All coins dumping.. How to Recognize Future Gainers?

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BTC is on the raise like crazy, as usual best is to long at BitMex, SimpleFX or BitFinex. Find my guides or others online after registration if needed.

So yes everything is in red, as usual (just check my posts) on such BTC run, so how to find most likely coins to pump later or hold the price? Check dump (in this case) volume.

Lowest Volume Bittrex

So on low volume this coins were dumped. Of course you have to check their history but things like XST, GOLOS, SLS, EXCL, GBG, SWIFT are ofted traded. Means their owners dont really care to dump for BTC as they expect pumps or at least price holding.

Top Gainers

Top me everything about BTC and TRX that pumped is not good. I would skip that, its unnatural to have gains when everything drops.

Top Losers

Most of this is China coins thats used to pump. Might be a good spot to buy them soon if they tank more.

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Nice write up. Alts are getting crushed right now. Definitely lots of money shifting out of alts and into BTC for the "free" coins after the fork. Some good deals on good alts though. I'm keeping my eye on Lisk, Ark, and Stratis.


I disagree that Alts are down because people are trying to buy more BTC. Alts are down because of sentiment. I believe that Alts are in the same overall trend as BTC...up. That means, just like the recent bottom of $3,045 and the July bottom, BTC will move ahead of the Alts and then the Alts will follow.

I believe the Alts will bottom any moment and start printing green prices. I call this non-phasic relationship bettween BTC and Alts within the same trend.

Since one only needs to hold BTC 24 hours prior to fork event, people selling Alts to get BTC now might not be the cause.


You make some good points. Alts have been in the red the last couple of days. Smart investors will see opportunity and purchase some alts at great prices. I think once BTC goes past $5000, money will start shifting back to alts and there will be a big run up in the alts. Good luck


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That's what I'm hoping for. Got some trades that have been tied up thanks to the downtrend. Decent recovery today though.

Great information . . . thank you. . . trying to see the patterns and where to place cash. . . this is helping . . . thanks

Think Segwit will kill many alts by competing through 2nd layers that do the same thing but cheaper, faster, more secure and with the coin with the biggest user base


BTC Gold isn't going to make a huge difference for small fish like us.


Many of the copy/paste alts...ICOs will get damaged.

Bitcoin has no mercy, alts will bleed heavily. I can't look at the charts any more its too painful to know I should of sold all alts off in to bitcoin and I knew it.

Many of these ICO alt coins are going to die off here over the next few months as both more crackdowns happen and people realize what they where really for. Simple pump and dumps with no advantages other then to make owners a butt load of cash.

With China coming back in most likely here soon your core Bitcoin price is going to increase as ICOs are banned there and thus more investors are going to want to "invest" in bitcoin then the ICO coins where are now banned there.


If people actually read the agreements for most ICOs they would see that purchasing doesn't actually entitle them to any revenue, profit, governance - any upside whatsoever. Most of them are just internal currencies to power an app. They're like frequent flier miles.


I agree, it's just impossible that all ICO are gonna succees in with they want. On paper their ideas are like gold mines, but when the execution fails, they will look like dirt mines.


I agree. My blog provides technical analysis and many come with ICOs with every tell tale signs of a pump and dump. They were made the bag holders.

What gets me angry is that well known youtube personalities are taking payment from ICOs and shamelessly shilling it. They should know this: What goes around, comes around.


ICOs are like a gold rush right now. Basically, the way it goes now is "I want to do this startup" "oh, lets put part of it on the Blockchain" "Let's do ICO crowdsale" "Market it well" Gets few million in ICO "Well we have a good start, we can either keep working on it or cash out and try to sell the startup"

I am not saying all ICOs are like that but more than a handful see that others are making millions by "pitching" their idea and promising next to nothing with good marketing and they try to "replicate" the same gains. I am glad some regulation is coming into place even though against the concept of decentralized computing.

Most of this is China coins thats used to pump. Might be a good spot to buy them soon if they tank more.

Why NXT??? This is bad

Bitcoins making a rise because everyone want the free Bitcoin gold. I'm going to wait for the lows on alts and trade out before the fork I think. It takes days to sell the new coin anyways


I share the same opinion about bitcoin gold. Who doesn't want free money?

Altcoins are crushed because everyone want to buy free btc gold.In my opinion , after the fork , strong altcoins will rise again.

