An Interesting Blockchain project Presearch(Pre)-11Jan2020

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Hello Friends,Hope you have great weekend.
Yesterday I came to know an interesting project Presearch.After doing bit research I found it really interesting.I want to share some of my thoughts about the project.Guys,there are 1000s of coins in crypto space,most of them will be dead in few years because they really dont have any intrinsic value.I always try to search some project which really have some potential to solve problems.


So,In simple words presearch is basically search engine on blockchain.They want to make it decentralised as today google is controlling approx.70% data.They do control which to show on top and which not.Cetralisation is never a good thing we all know.

Now lets talk about its price valuations.

Image source:Bitscreen application

As of today price is $0.013 and 2 million market cap.Then I check the montly users of the project,its more than 1 million.A project with million users and 2 million market cap.I think its golden opportunity for an intelligent investor.The past all time high of Pre token was 1.2$.I think it can easily go 100 to 1000X in coming bull run.You also get daily rewards for searching on their search engine.Even if you dont invest you can daily earn 8 PRE,which I think great rewarding experience for genuine users.

For more details analysis you can check below link on quora:

Note: The post is for education purpose only and no investment advice


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