Binance Ups and Downs Today

in bitcoin •  7 months ago

We know the whole market is pretty much red today if you check USD or BTC wise.

Obviously some coins did raise in price but due to BTC or ETH going down their overall has still gone down.

Lets see how Binance the top altcoin exchange that needs no ID to register looks like ( no account yet? REGISTER NOW. even for future trading)

UP on Binance

Based on DASH/XZC we can expect coins from other exchanges on similar code aka SMART, EXCL or ZCL to raise soon. Interesting to see TUSD voulume instead of USDT.

DOWN on Binance

Mostly ETH tokens (about ie GRS) and EOS that just got mainnet. I like RDN and ENG from those a lot.

Bitcoin on BitMex

All red. Nothing to add here. You need to decide if you gonna go long or short there.

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30 Billion dollars down, it’s a bloody war going on


yes farwa big loss of us.

I like ENG also a lot and just purchased more last week.. I'm still down big time, but if they can have their off-chain scaling solution adopted with security like Bitcoin, could be a great compliment for ETH.

Relax, in 1-2 weeks we will enter the bull season again.

I'm going to stop looking at the market and give it a few weeks this is heart wrenching

This is an interesting @kingscrown theme, but bad if everything is in red, it's time to review, which is the least bad thing, in the long term to be able to recover and the market to improve, THANK YOU for sharing!

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Stay strong, stay long. Get more of what you beleive in when prices are down. We'll be back in a couple of months!

hope the good time will come soon, its true now the time of BTC is worse.

Yeah, everything is red and now best opportunity to buy altcoins.