FLETA' Wallet Street Reveals New Music LIVE Streaming Service (WIN AMAZON GIFT CARDS UP TO 1000$!)

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FLETA, a blockchain-based platform designed for the development of decentralized applications has recently launched its brand new ‘Wallet Street’, a multi-crypto wallet with innovative features to help users keep track of all their assets using one single application.

The Wallet Street is not just a simple wallet, it is a social platform for users to interact with each other. The main feature of the wallet is the ability to integrate all your favorite exchange accounts into the wallet through APIs. This allows users to keep track of all their assets using only one wallet without having to log in and out of countless exchanges.

The biggest problem in crypto social channels is the ability to comment anonymously without any kind of repercussion. Telegram channels, for instance, are extremely popular among cryptocurrency projects, unfortunately, users inside are often commenting negatively about the project, sometimes using false information. They can get banned and kicked, however, they can easily create another account and come back again, there is no final solution to this problem. There are also countless scam attempts and frauds going on.

The Wallet Street implements a ranking system based on your funds and will punish users for not respecting the rules.


The Newest Addition, A Music Live Streaming Service

The team of FLETA has just announced the integration of a LIVE streaming service for music after receiving a ton of success in South Korea but also the rest of the world. The team decided to create a youtube live channel that will be available 24/7 for users to listen to music while receiving amazing prizes in the form of Amazon gift cards.

The reward system basically shows one number of the gift card at a random time until the entire combination is revealed. The fastest user to enter the number will receive the prize.

‘While you listen to the music, you can see an Amazon e-gift card number one by one at a random time!
Combining all pieces of 14 different e-gift numbers, you can use it on your own Amazon account.

Only the fastest can get the prize!


You can win 25$ to 1000$ Amazon gift card everyday just by listening music!

This event might be changed depending on the situation. As the event changes, I definitely will announce it for you!’

Additionally, the team of FLETA decided to create official Twitter and Instagram accounts for the Wallet Street and will post official updates regularly.

A Verified Crypto Community

The main factor that differentiates the Wallet Street community of users is the ranking and verification system. For instance, each user will have to undergo a small verification process in order to determine if the user actually owns the token of the specific community he is trying to join or discuss.

This system is put in place in an effort to reduce or totally eliminate the spread of FUD (Fear, uncertainty, and doubt). The Wallet has a verification process for users and will allow verified participants to communicate with each other in real-time. Anyone can check if the other user actually owns the token he is talking about.

The wallet has an additional feature that allows users to build virtual buildings around their location using their funds. The more funds you have, the bigger your buildings can be. Other users will have the ability to comment on your buildings or form groups to create better and bigger buildings and participate in upcoming events.


The Wallet Street is trying to solve many common problems with wallets and crypto communities currently. The newest live stream addition and amazon gift card prizes intends to grab even more users towards the wallet and increase its adoption around the world after a very positive initial reaction.


-WS Community Channel-
✅WS Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/walletstreet_official/
✅WS Twitter: https://twitter.com/walletstreet
✅WS Youtube Music Live Streaming:


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