2 Cool Websites To Check or Predict Your BTC Investment Income!

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We all heard stories of people who got BTC, forgot of them then found them on some spike and become millionaires or so.
Here are two really cool and funny sites that will let you play with numbers a little and see what you have or what you could have done to be more wealthy.

Bitcoin Calculator

See how you wasted your life (just kidding) by not buying BTC with small amounts of money.

Here is few of ideas and implications of them.

That ones were for oldschoolers, lets check for people from 2013 who got in on the bubble.

So conclusion? If you were buying same amounts of BTC weekly or monthly for few years without looking on the price... you would profit anyways.

Make some predictions yourself - https://for-bitcoin.com/calculator/

FIAT Millionaire

So you have some BTC but not enough for them to be worth 1 million USD. You feel poor, friends make fun of you..
Guess what, you propably are already millionaire, you just dont know it!
If you own just 1 BTC you are millionaire in for example this currencies:

If you own 10..

So now go and play with the site https://amiamillionaire.herokuapp.com/

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Cool sites

Amazing! Funny and playfull :)

So cool yet so annoying I didn't hold!

So cool, but I have know of bitcoin for a lot of of time but never bought much of it.
I regret that so much

Great tool, thanks for sharing!

Great article makes me a bit sad thought...
A year ago I had 1.5 bitcoin, but I had to sell it :)) Everyone around me told that it is going to go down for sure. It will be banned everywhere and all. I did not believe them, but needed the cash at the time.

Now it is much harder to catch up with bitcoin and buy back 1.5. But no regrets, still made a lot on selling it :))

Great post! Investing on a monthly or weekly basis is a great way.

yep! How much do you invest regularly, and which platform do you use? I just asked @itsshowtime007 here as well, but I'd love to have your input as well :) I want to setup something like that in the near future and tired of coinbase to be honest.

I use Kraken, does not have a nice UI, but I find it to be a very reliable and good exchange with many options (at least it features all the things I want to buy, EOS, XRP, and XLM). Of course, it also features BTC and ETH as well as their cash variants.

I have also heard some good things about coinhub (a friend of mine uses it and finds it very good). To be honest, I also have an account there, but rarely use it.

Last week, I wanted to check one of the Japanese Exchanges listed by @dollarvigilante but I did not have the time to check them out yet. I hear Bitcoin is big in Japan, therefore I thought they may have some advantages over other exchanges because they (may) offer more services because Bitcoin is used more in Japan.

thanks for the quick input, worth an upvote and follow! haha. Had no idea you could do regular automated investments with Kraken, I use it myself and love the huge limits on bank wires... before that I had been using coinbase and couldn't get to their bank verification for some reason so was stuck on the $150/week credit card payment, bleh.

I thought BTC was bigger in China than Japan..I could be wrong though. I've never used Coinhub myself.

Speaking of exchanges - slightly off the original topic re automatic investing, but generally speaking I'm a fan of Bitfinex, although their alt coin selection is admittedly limited. They have a nice interface though. For almost everything else I try to use Bittrex since they have such a large selection of cryptos. Only a handful of cryptos I wanted to buy that I needed to go off Bittrex for, like IOTA, Populous, and Veritaseum.

Well, I think it is big in China as well. The computer power for Bitcoin mining is certainly based in China and not in Japan. However, from what I can tell there is an economy (i.e. you can buy items at stores, have ATMs that Bitcoins). In addition, another reason that increases the use of Bitcoin in Japan may be that lot of affluent Chinese Bitcoin investors use their bitcoin when they visit Japan. The Chinese government enforces capital controls over the YUAN. You can only invest a limited amount of YUAN outside of China a year. When you invest in Bitcoin your limited amount of YUAN turn a profit and you can spend them without government inteference. It could be one of the reasons why a lot of Bitcoins are used in Japan. In Germany, for example, I have never seen a Bitcoin ATM, however I do they believe that they exist in Germany. They just may be less common.

About auto-investing. All though I do not invest into specific currencies automatically I always buy a certain amount of bitcoin every month to invest into other crypto currencies (like EOS, XRP and XLM). However, at the moment, I think it is a better strategy to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum only. I think this is the case, because Bitcoin will become more valuable after the SegWit#2 solution is implemented and when the blocks get bigger. Therefore, I would advise to buy and hold BTC/ETH at the moment and buy other cryptos once the growth spurt in Bitcoin ends. You can re-invest some of the gains made by Bitcoin into currencies that grew less than Bitcoin in that time.

