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There's no need for complicated charts. NO need for complicated Fundamental Analysis either. Don't even bother reading the news or anything because at the end news are just a justification for price action. If it wouldn't be like that, do you think ETF news would be bullish in January? Of course not, and that's why after price manipulation and suppression, then you get to pull out those cards, as I said, to justify price movements.

That's all you need to see.

The momentum has been built up to this point so price breaks this trend that was established since January. This daily and weekly are showing that a new cycle is beginning. I'm not sure we will experiment again a pump in bitcoin -3.19% price and a decline in altcoins. That's how it usually goes, but then, you see the current situation of altcoins and they are crushed to the ground, in bitcoin -3.19% price. So if they keep dropping, they will be really resentful of breaking this yearly support lines where most are sitting on, ZEC 1.9%, STEEM 5.6% (whatever the situation might be right now with steemit, I'm very positive this opportunity in price we are having doesn't happen often. That, or prices will keep crashing lower haha, joking...), FCT 8% , ETC 1.1% and so on. Are we on the way for $50,000 BTC -3.19% price killing altcoins in the way, or is the market expected to surge as a fenix?

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So Good Info For Btc analysis

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Thanks :)


U WeLcome :-) jungleonion

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