How bitcoin killed gold

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Many new to crypto may be in a bad mood today with the double digit percentage plunges in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies; so I am here to tell you 1) we've seen way, way worse and 2) watch this great episode of today's Keiser Report talking about bitcoin, gold and more. Guest is Jim Rickards talking artificial intelligence.

There's an epic Max Keiser bitcoin rant at the end of the first half so stay tuned for that!


[ps - I still stack gold!]


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Makes me wonder what will happen when stocks and currencies crash. Normally gold n' silver go up as a haven of safety. But will cryptos cannibalize some of the market? We'll see.

Also, my ideal investment portfolio (40% gold n' silver, 30% stocks n'bonds, 30% crypto) haha

Crypto's have an Achilles heel that gold does not have when used as a digital currency. A crypto cannot transact P2P in the face of a fiat asking price. It must always make a hop. This is not the behavior of a currency because it actually relies on currency in order to bridge it into the real economy.

Crypto can be used to buy things but if it cannot transact with debt-free settlement as a popular currency, what true effect can it provide in the macro challenge of supporting the purging of debt based currency ? Debt must be purged, systemically ! True debt-free P2P is vital to this debt purging mission statement.

Yes this is the new beginning, the end of the fiat currency. The New Era. HAha.. this line "Dig a hole, blow your head, and bury yourself..FUCK." was hilarious. You both rock.

Bitcoin crashing prices down very fast....!!!

I want to get out but I don't at the same time............

Out? I was actually just buying a bit . . . buy the dips is my motto!

Bitcoin: Gladly accept the forks and try to catch falling knives

yes sir always buy the dips

samesies, put money in friday, didn't clear til today, fun stuff

Blood in the streets right now lol

I am literally sobbing right now as my transaction is not yet confirmed and prices are slipping to 10k....bad Xmas for a crypto newbie.

I'm holding my money just when l thought l'm gonna invest in bitcoin l have mixed feelings now with the way it is behaving

Everyone needs to take into account what will happen when a country or group of countries create a digital currency. What they create will be backed and all the "experiments" going on around the internet will crash crumble and burn. These digital currencies however deregulated you think they are still mostly are bought with fiat paper money. If they erase the fiat money and create there own digital currency you have nothing. Not to mention everyone jumping on board is speeding up there research into creating a world currency along with a world government. Eyes open be vigilant.

I would never count out Gold and Silver 😳

Thanks for the great input.

I personally think that the emergence of cryptocurrencies just brings the concept of currency closer to the general public.

All currently existing currencies are only based on the belief its users have in it. There is no currency which is actually backed with any kind of value.

When the wider public understands this concept there will be some reaction.

Those are only my thoghts.

Again thank you for the great video, and a wonderful day to all of you.

this is good ...this video are so helpfully

Thats a very interesting video...

we shall see what happens.

Ya gotta love Max Keiser! (Jim Rickards is FANTASTIC too.) He's a wild man. Very smart too.

I just noticed, I sit here with a goofy smile on my face most of the time I watch a Max Keiser video. You know something crazy is coming, you're just never sure what.

Thanks for your post.

If the central banks cannot control bitcoin, they will destroy it.

My mother keeps reading the media Bitcion doomed news and is warning me I can't help but laugh!