I would also recommend to buy yourself into steemit. I think its an incredible crypto currency that offers a lot of advantages.

I do not know the other crypto currencies you just mentioned, but chances are that they are not going to make changes that are as drastic as Bitcoin. They probably behave more tamely so that you can invest in them later. Obviously there is guarantee for that and this is only my opinion. I do not know these currencies well enough to give you any advice on them.

Ripple (XRP) and Ehtereum (ETH) are competing against eachother. Ripple is not as far developed as ETH but I see the potential for a Black Swan event. However, since the price for XRP is very low compared to ETH it does not cost you much to invest into Ripple. Nevertheless, it is a smart idea to hold your ETH, for now, it will grow and is much safer than XRP. I use a small amout of money from my job each month to increase my online holdings. I do not sell any ETH to buy XRP.

thanks for the info!

I think that's good advice to buy BTC and ETH at this time and buy the others when BTC and ETH max out, and out of the gains made from them. Personally, I hate buying Bitcoin so high...

@bethani325 totally agree about hating to buy BTC so high, but I did it anyway! I might regret that since I'm not so sure on short term..it could def correct a bit after it's recent blast past $3K, plus potential segwit issues as I mentioned in my response to @granunic0rn above. The best bet IMHO right now is to be diversified, definitely holding on to BTC but also have some of the other top cryptos, especially LTC - I think it's a good time to buy since it's basically held steady, it hasn't gone up much but most importantly hasn't really dropped at all...there is very little downside at this time in my opinion. Just my opinion and what I've gathered from research, but of course feel free to do your own research too...

When you had listened to Clif High... still thinks BTC for $13000 next Feb.

Please add this:
Ripple is in competition with etheureum. And long way accelerating to Bitcoin.

I've never heard about XRP competing directly with ETH, I thought they were pretty different... XRP is the bank's poster child crypto, and Ethereum is all about smart contracts, etc. EOS is def an ETH competitor though.

How much do u see ETH in 2018

Indeed, you always have to verify for yourself if a promoted investment really is a good investment. I agree with you and also think LTC is nice and going strong. I have gotten a promotion at work today, perhaps I should allocate my first bonus to LTC?

@jobsande, I think in the near future LTC will be traded on Etoro too, and that might bring more attention to LTC and increase the price.

No idea, I would guess 400 $ maybe. The course could be higher, but I would value the stock no less than 400 $ at the moment. However, Bitcoin going up is a good sign for the crypto world, therefore ETH will probably prosper too.

There are a lot of venues and some ATMs in Prague / Czech Republic. They are quite crypto friendly if you look at https://cryptocurrencyhelp.com/bitcoin-atm-map/
I had a better one with venues where you could pay with BTC but can't find it at the moment.

Thanks for the info, but really have been looking for ways to learn more about how this Bitcoin thing really work, any help?

Depending on how much you want to use steemit you could consider investing it into steem power as well. Though I will retain some of the bitcoin I use each month, I will use small marginal amount to boost my steam power in the future. Later on, after the Bitcoin surge in price I anticipate, I will invest more in steem power. I really like this community and want to see it succeed :)

Wht is the abbrivation for steem power in coinmarket

You can buy steem power here on steemit. Just select the wallet section in the drop down menu and select buy steem or steem power. Another tab will open in the browser and you can select a payment methods with common currencies such as Bitcoin to your steemit account. Just generate a deposit address and send your bitcoins there.

It is really easy :)

Great information. I would add LTC to the list as well. It has tremendous potential and was just sitting there. Now as Mr. Lee is active, he is doing some great development and the community is completely supporting that. Absolutely BTC will steal the show but LTC will have greater profit ratio as BTC will pull LTC along with it.

The length of your response deserves an upvote! Which is now a whopping 4 cents at 100%, but hey, better than nothing ;)

I agree about ETH's long term potential, and recently ETC seems to have been getting a bit of kick as well... short term though, ETH has been on a bull run so I'm not sure how much longer it can sustain that without correcting a bit first. I have a tiny bit now, but plan on getting more whenever that is.

To be honest I'm not 100% convinced of BTC in the short term. If there are any issue whatsover with Segwit, as @jeffeberwick has mentioned several times there potentially could be, that could hit BTC hard, (then help BCC since more would be drawn to that).

I do have a decent amount of BTC that I'm keeping as a core holding, but I have invested a bit of it in the last couple days in LTC and other cryptos... I think LTC's moment in the sun is long overdue!

Interesting FYI about the Yuan.

