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Nowadays the technology trend turns around of one word Blockchain, this technology has almost endless possible applications, and one area that had a revolution because of this technology is the monetary, now we can do national/international transfers and payments in a quicker, easiest, cheaper and anonymous way compared with traditional banking methods, thanks to the use of cryptocurrencies, but even with this revolutionary way of money management, there are some aspects that has complications for the users like the use of the wallets´ address, and other aspects that could be improvement like the transaction´s times and the fees for it, here is where the PapelCoin project appears with a new and unique concept that will delete definitely the current complications with the wallet´s address besides offers a plus, a big optimization of times and reduce significantly the fees.

Are you looking for a Masternode Project with a great vision and aims, that no disappear or fail in short or middle term, with global scope and a potential of massive adoption that brings you an excellent profitability of your initial investment for a long time? Then PapelCoin is for you and gives you a warm welcome to the future of the cryptocurrencies transactions.

PapelCoin is a cryptocurrency that forked on core of one of the highest capitalization and most used crypto asset in the market, Dash, but PapelCoin has a plus, a great optimization of the times, security and anonymity of the transactions, own features of Dash.

PapelCoin seeks to facilitate the use and the understanding of the cryptocurrencies´ transactions in such way that will be massive adopted and daily used, with this project you don’t need to deal with the complex wallets´ address fully of characters, a phone number is the only that you need to know to accomplish any transaction.

The collateral required for a Masternode is 10,000 PapelCoins (PAPEL), the max supply is 262,800,000 PAPEL; 26,2M has been premined (10%) and that coins are been used in the construction of the mobile platform, new team members recruiting, trading and education, and branding; the block time is 60 seconds and the rewards distributions will be 20% for miners and 80% for Masternodes.

Do you have a smartphone right? So Welcome to PapelPay!. PapelPay is the payments and transfer crypto platform where the PapelCoin will be use, you can use PapelCoins to make payments to our partnerships. You can send PapelCoins to another mobile phone with zero fees using the PapelPay application, in the future another cryptocurrencies will be supported to make transfers with zero fees as well.
Something important in any project no matter the area is the customer support and service, PapelCoin team care about this and their support go further than a good documentation and faq section, the team offer you the chance to interact with a real person that will be willing to help you any time with all that you need about the platform. In the future PapelPay will support another languages beside English depending of the clients´ profile.

Initially PapelPay will work with BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO, ETC, XRP and PAPEL, do you want support for other cryptocurrencies? Please contact to PapelPay support to request it.

You can participate in the first round of the ICO since now, the first round will finish in June 11, during this round PAPEL costs 0.2 USD each, the second round will begin since June 11 to July 8 and during that round PAPEL will cost 0.4 USD each.

I invite you to be part of this amazing project, join to the discord channel https://discord.gg/QksyMVc also sign up in PapelCoin Official Web Site http://bit.ly/2IWYHBg and you will receive a welcome gift of 15 PAPEL, besides you can be part of the airdrop filling this form and following the steps http://bit.ly/2LA1nBT

For more information take a look of the White Paper here http://bit.ly/2kVbRQO

Innovation, Security, Anonymity, Speed, Simplicity, Massive Adoption, Great Earnings all in just one word, all in just one project PapelCoin
Are you looking for the present perfect to invest and build a great future? Welcome to the evolution of the Crypto Payments, Welcome to PapelCoin!

Papel Coin Official Web Site

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