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First off, PLEASE HELP ME get Bitcoin by JOINING so you can UPVOTE my posts and reward me thru the blockchain! This will allow YOU to start a BLOG here and start earning Bitcoin for UPVOTES!! You will immediately NOTICE how some are making upwards of $150 a day in Bitcoin by JUST getting their BLOG upvoted!! IF YOU JOIN, I will follow you! Now that that is out of the way!!! Here's HOW TO BUY BITCOIN!

Remember, you DO NOT HAVE TO BUY ONE WHOLE BITCOIN! IT goes to 8 decimal places! Many do NOT get involved because they believe they HAVE TO BUY ONE! Calm down, baller!

I ONLY recommend ANYONE to invest ONLY $100 to start with. Watch it for a WEEK or THREE, to see what the market does, see what your small investment does, and get the hang of this, your FIRST GREAT investment in YOUR future! I bought $500 worth last year when Bitcoin was $700, spent some, and will NEVER do that again! That which I spent at $500 is worth $2500 today! I gave my buddy his FIRST $50 in Bitcoin in JULY of this year!!


THAT Bitcoin is NOW worth $212.40!


I will NEVER give away my Bitcoin. I will NEVER give away my Bitcoin. I will NEVER give away my Bitcoin!

Say it WITH ME THREE TIMES because I want you to LEAVE IT ALONE FOR ONE YEAR MINIMUM!! IF you really wanna know what I think they will be worth and why, read the blog before this one!

Here's a peek at who I believe!! A man willing to eat his own junk if he's wrong! I won't do that, because I KNOW where my junk's been! mc2.JPG

Now, wanna see what he thinks they REALLY will be worth?

Read the rest here! https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@kidwok/here-is-why-bitcoin-is-valuable-to-me-it-s-not-just-because-it-s-a-currency DON'T forget to UPVOTE! Ninjaz, please!?!

McAfee's been DEAD ON and has NOT had to eat his own junk yet!! Is he telling us he's got it hangin' like that? You'd have to cut my junk off and put it on a plate for me to eat my own junk...I mean, I think every guy has tried ONCE.... Beuller?... Beuller???... NO?


Just me.... okay... back to why we were here in the first place!


Your thanks to me is you USING this referal link to make a Bitcoin WALLET for you to deposit your FIRST $100 Bitcoin into! It will bonus us BOTH $10 for you depositing!! That is $10 TODAY, but WILL be more tomorrow, guaranteed! IF you would have received this bonus in JULY, it would NOW be worth $40! See what's going on here! TOO good to be true!! Oh.. here's the link: https://www.coinbase.com/join/573e41dfa3cd1e47690001fb

Yes, these people are gonna ask you ALL the same info ANY secure financial institution would ask for! Telephone number, bank account info, etc. They ARE a financial institution that is holding WAY more than your measly $100, so quit IM-ing me about "they want a LOT of info!" This company is insured against YOU losing YOUR money too!


This is NO FAST PROCESS BY TODAY'S standard! They WILL require you to verify your identity and verify you are the owner of the bank account by verifying some small deposits they will have made to your Bank account. THIS WHOLE process will ONLY be done ONCE!!

Once verified, you are NOW able to deposit funds into your account via your bank card. Take note: There ARE charges for each deposit with your bank card! Also, some banks DO NOT want you leaving the fiat market and will NOT allow you to buy. That's the ONLY reason I keep my Wells Fargo account open, they let me buy Bitcoin.

Other things to notice. Your price that you BOUGHT Bitcoin at will be LOCKED IN once you buy! So, don't panic if the price CHANGES while you are waiting for you Bitcoin to show in your wallet! You have the price LOCKED at what you bought in at. So, if it says you have 0.009465BTC, then that will ALWAYS be the amount that represents what you bought. Make sense?

So, later, when you go to preev.com to see how much your Bitcoin is worth, simply copy and paste this amount in and it will show you how much it is worth TODAY!!

Remember to UPVOTE if this was helpful! Feel free to ask ANY questions, I will be here to answer!
Now, sit back and watch your Bitcoin grow in WORTH!

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