Thank you :)

I agree that LTC seems interesting too.

I am not sure about Bitcoin Cash, but I think that Bitcoin will be a good core holding long term.

It's 10 cents now :D

totally, since we can never be sure which are the best, having a diversified mix is the best :)

I try and stick to this method too. Do you think it's valuable scraping profits and readjusting allocation or just let it ride?

It could be to some people who are good at da trading stocks. I personally pick my horses carefully and hold long term.

However, I did sell and reinvest during some Bitcoin spikes (for example, I sold when it was nearly at 3000 before it lost value last month). In some cases it is a lot of speculation and more luck than skill, however, sometimes the signs are pretty clear and you definitely should take profits. I never sell my whole position, but a part of it, e.g.: 50% and rebuy more coins if I turn a profit. The more secure I feel about my judgement the larger the position amount I sell.

Great advice! Should trusted my instincts with NEO at $20+

Hello. The article is really useful.

However, I suggest to nobodo checking what he would have won. Just invest now.

There is a chinese proverb: the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.

So, dont look at the past, invest now. Think for the future, because it is ahead of us. Selling before, might have been a good deal for that times, but you couldnt know. So just dont blame yourself if not being millionare. Just become.

Cheers, @duhov!

That's so true.

That is why I keep on the look out for promising newcomers, but also take care to 'water my tree' regularly :D

Pls which other aitcoin do u invest in?

Right now, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar Lumes and EOS.

I am most exciting about EOS which you can find here: https://eos.io/

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Best regards


Thank you friend.
Information from you is very useful to beginners in BTC world like me.
I am very lucky to see your post.
Your post gives me a whole new knowledge about BTC.
I've been trying to search the online news about BTC information and its development.
I'm really lucky to see your post.
I'll wait for your next post.

Informative post, I was only aware of http://cryptoswim.com/ which has a similar function.

Do you read your comments @kingscrown?

btc is ded

just buy steem. You will gain passive interest, plus its a great platform and for steem to double it just need to get over $2. for bitcoin to double , it needs to get to over $6000...

Assuming you have 100$ in SP and make 0.4% of your SP every day by upvotes and comments excluding Blog earnings. By compounding your earnings daily, in 6.2 years you could be a millionaire if you do the math.
Also upvote with maximum power whenever possible, it almost take 2hrs to recover from a single vote. So ideally total upvotes per day should be 11 to 12 only.

plus steem inflation. The platform is only getting more popular which will drive up the price of steem

Absolutely more value for SP in your Balance due to price rise will shorten the period of becoming a millionaire. No harm in dreaming but do not rely on it as the only source. Keep investing wisely...

Thanks @themystic

That's some great info to know. It feels like there are so many little "tricks of the trade" to learn on this platform.

I'm following you now and hope to continue seeing valuable contributions from you.

Thanks mate. I will do my best. Cheers!!!

Yea, I here what your saying. Steemit is the place to make your investments right at the moment. I post stuff everyday, but sometimes have trouble getting upvotes. I keep posting though!!

Upvote with maximum power whenever possible. It take 2hrs to recover from a single vote. So ideally total upvotes per day should be 11 to 12 only.

I will support you on this! We;re different to bitcoin!

Please Elaborate.

Which of the steem should i buy?

If you are an active member or like posting / upvoting or commenting on SteemIt then powerup to SP as your rewards are relative to it.
If you are looking just as an investment, Steem or SteemDollar is good. Both has its own advantage. Steem is the liquid currency and will rise as the demand rises due to popularity of SteemIt. You can transfer it, spend it, or Power Up into SP.
SteemDollar is used for stabilizing the price which represent about $1 each in value. You can hold them and accumulate a 10% return

Thank you, mate!

Thanks for sharing these websites.

Good website to check our bitcoin

Dollar cost averaging is still the easiest way for most to invest and is still the gold standard in my opinion when it comes to investing. You buy when it's high, you buy when it's low, the most important thing is you buy.

The SSS system when it comes to BTC can be argued as being the best way to go though b/c the gains come hard and fast.

Here's a great read on SSS for anyone interested:


Great information

Interesting sites...I am going to play around with it. Thanks

This will be a great tool to show people who are interested in the validity of cyrpto. Thank you!

Good catch on the internet, thanks for sharing!

Nice website @kingscrown. Thanks for sharing this..

The if only calculator can contribute to FOMO. I try not to punish myself and concentrate on what I did right!

