Bitcoin . . . waiting for the dip?

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

This is a thread to simply discuss: how are y'all doing?

Holy moly, what a day.


Are you still hodling? Or waiting for a dip . . . ?


Ready for Sunday when bitcoin futures start trading in Chicago?

Answers in the comments below!

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Waiting for the Dip lol. Should have listened to you in 2012 Max, not a mistake I will repeat. So what do we do now great oracle

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28k CAD A few hours ago when I walked past a BitcoinATM...
Still up but would have done better staying totally in bitcoin.
Wait for dip to go back into bitcoin.
Next up going to figure out what CryptoKitties is.

You gotta be loving this!

I was thinking about how people talk about "weak hands" being shaken out when the price drops, but I actually think many weak hands get shaken out when the price spikes as well. They think, "I'll buy back in lower." They end up buying back in at a higher price. :)


Those who know the future value here have no reason to convert to fiat.

I'm hodling but will pick up more if there's a big dip. Who doesn't love a sale?

I'm holding right now and looking at the chart constantly and I'm wondering...

It's starting to get to the point where, despite whatever I'm holding, selling some on the ladder up seems like a reasonable idea. Haven't yet, but feeling the trigger finger twitch. The chart is getting a little bit too parabolic for me, but then the entire futures element keeps me in the game to see if that's rocket fuel (or a prank to short).

I never trade bitcoin. You never know with it.

Bought at $3,600, just holding. Not planning on buying any more.

We at the bottom of the hockey stick, 2-3 months in we talk.
Luv ur report

Mr Keiser!! how are you Sir!!
hahha that meme!
Mike N. said 20K by December end!..
am sticking with it :)
if it dips then it is going to be a tiny one but a big one in January
Who knows
are the big boys buying bitcoin in a rush? it feels so

It's already hit $20k today; it was $22.5k on exchanges in South Korea only an hour ago.

Nuts - Any idea how hard it'd be to open an account on a Korean exchange? The arb opportunities look so juicy.

Yeah, I believe the likes of coinbase and other exchanges are playing that arb. They must be raking it in.

waiting for the dip

If Max and Stacey hadn't been screaming at me to buy Bitcoin for years I never would have gotten any. In 2015 when it crashed down and I was able to pick up some at $300 then again before the 2016 halving at $600 range. I was looking for a deal in 2017 but My Face got Ripped Off so many times looking at the chats everyday i'm going to need some plastic surgery to repair it. Now I just buy $100 worth every couple weeks.

Dollar cost average should be the approach, if you wait for the dip you most likely will not be correct and know when it will or will not unless you are an amazing trader. The great Tony Robbins speaks on this lol

Awesome and congratulate me everyone....lost my hard earn 400k satoshi after NiceHash miner crashed had the worst day of life wasted more than 3 weeks in that bullshit

Definitively waiting for a larger DIP before buying again in large quatities...but who knows when will that be hehe, we've had many ~20% dips like it did just some hours ago and it will probably recover in day to continue rising to 20k? it's not so far now


hodling ;-p

It has already dipped just now....well kinda. But honestly I don't want it to dip lol....

Waiting for the dip is like waiting for Godot!

almost bought in at 200 and then 600...i knew all along it would be the future but then i got busy working hard not following much the news and keeping away from the internet.. i didnt think it would go that fast.. now im buying small amounts at dips and watch it everyday :)) its never too late.. there always will be new oportunitys coming! just dont regret and dont look back.. be here right now and see the oportunitys arise everywhere.. trust your intuition and make the moves

the dip is either NOW or coming tonight/tomorrow.
Tomorrow is sunday dec 10, the cboe futures go online.
the btc $ price is 14.2K down from 15K a few hours ago
This is it - it could go to 12.5K but lower than that and it crashes to 9K