Your Crypto Expert 👾

in bitcoin •  11 months ago  (edited)


We got two possible scenarios- we can go down or we can go up ☝🏻🤓 or more likely we can go sideways 👍🏻

Subscribe my channel and tick the bell 🛎

For VIP send me 5 BTC and 10 ETH


Ok guys, see you tomorrow 🧠

PS. VIPs I expect some move in the nearly future


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Perfektes Büro Ms. Krypto Expert!

Aber was das Bild hergibt, hast du interessantere Tipps als die Youtube Gurus :D

YES ! @kam.ila
Aufschlussreicher zeitgenössischer Zustand unserer Crypto-Szene ... ;-))

You're so funny @kam.ila! You said 5 BTC! hahaha

Awesome @Kam.ila:)

Well the crypto girl is right its about to spike up down lets see :D

Suchst du noch einen Praktikanten? :D

Lol 5 btc or 10 ether though decision to make

5 BTC and 10 ETH? hahaha!! i haven't!!
but i can give you my friendship :)
have a beautiful day!