As predicted.. Alts Are Back!

in bitcoin •  last year

When the bull run on BTC ends, the Alts Are Back!

Just this time it was funny because reason of BTCs pump was.. cancelled (we will see though). For now the biggest looser of it (at least public) is this guy -

He bought 92 BT2 (Segwitx2) few hours before cancellation.

Of course as i said in my previous article its possible that team with 30% hashing power will fork it anyways. Theres loads of manipulation here ie what if they said they wont do it, price tanked, they buy cheap and do it? Anyways thats speculation and we cant guess it.

Lets see altmarket.

Top Winners

Only solid project with biggest gains, nothing to really comment on. Just a tip despite almost 1 USD difference between BFX and OpenLedger dont do arbitrage on Metaverse. OL has wallet not working since the very start. I still have loads of coins stuck.

Top Losers

There is not many losers when everything goes up (ie full Poloniex is green) but i dont really like any of this projects. GXSShares might be a buy but it needs some normal exchanges first.

Smaller Cap Coins

This list of hidden gems is so far similar as before when i shared it. I own NVC, PLU, EXCL, ZRC from it. The first tree had their pumps before but NVC is now very oldschool so not sure for a 100% pump or so, ZRC never had its momentum so hard to say. PLU and EXCL had 3x bigger prices than now and will raise at some point.

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Nice predictions, you always seem to do this. I remember when you talked about Vertcoin, and I have read your article and did not believed in it so much... Few days later VTC was at least 5x and I was crying in a corner :))


This guy knows what he's talking about.

Finally.. Im happy also :)

Great article ! This show that many atls have a great future, not just Bitcoin or Ethereum


Hahaha. Exactly. Everyone knew that the alts would pump as soon as bitcoin hit a fork (or surprise no fork), but the gains always disappear mostly within a day or two. By the time people vlog or blog on it, it's already changed drastically.

What ALTs do you think actually have a legit future?

Takipteyiz. Guzel bir paylasim. Tesekkurler.

i dont know about the success of Segwitx2, thats unpredictable, it is a market ruled by multiple forces... but it was clear that after all btc pump was over, the altcoin dump would be over too, thats how the market behave because of trending and traders for profitting with this...

Go Alts GO!!! There's room on the moon for you as well!

Keep on forking for all I care, I can use all the free money they want to give me!

I hate BTC, transaction fee was to high and not ideal for micro payment.


Use Gdax from coinbase and set limit for buy and sell u dont have to pay for transactions

That b2x, I wanna cry for him. That's brutal, and I bet there were many more in even worse


don't be sorry for a guy that can spend 80k on a gamble ;)


yes I agree,

correct predictions with 100% win rate, in this trade / invest / gamble game (you choose the name) is impossible. But as for the guy who spends that amount of money, to "gamble" on a single event..... zzzz Sorry I am not sorry too!

Wonderful post @kingscrown. I really like how you make the complex world of cryptocurrency seem so much simpler. Thanks for sharing your predictions.

Oh yes, that was fast :)

Bitcoin still steady but if it tanks I think it will drag the Alts down with it. No project is capable of standing alone yet.

lol, what a fool you NEVER buy into futures unless you want to risk losing all of your money. That is just as bad as buying into ICOs that have not even launched or have any data behind them


Is saw that sucker move on bitrex today. 86k down the drain, that’s like what. 11 almost 12 bitcoin? Fuck...

My question is: if B2X comes back with a new date, does he get paid?

The worst part about the guy who bought the B2X futures is that he would do it again if he had the opportunity... what???

Aaand they crashed, lol but not as much as they have risen since bottoming and consolidating. Watching very closely!

Today is a interesting day, bitcoin just broke support at $7000 and alts are down too. Maybe we are gonna see a weekend blood.
Thanks for sharing, very interesting opinion

Great post

I'm a big fan of Ripple and Neo. Good to see them healthy again. Fortunately bitcoin will steady again and rise but I am loving all the green for now.

Any explanation on why this trend today? And how long might it last? What was the trigger?

I’m long on storj coin..Just started renting out hard drive space to earn additional coins..I think there platform is quite brilliant, and gonna gather traction.

@kingscrown Yes off course one of the recent ICO launch..they promised us it go on live from 1st Nov of this year.. after 10 days they are still working with hackerone to make their wallet safe..

