Binance Back But You May Have Problems Using It

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It works fine and withdrawals work also but main domain - is down for many people.

Currently most people either use their app (desktop and mobile) or there are two backup subdomains:


If you wish to withdrawal something copy confirmation link to browser and change www to right subdomain. No other workaround for now. This works i did it myself.

Due to big downtime, there is 70% discount in fees till 24th.

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I've yet to sign up for an account. Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the advice. I have had no luck all day trying to load the site.

I have been using the url and have not had an issue with trading only with a few withdraws. but found a work around for that to.

same here, I do sometimes have the issue that I´m not getting a confirmation E-mail or it takes very long to get it. But I think that´s the problem of AOL and not Binance..

Thank you for sharing 😍

Thank you for this information ✌️

The url "" works on both phone and laptop right now for me. Maybe you typed "www"? Type it only as posted and make sure it uses https once it loads.


This one works

You’re super welcome!!!💪🏼😁🏆📈

withdraw or trade at all? Price on cmc says neo is 109.22 / 25 hours ago. Not sure ya know

The app is working for me, but not the site yet.

Still a bunch of residual issues. Guess that's what happens when you have a ton of tech debt from relentless growth

Thanx for the update.

Couple days ago I have moved some Steem successfully from Binance to my Steemit account without any problem. Just FYI, so that others have a data point.

Anyone whos curious... isnt working for me but does. is actually running faster for me than the usual binance does

Appreciate the info was driving me crazy.
Moved some coin to kucoin and started using it as well..

Woot 70% fee discount! Time to buy some crypto! What are you buying @kingscrown? I still need to get some NEO

Thanks for sharing the post.
I was not able find any related post what was wrong with it.
Your post has somehow solved my problem. I think you deserve an upvote but my contribution is small. Anyways I am voting for your informative post.

Have you tried accessing it on mobile app because is not working over here

It is working for me. Although the graph struggles with loading.

How I wish the discount date would be extended

Thanks for this cryptocurrency news update providing...i appreciate this post.... resteemit

I hope it will be able to get my trust on it again after what had happen...slowly perhaps thanks for the info

yes i still believe that its just maintenance which is normal & will be fine after dew hours.

my limited budget and like if anything happen again i will not be able to cover what i lost so i need to be careful....i would take any risk for trading... but not for unable to do anything while the money is still in there..thanks @cbeep

You are right bud ..wait for it to be normal

i dont htink they are fully working as of yet

its on maintenance man.. wait for some hours than it will be Normal.

I really like Binance but i should take a hardware wallet into consideration !

yes man binance is back but wait where it has gone ,its just the maintenance work is going on the website so why people are making panic & scared ??just have patience man its going nowhere.

Probably just DNS cache problem after maintenance, nothing serious, should be alright after some hours.

Curious how their main website domain is still down for me! @kingscrown do you think it is intentional to try divert some stress from the repaired system?
My mind goes to the nefarious reasons, such as wanting to be able to execute actions without the public being aware. I highly doubt it but I share my thought’s as i have them.
Anyone have the main domain work? Could it just be geo location based?
I don’t have anything on there never leave a token anywhere but in a wallet i control key for, preferably offline generated but depending on the situation that’s not always possible. Really need to get me a trezor or the like.
What’s you #1 pick for hardware wallets?

Interesting, I wasn't aware there was a problem, but the update is appreciated. I'm still fairly new here, so I'm still learning everything. ☺ I'm a big fan of cryptocurrency so I'll definitely have to check out your stuff!

Good for the heads up.
I will go and check.
Hope everything is back and running smoothly.
keep on steemin'

The growth rate they got was just stupid crazy 240,000 new sign ups in a hour! Total server kill they need their own coin to power their site lol

Interesting article! Checkout @cryptobroye for more bitcoin info and analysis. Im sure there's a lot we can learn from each other!

Thanks for sharing cryptocurrecy news.. i appreciate this post.. resteemit..

Thanks for that very useful post 👍 keep up the good work 👏⚡

I was a bit skeptical about the but it is indeed a legitimate site. Log in and start buying on these dips!

I saw the discount to make it ip to customers for the issues this week. Great business and one of the reasons it is the best exchange.

took them a long time to verify me ... so I didn't even bother using them

Thanks for sharing this information @kingscrown

Sad how they can have this many problems. I have had a problem with my authenticator just on binance also.

Thanks for the update @kingscrown!

This is why i like you as a person,.... You always look for a way to keep us informed

Thank you for the info. works for me. The 70% discount might just be the reason why I didn't instantly transferred my funds. I appreciate your support.

