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in bitcoin •  2 years ago

Today I would like to share one of my older pieces of work that I made for a T-shirt design.

I created this design after the Banksy original 'Girl with Balloon', reflecting the idea that bitcoin can reduce the impact of the corrupt financial systems on the poorer people of the world.

The original image of the girl reaching for a balloon was produced by the artist Banksy. Left on a wall in London. We do not know what the actual meaning by Banksy with this piece of street art. However he did leave a message at the same time, on the wall nearby where he has wrote the words, "there is always hope".

Ironically the painting only survived a couple of weeks before the local council had it painted over. From this perspective maybe his message can be read 'Your government is destroying the hopes of your children'.

This is available on my store on at

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