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omg, so did that guy lose everything? how does the futures market work if the fork never happened?


you bet on future price of something, if there is no fork you loose.. since future market is worth 0

im really into Neblio, very optimistic about it

the Steem is also going up....and above 1$ again :-)

I hate BTC pumps.All my money is on "alts",and they all go down when BTC pumps.So,basically i stoped trading .I hope it goes down to 2-3 thousand dollars.

Hey, I'd like to know if someone can kindly give me some advices to start nicely in Steemit, have a great day/night :)

We saw exactly the same happening with the BITCOIN GOLD every fork actually is a huge possibillity for profits, if you have a deeper insight into the whole CRYPTO ECOSYSTEM. Investors coming over from stocks, might definitely find PARADISE here

My crypto portfolio is so green now, their's growing grass out of it.


Well, Would have been really kind of you if u shared tidbits.from your portfolio???


very soon,the billionaires are going to enter the blockchain space
and the individuals who are too lazy to make research for themselves will be ousted out
Here lies a great door of opportunity before you
you could choose to enter or remain at the door

Steem also going up, thats what im most excited for :)

very great post.
You post is very great.I like it.I love your post.
plz reply my commment.
And upvote my post

Hmm, if that guy was so sure about B2X, why not just buy that amount of BTC and wait for the fork?


Absolutely...But futures are lucrative options...He was a gambler!!! Definetly not an investor!!!

I've been reading(stalking really) on your posts long before I got my steem account(just got it today, after aeons of waiting), and your posts never seems to miss any spot on targets. You're like a cryptoracle, a modern day oracle. And now that I got my hands on my steem account, I followed you right away, looking for more informative posts coming from you sifu, kindly guide us like you always do. Keep up the good work and more power!

Thank your share, I may buy some NVC


Novacoin (NVC) $5.40 (3.37%) | CoinMarketCap

We would love to hear more about this project, please message us at and we may to a story on this project

I like your predictions and I enjoy watching the alt-coins rise - it's always somehow oddly rewarding. What are your top three alt-coins to watch in the coming weeks? I would love to hear your opinion as I love learning about various alt-coins that I may glance over when going through CMC

Good read, thanks for sharing!

It's amazing to watch the money flow in and out of BTC sometimes. For me, this was a great buy-in opportunity on a number of coins, I'll hang onto a few of them for the long haul and see what's what.

My bad. I just sold IOTA two days ago. Didn't expect the value will increase that much. IOTA such a great project. What do you think? Any chance the price will go down so i can buy it again later or buy it now?


IOTA should be hold for long run aka 1+2 years

Well more alt coins are coming as a competition to BTC. But are they even necessary and useful? People are just using it for making profits and not use them for what they were made.

Predictions are required to be made very wisely, as sometimes they can really hurt you. I only believe in going for options that I am meant to get profits even if it’s low! Currently, I have a lot of trust on Cryptonetix with their strong concept of Analytic Platform; it can be the game changer! So really worthy option!

Bummed to see Electroneum in the biggest movers downwards...
They've had security problems since going live, and so that's probably affecting them. Once they go live properly though, it will probably start to move in the opposite direction, and once they release their tech. Looks promising.

I read a lot of doom and gloom about the hard-fork. People were selling their BTC at high so they could come back in. Hasn't happened. Even Bitcoin Cash has surged.

Interesting times.

Would love to know what we can do to up the price of STEEM....

Awesome News!!! Crypto rocks!!

I have a lot of altcoins and watched my total haul slowly fall towards 5 BTCs in the past few months... :-/ I kept quiet, waiting for the shift, and this might be it at last!

well it was bound to happen after the fork anyways since most people were staking btc for the free coins! The cancellation just accelerated the process but alts have a lot to recover after the bloodbath in the recent week

alt is back again... do u think btc will go back up? anyway is a nice post resteem and upvote

In 10years he might be happy with decision he made. I have started accepting BTC in my business since 2014 and im glad i did. Best decision ever!

Highly informative article. This prompted me to click the follow button !

Nice predictions, you always seem to do this. I remember when you talked about Vertcoin, and I have read your article and did not believed in it so much.

