Cypherpunks: The Past, Present and Future of Bitcoin

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In today's episode of the Keiser Report, we cover Jameson Lopp's recent awesome piece about the role played by the cypherpunks in the birth of bitcoin.


Here is the episode:

Stay tuned for the second half as well in which we speak to Richard Heart, a self-proclaimed 'bitcoin maximalist,' with his thoughts on Bitcoin Cash. (I assume flame wars will ensue in the comments, so have at it)!

Here is CoinTelegraph's coverage of the episode . It is their, as always, awesome artwork above.

They pull some great quotes spouted by Max in this cypherpunk episode. For example:

“Genesis is about privacy and the ability to protect that electronically, ending up where we are today. The cypherpunk movement is the genesis movement. No one should buy Bitcoin without studying the cypherpunks.”

And here is the cypherpunk manifesto if you care to read more about their philosophy especially pertaining to privacy.

[Signed, Stacy]


Secrecy and privacy are the same thing as far as the gov. is concerned. It is unfortunate, but that is the bare truth.

Either bitcoin and cryptos remain out of gov. control, or blockchain technology will enslave us all. I don't believe some kind of "balance" between gov. compliance and privacy/anonymity can be struck.

Cryptos are designed to be the antithesis to centralized control!!

I never considered that. Does this mean that buying bitcoin contributes to our freedom but if it gets controlled by governments it will on the contrary impose more enslavement to us? What kind of responsibilities it puts on us?

I don't think governments can control Bitcoin. More likely a government block chain is created and governments will try to force people to use it. Basically, either we stay decentralized or our lives will be ruled by a Central authority via block chain.

understand that. The strength is in decentralisation but how about some kind of regulations or law that can limit it?

Well, that's a political question, really. So I guess it depends on where you stand. I personally don't want governments to exist, so I think the solution is for the community to police it.

What limits exactly do you think need to be put on Bitcoin? Do you want to restrict people's freedom to do whatever they want to do with their own money?

i would agree with zero government. Same side as you. From what I see around - our government restricts our freedoms more and more each year. Western Europe is even worse. I wonder what happens next. Remember very well regulations during communist time.

We are the government so if We adopt a block-chain We will see the "truth engine" reveal that there is no need for governance when proof of work is applied.

Well, I mostly agree. I'd say there's always a need for governance, but no need for government. For governance, I'd let the free market be the driving force. Also, I'm not convinced proof of work is the best blockchain system. Steem's doing pretty well without it.

We have the "laws" of physics ......thats nice, goodnnuff EH?

I'm not sure what that has to do with the price of tea in China, but I don't really think we have "laws" of physics. We simply have best explanations for now. But I'll high five you, bro.

I live in the 🇬🇧 but do enjoy watching the keiser report, thanks

From the cypherpunk manifesto:

We must defend our own privacy if we expect to have any.
We must come together and create systems which allow anonymous transactions to take place.

The aforementioned manifesto dates back to 1993! Look how long we've been waiting to finally say that we have a system which allows us to anonymously send money anywhere in the world!

Thanks @keiserreport for staying committed to your work & thank you bitcoin for proving that dreams do come true!

Another passionate episode, love it. And i agree, people should not talk about BTC unless they understand the fundamentals!
ps. I wish Richard Heart did not loose all the hope. His great though.

By the way nice picture of Max!
Show him this GIF... time to start HODLing Steem.
(created by our own @overkillcoin)

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Punk’s not dead! Max, Stacy and Richard Heart, now that's a good episode

Also, that illustration is pretty sweet

Perfect world were robots do all the hard work, and we only use our brain to make robots more effective. No debt, no war, no resource waste

Nice bit of cryptography history there Stacy. Happy birthday Bitcoin.

Sold my Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin all the way

Thats cool man

Very nice more reading for me thanks !

great episode guys! i'll be checking out cypherpunk. thanks Stacy and Max! i'm so glad @healthiswealth got me hooked on you guys so many years ago! always great info...and you guys make me laugh! :) upvoted and resteemed!

Cool. Thanks!

Stacy @keiserreport ...where is Keiser Report en Español on Steemit?? :)

Ha. If only I could translate it into Spanish . . . maybe you could? :D

I first heard the term "cypherpunk" on your blog recently with another interview with Jameson Lopp. What an amazing, intelligent and helpful guy. I noticed him right away on your Hot List! I'm down with punks of all ilks... except of course those bankster-punks! You could say I'm Lopp-sided!

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about Bitcoin. Thanks and good luck again!