Today is THE LAST DAY if you want free $BCC !

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Today is the last day to send your Bitcoin to your KRAKEN account wallet and get FREE $BCC tomorrow !

On July 28 I and many others recieve this update newsletter from KRAKEN official trading plateform :

Hi Julien,
We have posted an important announcement on our blog about the “Bitcoin Cash” (BCH) hard fork that will happen on August 1. Everyone should read the complete post, but here are a few highlights from the post:

• Kraken plans to support BCH on our platform for funding and trading in the pairs BCH/XBT, BCH/USD, BCH/EUR
Clients holding Bitcoin (XBT) balances at the time of the fork will be credited with an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - e.g. 1 XBT will result in 1 XBT + 1 BCH
• Clients borrowing Bitcoin (XBT) for margin positions at the time of the fork will be debited an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - e.g. if you borrow 1 XBT you must pay back 1 XBT + 1 BCH
• Margin traders should read the blog post carefully to understand the added risk and how margin trading will work across the fork
• The BCH fork is planned for 12:20 pm UTC on August 1
• Bitcoin (XBT) funding will be halted at 11 am UTC and resumed sometime after the fork when it is safe to do so
• Trading will continue across the fork, but we may need to halt trading briefly around the time of the fork so we can adjust balances and add pairs

2nd point is very important, it means if you're currently holding 3 $BTC on your KRAKEN Wallet, you will get 3 $BCC for FREE !!

So take 5 minutes today to be sure you put some Bitcoin on your KRAKEN account and enjoy the HardFork with free BitcoinCash.

Wih a good day to all of you crypto-lovers !!!

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It's just a quote from KRAKEN so everybody got the same ! Thanks Mr Bot !

your post looks interesting


Thank you ! You should check at Kraken twitter account, they confirmed it to many users !