[trending] Documentary movie Bitcoin Shape the Future

in bitcoin •  last year

A bit coin documentary movie is calling a topic abroad.

The name of the movie is "Bitcoin Shape the Future (Bitcoin · shape · the future)"

"Bit coin made future" is a title of a straight-ball, but the contents are still drawing a record of the growth of 

the bit coin market in China, which has an important position in managing bit coins, announced Has been

Importantly, this movie has traveled not only to Beijing but also to Hong Kong and even the inland area 

over the last six months, interviewed 20 people including exchanges, minor hardware makers, and real

voice of Chinese bit coin market It is a part that collects.

There are a lot of important figures of Chinese bit coin market, such as Blockchain Global Summit,

This movie will be released at "Blockchain Global Summit" held in Beijing, China on September 10th.

Blog chain companies, business leaders and experts gather at the summit.

Participants are gathering from all over the world including the USA, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Russia, 

Israel, the Netherlands, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, India and Thailand.


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