I'm thinking same as you, alt coins comeback thanks to cancellet Segwit2x

As predicted.. Alts Are Back!

...not really to be honest. There was just a little pump and dump going on...

great analysis in bitcoin. loving to your post.


stop spamming comments. Contribute something useful or don't say anything at all


ok @bl0ckchained125 ...... thanks

Wow nice prediction sir and it seems like all of your predictions are somehow correct. ;)

I noticed that walton coin did not make the list of biggest winners despite being up 40%+ post B2X cancellation. Another very solid project with a great community behind it and (hopefully) a great future ahead of it.

usdt 2% gains something is wrong but its a profit . rumors 30% of segwit2x miners still supports the upcoming hard fork. current btc to btc classic? will it be b2x will dominate the current btc? hahaha im going to stake with b2x while its in low position. BCC devs improving the coin? or its just Miners pumping so they can dump. I guess that's why btc is in declining position.

At the moment the market acts in trends:

BTC dumps, Altcoins raise

and the other way around.

Still too much moon kiddies out there and investors who do not appreciate some good altcoin technologies :P

hope to see bitcoin again above 7500

about time! Gotta love some good ol' altcoins

Great little post. I am glad I still have my 80k

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i buy B3 the last night and lose half my money :( why that whyyyyyyyyyy

I am a newbie when it comes to investing and hope to learn more. Looking forward to your future updates in this space.

I am glad that the bitcoin is going down a bit (call it bubble or not). Then again, all these new lending coins (e.g. have a symbolic character - besides the chance to earn big cash or loose it all! - in the entire process of blowing up the crypto coin empire. Maybe their impact is too little but looking at Bitconnect and soon other big players such as Hextra Coin and Regal Coin they might affect the crypto market in a very negative way on a long run.

the cancellation has made most guys who were holding on their money to start trading again, was scared it might turn out to be like bitcoin gold. great prediction by the way you seem to be right again

That's makes a happy greenrun... tired of watching my alts lose value.

I kinda feel sorry for the 92BT2 player. That'd hurt, but that's how billionaires are made. No guts no glory. Cryptocurrency rules.

It's money being shifted around. Bitcoin down, alts up; bitcoin up, alts down. Ping pong.

I hope steem make 1.5$.
Bitcoin still cost a lot. How you think it will drop?


seems not that much but who knows..


I'm thinking it's going to back down to about $5,600.

Great post thanks for writing it for us! I feel really sorry for the guy, I mean as it stands the guy is what $8,500 down in 24 hours! Not nice for anyone but then again, that's the perils of investing, it is a risk. The issue with BTC is many people are only now tuning in to it and it really is inflated and private investors seeking to become a crypto millionaire are likely to be caught out. Hopefully this investor hangs tight and it works out for him.

i am new to understand cryptocurrency trends. i want to invest in december. what options should i consider?


You still need to learn more than you think

Very nice your post

Can someone give me on good crypto pick to put 5k in ? HIGH RISK - HIGH REWARD if possible !!!!!!!

Was waiting for my tenx go up†ed & up√oted via @cnts :]

The tides are rising!

hey, i read your blog post and it seems nice. BCH went up ALOT sense then so it should be in there ( I think) if you ever do an update.

Please consider checking out my analasis videos

Thanks for adding value in the crypto space... ive put hours into research on cryptocurrencies and still dont know nearly what I would like to. there is just so much to learn in this space. Thanks again. definitely looking forward to seeing new content here.

Pluton will be good coin in the future you're right

What is happening to BitConnect?
It's going southwards on a daily bases.
Should I be scared?

So happy to see the green again!

Alts did well today, bitcoin didnt move as much, I am glade thr fork didnt happen... win win... Power to the people :)

very nice post. my lovle frined @kingscrown

Currently rooting for Bitcoin Cash! aka "the real bitcoin". I trust Roger Ver and anything he supports I support.

Altcoins are always there !

so whats up with steemit? Not attractive anymore to traders? It's like it had its mini spike and now it's back to falling

I don't know too much about SegWit2x but what I know the best altcoin that will blow up the market early 2018 is ELECTRONIUM. I think ETN will be one of the top 3 rank coins. #creatingsuccessforpeoplearoundtheworld.

great prediction ✌
i always see u to do this