[HIRING] Expert Swift 3 Developer wanted

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Hello again from the merkle tree! :)

Experienced Swift Programmer wanted

I'd like to hire a Swift Programmer.

To qualify:

  • Be an Expert Swift 3 Programmer; your github proof (with public email displayed) is required
  • Experienced with all things Apple and iOS
  • Experienced with Xcode 9, Swift 4 and Mixed Mode
  • Experienced with Java (convert an existing Java lib to Swift)
  • All cryptocurrencies (especially Steem and Bitcoin!) must still be legal in the country in which you live.
  • You must accept payments in Bitcoin, OR, have an Exchange account (like Kraken.com) for payment (don't worry, they're similar to Paypal)

NOT required, but this is a plus:

  • Some experience with C
  • Some experience with NFC
  • Some experience with Linux

This is a long term project and will be mostly your code (I know it's no fun sifting through another guy's code). After you build this, you will be hired to maintain it. This job will employ you immediately, and I am very flexible on hours that you can commit as well as the timezone in which you live. My Dev Teams are located all over the Earth, and upon being hired I am going to introduce you to many of them.

We are always at your side on Telegram/Keybase (+ there are 13 other Devs here) should you have any questions or want to pitch your ideas, and we always have quick (usually less than 30 minute) meetings each week to sum up everyone’s progress and chit-chat with the other Devs, etc.

If you are looking to work in the blockchain industry, this is the mother of all projects. We love what we do here and are working fast to bring chain-agnostic infrastructure to the world of digital currencies, so hopefully that matters to you as well.


Not qualified? Please spread the word!


Qualified Applicants, please ping me on Telegram: http://t.me/kenCode
Qualified Applicants, please ping me on Telegram: http://t.me/kenCode

Thank You! :)
Peace, Love, and Agorism.

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I'll pass this around. Great idea. :)

It seems that every time you make a post about needing a coder/programmer.. it's always the language I'm currently learning. :P

I'm learning swift, self-taught, to code game apps. These days... those microtransactions make you a killing... :D

Resteeming, hope you find good fits! Again, I'm still very far off from having full knowledge of the code I have been learning, but I have about 200 followers, some of them might fit the script. :)

Never stop learning @kainmarx especially in the crypto world. Self-taught is the best way imo, saves time and money, and you can learn exactly what you want to learn :)

Resteemed, hope you find someone! Hope the blockchain freelancer platforms will take off soon

Woohoo! Thank you for the re-steem @choboscientist much appreciated! :)

i just resteemed, best of luck with finding the right candidate

So, how is it going? Managed to find someone already?

Just trying to understand how effective such way of hiring is

Yep, got some applicants on this one already, but none of them are fully qualified. It's funny, they throw the latest buzzwords at me thinking I will be impressed, but ya know what impresses me the most? Your github page.

Freelancers who prove themselves and allow us to audit their code are the ones that will be hired the fastest. I rarely use the phone, and a lot of really awesome coders are afraid to apply because they feel their english skills are not good enough. If you can chat with me on telegram, then your english is good enough imo. Oh, the other thing is that when the person meets some of the other devs here that work with me, they will find that one or more of those devs speak their local language too.

So, for those who are reading this, stop worrying so much, realize you have awesome skills, even if your english is not "good enough" in your opinion and just apply for the job. It never hurts to try, right?

well, at least, people tried. that means, this way of hiring is working.
We will require lots of people for our project in a month hopefully.

Resteemed, hope that you find right candidate.

Resteemed , would like to know if you are looking for a web dev

Resteemed and followed.

That is a post..I think this post need to be spread for people's to this offer..last time I retweet and comment but u didn't get any vote from u ☺..

Great work.. I will retweet this for other's to see if they qualify..

Resteemed and lucky.

This deserves some attention. Upvoted and resteemed :)

Excelent, ken! Add ark to it as well, they are swift ready.

Upvoted and resteemed. Please keep us updated abour your new projects.
Thank you.

I post the major updates here on Steemit, but I post more often in our telegram group:


Thanx for the re-steem @lichtblick :)

Blasted on all my Channels: Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn. Global Audience about 50,000 Let's see what your post fish and what new steemers I bring to the Table.

resteemed, hope you would find the best one.

Ooo nice post resteemed and followed for tracking your posts @kencode keep steeming


Wish I was qualified for something like this, I'll get there someday though!

Resteemed to my followers

shared with my 2k followers. I hope, one of them will get this job

Wow, congrats on your Steemit work and Followers @stuffy :)
Thanx so much for the resteem too!

thanks =)
I just keep on walking =)

successfully resteem to my followers keep steemig

Good bro..it's nice post..👌👍
I useful i it✌

Great Post ... i like it..Thank You :)-

good job

i think great job

hi, , nice to read about you.
i am, sajedul ahmed, from bangladesh,am also new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.
i have followed you. so, can also follow me plz.and plz upvoted my post.
best of luck!

I wish you find what you want I wish you the best thank you

good luck

good luck!

great opportunity

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@kencode Thanks for sharing :-)I am following
Best of Luck !.

Welcome to Steem @steemainfun I have upvoted and sent you a tip Please work upvoted

If you need any graphic designer or 3D artist, let me count in it.

i hope you found your desire person who are really capable what you want

Linux is really something I have been needing to learn.

hello sir .food to see your posts .really appreciated your posts .. also do vote my posts please at @heisali

i think great job

I am new to this .I want some tips about how to improve my level .

Resteemed👌👌👌hope you find someone👍👍👍Hope the blockchain 💐💐💐freelancer platforms👌👌👌 will take off soon🎂🎂🎂

Resteemed? Let me know.. thanx in advance :)

@nutritionhealth just copied my comment and put some extra emoticons:)))

it's like copy-paste, but copy-extrapaste? =)))

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