nChain launches Nakasendo SDK for the development of Bitcoin Cash

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Nchain, based in London, launched an SDK (software development kit) this week for software developers looking to innovate using the BCH blockchain. The SDK is called 'Nakasendo', which is a Japanese name for an old path that connects Edo with Kyoto.

In Japanese, the translation means "way through the middle mountains" or "central mountain route" according to nChain. At the moment, version 1.0 of Nakasendo is only available to a select group of developers and teams that have been chosen in an initial test group. The company says that Nakasendo SDK will be more available at a later date.

The firm reveals that the Nakasendo SDK will help nChain port software libraries that will help programmers design Bitcoin Cash applications. The SDK designed by them is intended to navigate the complexities of blockchain development and accelerate work. The London company states that the SDK incorporates two patents of its intellectual property portfolio.

"Version 1.0 of the SDK focuses on providing a cryptographic library, to allow a more flexible method of key generation and sharing," explains nChain.

"This cryptographic library can be used to improve the security of any exchange of cryptocurrencies and, more broadly, to control access to any type of asset or digital resource."

In the SDK the company reveals two inventions that were in charge of the chief scientist of nChain, Dr. Craig Wright. The concepts allow for the deep prevention of cryptocurrency hacks like the one that happened to the Mt. Gox wallets, and nChain says that they can also be used "well beyond the Bitcoin and blockchain environments, for any situation in which they need to be protected. Confidential data, assets, communications or controlled resources ".

In addition, the company launches Nakasendo SDK to be used under what they call an "Open Bitcoin Cash License". The license is designed similar to the Microsoft Public Limited License, and the BCH license will allow royalty-free use of SDK libraries and any associated patents - but only for developers who create software or applications that operate in the blockchain. of BCH.

"We are excited to reach this milestone with the Nakasendo SDK, which will help developers navigate the mountains of blockchain work. Although the SDK libraries will be useful for developers in any chain or digital platform, we want to use key elements of the nChain patent portfolio to help benefit the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem, "explains nChain Group CEO Jimmy Nguyen.

"That's why we provide SDK for free use only for applications and products that operate in the Bitcoin Cash block chain (BCH). The SDK is one of the many tools that nChain will use to turn on the BCH blockchain and help reinvent the business world. "

One of the selected Nakasendo SDK evaluators has explained that the basic components provided have helped them to accelerate their application even further. The wallet provider for Bitcoin Cash Handcash, an SPV (simplified payment verification) client that allows Near Field Communication (NFC) transactions, has been testing the nChain SDK.

"We are currently testing the Nakasendo SDK from nChain. It turned out to be the missing piece for an upcoming feature that will allow us to advance to the next stage with Bitcoin Cash. The good thing about patents: no other currency (or fiat) will do things like this, "Handcash said on April 22.