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Experts from Shenzhen University suggested using the advanced technology of organizing transactions using crypto-currency. Its main advantage is to ensure absolute anonymity of operations with bitcoins.

Currently, bitcoin transactions are performed between several intermediate IP addresses, but if you want to track the entire translation path, you can get information about the sender and the recipient. Remedying this shortcoming, experts from China suggest using a technique borrowed from Tor. In this case, the information is transmitted through several intermediate nodes selected randomly, which completely excludes the possibility of tracking the participants in the exchange of information.

The technology, offered by Chinese experts, was called TRR (Transaction Remote Release). The multi-level encryption system ensures that the content of the transaction can become known only to the sender and the recipient. The translation is carried out only after the data reaches the addressee, and none of the intermediate nodes can access either the contents of the package or information about the other participants in the transfer.

The main problem at the moment is the implementation of this scheme in practice, since for this system it needs to be embedded in the core of the bitcoin system, which will lead to a significant increase in the block size, which the developers of crypto currency object. Another nuance is the potential danger that, together with the technology from Tor, the problems of this network will also come.


I do not quite understand this concern about the relationship between the transaction and the IP addresses of the sender-recipient. And if IP-free Wi-Fi in some cafe or hotel? For example in McDonald's with hundreds of visitors a day - what information about a person can there be? Well, or even better - the Internet from the mobile phone, the maximum that is, the SIM number and IMEI of the phone itself, well, except that the location on the cell can be found, but only if this body is still on. And this is all the information. When opening the bitcoin-wallet, too, the passport is not asked, i.e. Link the transfer with the identity of the sender in any way. It turns out all the more than anonymously at the level of transfers inside the blockade itself, well, at least for those who are not hiding from the law.

Much more anonymity suffers when entering / withdrawing to Fiat, a bank card or account is clearly tied to the name-surname. Although there are options for those who really want to hide.


This is some much needed anomymity for the bitcoin community.
Thanks for the heads up of whats to come.

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