I think that is the clear intent of the calculator, to generate FOMO, and thereby causing more to buy and push the price.

definitely could be haha, it should be called the fomolator :P


How long did it take you to fomolate that pun? ;-)

oooh well played. That deserves a follow sir! :)

You do me a great honour good sir! I have duly enacted my own follow in return. =)

yes! Exactly what I said (albeit I was a bit long winded!) in my comment below... I'm purposefully avoiding using this - even though I think it's really cool

Strongly agree!

Also a fun one in this series: http://whatifbitcoin.com/

like it, thanks!

Thanks for the share interesting tool to speculate :)

Awesome post! Really cool to see where I would be if I started saving a long time ago.


Awesome post, thanks for all you write kingscrown

I am just putting in extra cash all in bitcoin i keep only fiat currency for a few days for a living and if i need more i can easily widrawl funds... For now it's the best decision in my life!

Ah this is fantastic ! I was had the idea that such calculator has to be somewhere and I really wanted to have something like this. I was too lazy to search though :D But seems like I don't need to search for it because it arrived at my screen on it's own :P

For sure man, although like I mentioned in an earlier comment it's too painful for me. To be honest I wanted to buy at least 1 or 2 bitcoins when it dipped to $700 last year after there was news from Chinese regulations or something. I had trouble setting up an exchange account at the time - you know how crazy coinbase and accounts are for verification, and then kinda forgot about it. Now I REALLY regret not going the extra mile to get that setup but you live and learn! #betterlatethannever

That's fun, thanks!

Buy steem!! Bitcoin is so expensive you have to be a millionaire already to be able to buy that much as an investment. For poor people who wanna get rich, but steem!!

hi @jamie-smith you make a good point regarding investing in Steem rather than just bitcoin!!

Lol...nice tools...The second one is really helpful...Coz it says which country to go to be a millionaire...lol

Hey @kingscrown! This is GREAT - $$$! Can't wait to see more from you. You are definitely getting a follow from me! Keep posting the awesome content! ~ Lauren - @travelingartgal

With 1 bitcoin we are all millionaires in several fiat currencies today.
And with that same bitcoin I trust that we will be millionaires in all of them in a few short years...

This post is very cool. I hope i would have known these for a long time

It's a funny thing to think about indeed.
If we could only turn back time with what we know now... lol

On the other hand, it's still not too late to get into crypto's that's for sure

Excellent post! I try and invest $50-$100 worth of fiat a week into Bitcoin or other cryptos.

Nice, which platform do you do automatic investing with? Coinbase is the only one I know where you can setup automatic buys like that but I'm sure there are more... right? Not the biggest fan of them for several reasons, one of which being we can only choose BTC, LTC, or ETH.

For me, I invest in big chunks when I have the cash so recently the regular investment hasn't been necessary, but for the long run when I slow down a bit from throwing wads of cash at crypto, then I'll probably invest about the same you are.

I don't have automatic investment set up. I'm just checking the charts out daily and buying on the red days! =)

Fair enough, although for the near future I'm not sure when the next true "red day" is going to be! Seriously crazy, although I'm reallllly happy to see my coins shoot up, don't get me wrong, sometimes it is nice to see them drop so I feel more confident when buying

No one knows, but usually after a huge rally, follows a sell off ;)

very true.. the question is when is the "huge rally" over?? hmm... but yeah I wouldn't be surprised if there is a consolidation period coming up.. even a small one. Then at least I'd feel more confident that the gains we've had are here to stay. #crossingfingersandtoes

Good post! One strategy i do is every month i take some fiat money and invest in cryptocurrency

Most definitely. Sure-fire way to boost investment profits.

You might wanna know real proofs. Check this out for details on bitcoin mining!


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Awesome post i am new at steemit i jus wanna know that how people earn bitcoins and other things......

The calculations are making me sad. New to crypto and already have invested in few coins. Steemit is my best bet and hopefully it leads me to somewhere.

This is a great reminder of how I missed out on bitcoin early on. How awesome would it have been to one day find out you are a millionaire.

Useful tool indeed! I can't wait for the Steem's price to get to $5 by the end of the year. :)

Oh boy, this is just painful "See how you wasted your life (just kidding) by not buying BTC with small amounts of money." ... we could play that game with pretty much any investment that went huge, like investing in apple stock when it first went public. Bitcoin is especially painful though.

Moral of the story: invest in BTC. right now. don't delay! A month ago (or was it less than that?) it was at 2700 and I was about to start my BTC IRA. I was thinking it was too high then, and wanted to wait, but the rep helping me told me not to try to time the market. Yes, I realize he was a "salesman" but at that point I already opened an account with them...I was just trying to decide when to buy. I decided what the heck, bought them at that price, and never looked back.