THank you so much for the news !! it helps me a lot

I just hope all the funds are still intact...

Thanks for informing us about this, it's really helpful.

Ne başarılı bir paylaşım.200$ geçmiş

Whatever happened I have to say that their communication was excellent. I have been following on Twitter, and they gave regular updates.

This massive downtime was still frightening though and made evident once more that you should not store your coins and tokens on an exchange. Always remove them and save on cold storage. Only reasons to keep on an exchange: trading frequently or the amount is so low that transferring it to a w​allet would cost too much.

Great work. Thanks for sharing. I am new on steemit. I am here to learn and earn. Kindly help me achieve this by following and upvoting me as I do same to you

This happened to me and I freaking lost it because I had a hundred coins in different places spread out and didn't want to send them to wallets so I thought they took my stuff, I keep the little bit of neo on the site because it generates gas for me. Thanks for the post it felt good to know it was a problem with the site itself and not just me.

Thank you so much! The opportunity to meet new people @eloniy

thank you
nice post

Binance is a great exchange but still needs to work on costumer service. Hopefully they will sort all problems so we can all use it in the explorer instead of in a shitty phone app!

Would you recommend using binance to diversify some steem?

Thanks a lot!!! for taking the time to publish this update!!

is the 70 % off only for using the bnb coin?

i used the
I also had to change the confirmation email link from www. to US. before it would work

good to see them back. i was scared they stop their activity to hold coins due to an incoming crack of crypto - works !!! Thanks. That's good news for me today.

I still like Binance, just a bump in the road

Yup, down in Slovenia too!

Thank you for posting this !

Difficult situation.
I hope it is solved and can enter with the usual domain.

What's causing the down in the maun domain,?

At least they have back up sites... and functional. At least I could perform some trade today... For me this binance guys Rocks !!!

Yes that is very helpful. I am very thankful.

Thanks for the information, worked fine for me.

One thing that I have found with Binance is that sometimes the mobile app is quicker to use then the desktop web browser version. I always have my phone handy just in case the web browser freezes up :)

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Thanks for the information. I kept trying to use the original website which continued to not work. Thanks for your help!

I can't even get to the page still. Frustrating. Luckily i haven't needed to trade something the past few days but this is getting old. Anyone have any tips or updates? Thank you @cryptoryno33

I was trying to connect to from the morning and now I find out it's online but on another website :D Thanks for sharing with us. Good that they lowered fees...

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The Binance exchange resumed work !

From a customer service perspective, Binance is handling this issue far better than other exchanges have in the past. Compare Binance's attitude to Coinbase. Great article, and thanks for the tip about using us.binance!

I just read on twitter that they are under ddos attacks.

Good news
The security of the Binance is very strong

Thank you for this

i like it ;)

I haven't had any problems with Binance and I've been using them for a while now! However, what are your thoughts on Free Ethereum through ETH Invites?

Its a wake up call from binance that u shud nt put ur all coins btc eth in particular exchanges.. Guys store it on hardware wallet or cold wallet as per my view to stay away from loss

This helped me a lot thanks!

Loving when the fees go down. When the fees get so high it makes me afraid to do or transfer anything!

it works again but the question is should i move the coins from there or leave it ? hmm trust issues

great article , and thanks for sharing

I was unable to login. It was showing error. Now its working. I am able to login now.
Thanks For sharing

Thanks for info :) does work, but is still unreachable. Also the app, isn't working actually (appart from a little gap around 2100 where it worked fine.)





continue with your work you are doing very well @kingscrown

I ran into a lot of people online who had 5, 15, 20 BTC on Binance and I've been doing my best communicate Binance is fine! Lots of stress and FUD but all exchanges go down from time to time.

give me upvote

thanks for sharing

Im looking to deposit steem to my wallet from Binance can you guide me as how to do so?

It is actually VERY easy.

  1. go to binance & create an account
  2. go to deposit & get a code & the account name to send to
  3. in steem go to transfer & enter the code & account name
  • Once steem is there you can buy ETH or BTC etc etc with it
  • Can also send steem back here if you want to.
  1. make a coffee. (when I did it it took ~5mins?)

NB as well as the update binance also reported a DDOS attack (bankers??) so things maybe a bit slow ATM.

sorry for the late thank you, I never noticed that comment received a reply until now. It is easier than I was making it out to be, for some reason I got a bit confused because of the memo part of the withdrawal. Thanks again!

Amazing tip, I have been trying to enter the main domain all day it would not work, I am in Chile. I tried change the “www” by “us” and it worked!! Thanks for that I was kind of worried