Good points. There have been a LOT of altcoins dumped into the market that are, quite frankly, pure toxic garbage. When these completely tank they will drive the market down. We're seeing a wave of that now and a lack of a clear direction (other than BTC) for quality to fly towards.

You said everything getting pumped except BTC and TRX isn't good?
I disagree when it comes to XRP - there is some news coming and there is a conference soon. That's not a usual PnD, it is reacting to news.

bloodbath for altcoins right now. But this is good moment for taking profit.

it continues until it is bifurcated and then returns to normal again until there is another bifurcation

Thanks a lot for all this info, I keep following these news and am not surprised to see this effect occurring. Good presentation again, thank you

Altcoins are dumping due to Bitcoin Hardfork. Every one wants free forked coins.

You should get used to it man.It's the law of market. Dump and pump are never stop here.
Just make a right time, buy low and sell high, you get your return.

Is there anyone who is both miner and investor in cryptocurrencies? What would be your advice to someone who is thinking about trying mining instead of investing? Is it even worth it at the moment? (After doing research I made a conclusion that it's better to invest but I still, want to hear from the people who are experienced in both fields. )

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Thanks man. Good post.

Very informative post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

thanks for information! top user

super post

Many I think are not really based on anything tangible, just pump and dump.

Great article . This may be helpful as well.

Bitcoins making a rise because everyone want the free Bitcoin gold.

Hey man . Sold all my ripple for a nice profit and bought some more Golem and Steem

I saw many big mouths about Adex, NEO, Walton, NXT on FB pages. Now they are top losers, lol.

Guys, I would suggest you to HOLD those coins that have LESSER market cap, because you cannot gain much by trading them on daily basis.

Things go bullish, when time comes. Moreover, do NOT ignore the ones that are penny stocks.


Is there any way to trade with the "penny stock" ones that isn't just a complete YOLO gamble?

Just like Warren Buffet said: "You want to be greedy when others are fearful. You want to be fearful when others are greedy" let it go reddd!

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You think regalcoin can keep this up I'm holding the bag on elixir

Btc nin pumplanmasi Wall Street/ETF karari olabilir, yakinda SEC bir aciklama yapabilir gibi. Altcoinler icin alim firsati olabilir

I notcied there's a particular dip in Anonymous/Priv coins too at the moment too, think this might be due to the Ethereum upgrade including zk-snarks, but I think it's only temporary. Once Bitcoin starts to correct people will be taking profits out and putting them back into the altcoin market.

Thanks for keeping us updated!

Red red red

I agree, especially its the best time for to buy some alts like ETH CVC ETC NEO EXP. I assume its a good oppurtunity to buy at deep before the bitcoin fork.

Glad I'm still heavy on btc and not all the altcoins. Before long LTC will be the only non-forked major coin.

Great article I don't sell any altcoin I just purchase more when they drop. I don't think many altcoins will fail just not gain as much.

Great, I cannot understand why everyone is taking BTC up the cliff right now.

i think i ll follow you buddy, i found this post interesting. i want to invest in cryptocurrencies so thanks for your info buddy!!

Thanks a lot for all this info, I keep following these news and am not surprised to see this *effect occurring. Good presentation again, thank you!

do I get my free coin with coinbase or do I have to transfer them to a bitcoin wallet

Glad NEO was knocked down a bit, continue to buy it on dips over the past few months has served me well. See how this daily candle closes, wait and react.


Good move!

Nice blog

this is scary

PS. This article is posted again. Posts keep disappearing - do copy paste before you submit.

This post disappearing thing was happening to me when before the last DDOS attack. I heard others are experiencing it recently.

I wonder how many of these coins will still be with us in two years?...

This is my call for Bitcoin using Elliott Wave Technical Analysis:$7,000 to $9,000

When the cryptos are red, that means it's time to invest! I think people are taking money out of the alt coins in order to take advantage of the BTC hard fork. They should go back up soon after!


Great article! For anyone in Aus/NZ who think bitcoin will keep rising and might want to get into the bitcoin market right now, here is a summary of the best exchanges to get Bitcoin:

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thank for your great information and post.

great article , keep the good work , yo have forget stratis and monero in your article , this 2 coins are good and low now

ETH will raise. It is the gas for a lot of ICOs and coins.

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Great thinking!
I always get surprised when I see top gainers!