Thanks for posting.Very good info. Thanks

investing time can cause more then investing money

Its all money making strategy keep flo

This is all money making strategy keep going with it

lol. interesting calculator. Kinda makes me feel sad to use it only to see what could of been !! haha.

nice work on the coding for the calculations.

Interesting post, thanks for sharing.

There are a lot of other great BTC / crypto investment income ideas. I can write an article about it in the future. Please upvote my post and I will try to get right on it. Thanks!

great post, i wonder how much bitcoin will be in 5 years or maybe 10 years later, maybe that time everyone already using bitcoin as a payment method

very bioinformatic post........thx

great post and thanks for the savings calculator will look at the more shot

I like you're about bitcoin post.
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very richy post :) we all can dream of be there any of the list :( :)

I was just thinking how accurate the last example was and that I am definitely an oldschooler. But in the land of the blind...

This is great post for a alternative view on profiting in Bitcoin

wow that's really cool you got my up vote!

Really interesting tools, especially first one. Next valuable post :) Thanks for doing a great job for Steemit community @kingscrown!

Hey Great Article!!
It was really useful and Informative!!
Thanks for posting such an impressive article...it totally inspired me..
I write articles on bitcoins too and would really appreciate if you would check them out and give your views on it..
Thanks and i already upvoted and followed you :)
Hope to get followed back.

Usually looking back and regretting not buying especially in free markets is not the way to go, it's kinda like someone driving a car and looking backwards he'll crash before he'll get anywhere :p

Thanks mate. I'm definitely going to be using these!

Serán confiables estos sitio realmente?

I will buy more!

Than you for the info. it gives me hope to know that I must just keep on saving my btc. Very insightful.

Sweet idea. Dollar cost averaging is a great strategy. No matter the cost on the day, just invest a standard amount on a regular basis and as long there is constant growth in your investment, you win.

If the investment price high, you get less, but if the price is low, then you can make up for buying at high price. And best part, there is no stress involved in picking the right time and investment.

helpful post specially for minnows like us. i learned a lot by reading blogs about blockchain here. :)

Great post. I also have a new page devoted to cryptocurrency news. I cover all different cryptos and any pressing crypto news that the community may need to know. My layedt post was about Ripple.
Please follow me if this interests you. Thanks.

Nice one! Dollar cost averaging always works best for long term investments. Your dollars buy more when the price is lower and less when the price is higher.
Now, if only I started buying btc way back when.... Lol~

Very interesting for people which don't have an overview about their money. And so they really can see how much they can earn with buying bitcoins for their savings when they are old :)

Wow i had no idea how profitable investing a mere 20$ in bitcoin every month could be! I think it is about time i give this a try, thanks for the useful information, upvoted and resteemed

great post, even a little will soon be a lot, so even putting in 50$ every 2 weeks will pay off , the price of a cup of coffee a day could make you rich, if you buy crypto

Thanks for this valuable tool! Kind of makes me depressed wishing I had entered the space earlier, but gives me hope for the road ahead :)

WOW... I must go and make this

Good good and good your post @kingscrown help my post, I follow you
Thanks see you

great stuff!

Look into NEO/ANS as well it's known as Ethereum of China, I really do believe this coin has BIG potential! I'm already up 166% on my position

Thanks for this good information.

Very informative post i totally enjoyed reading , thank you for highlighting these 2 website and i will surly check the out

Gonna play with this now! Haha thanks :)

Very cool. Looks like we can all have fun using this. I can keep dreaming! :) Thanks for sharing!

Bad idea to watch his before sleep! :(

Great idea. A bit depressing.

This is awesome! Does anyone know if they have these programs for every crypto? or even the top 10

Neo is going to compete with bitcoin in china...just watch.

yeah damn it I should have bought it when it was $3 and emptied the physical atm in the city where I live in. Now you won't be able to get a hold of any of those and it keeps soaring!

great info boss luv it

Systematic Investment in Bitcoin?

aha Sounds Good :)

Wow, this is really cool. I've been looking for something like this for forever now. Thanks!!

LOL...I bought 440 bitcoins once for $ 78.90....and because it was "internet fake money "....I never gave it much thought again until......I see bitcoin trading for 800....augh........my bitcoins were on a hardrive wallet on a laptop that got flooded......my backup info was not written down because I did not take it seriously......augh............

impressive post @kingscrown.