cryptos/dapps/DAOs.

Goverments (i'm primarily speaking from EU point of view) are actively working on ICO - BC regulations. The lack of correct financial instrument or financial definition is letting ICO's blossom in status quo atm, but this will change in couple of months.

You mean the same government(s) that can't even stop drug trafficking, money laundering, prostitution, etc.?

Haha people say many thing :) Thanks for resteem!

You're welcome

Interesting, thanks!

Why is this tagged "Bitcoin" when it is nothing about Bitcoin?

It's tagged Bitcoin so that you could find it easily.
And you're here now. And now you know about Bismuth. You should be thankful I guess.

also it trades vs BTC mostly :)

how would i resteem this post please.. am kinda just getting in here, would not use the word "new" hehehe

Interesting, thanks :)

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