Daily Candles : Bottom of the cloud may be acting as resistance

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As I mostly look at the the daily candles I figured I'd title all my posts about them 'Daily Candles' to make a kind of series.

Still a long time in todays daily candle but so far it looks like the bot of the cloud has acted as resistance.

As per my plan mentioned in my previous post I have closed most of my long in the $12,800 area, got it spot on for once. The rest of my long, I will let ride until $14k to get most of the advantages of the possible edge to edge trade.

For my renters I still have buys at the 100D MA (missed yesterday by only a 100), the local min $9,200 and the bottom of the trend ~$8k.

Will look to reenter a longer term long if we break above cloud and get the 30D and 50D moving averages to recross.

Thanks for reading.



My favourite site for trading is Bitmex, as the future contracts allow for lots of arbitage opportunites and the leverage lets me leave most of my stash safe in cold storage. If you don't already use it and would like to sign up, here is a referral link that will get you 10% off fees and rewards me with 10% of the fees you pay, we both win.

A coupld of exchange sites I also use are binance and hitbtc, I find them about as good as the other exchanges to be honest but these have referal links so I figure I'd shill for them.

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