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Hello Steemidians!

To celebrate the launch of NavPi 1.2 and the improvements made in the private sending service of coins, NavTech 1.2. I am going to raffle through this platform a Raspberry Pi unit with the image of NAV Coin pre-installed.

Just plug it in with any 5 watt power source (like cell phones), load your NAV Coins and start mining.

energy-infograph (1).png

For those who do not know NAV Coin below some information;

NAV Coin is a cryptocurrency created in 2014 under the name ''SummerCoin''

This coin was abandoned by its developers and revived thanks to its thriving community.

Based on Bitcoin Sha 256 algorithm, NAV is a reliable, scalable currency and even one of the first to activate SegWit within its block chain by voting from its wallet.

NAV Coin is a coin in PoS (proof of stake) where mining and block generation are done through your wallet and not with large mining farms. The NAV Coin reward is currently 5% a year.


NAV is super fast. The blocks are every 30 seconds and therefore sending and receiving coins is almost instantaneous.

The approach to private payments (NAV Tech) is through the use of a sub-chain (known as '' subchain '')

When sending coins, users have the possibility to choose the normal method or the anonymous one by means of a click.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 21.53.49.png

NAV does not sleep on its laurels and its roadmap for the end of the year looks more than promising:


From the NAV website you can read about ''Polymorph ''

NAVTech Polymorph is a fusion of NAVTech’s Anon transactions and Changelly’s instant exchange. It will enable users to send any one of 25+ cryptocurrencies anonymously through the dual blockchain powered NAVTech anonymous transaction system."

Anon Dapps

This project will allow developers to create anonymous and decentralized applications running on the NAV Coin sub-chain.

NAV Coin Road Map:

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 12.45.40.png

Let's leave the boring data behind and move on to:


I'm going to give away a NavPi unit (Raspberry Pi 3 b with a 16 gb SD card) ready to generate NAV Coins at a 5% interest

To participate, you only have to make an UPVOTE to this post:

(This giveaway was originally for the Latin American community but I decided to open it to everyone who is interested)

Leave a comment with a number from 0001 to 9999. The draw will be made on 08/19/2017 through the "National Quiniela de Argentina '' Lottery '' nocturnal draq:

The closest number will be the winner!

Shipping costs will be on my account, customs costs will be at the winner's cost.

Simple, easy, private. Like NAV Coin.

Good luck!

(I am doing it with Upvotes to buy another NavPi and I will make another draw)

Upvote this post: Choose a number from 0001 to 9999 (note: make sure that no one has chosen the same number), pit a comment with that number and a NAV Pi can be yours.


NAV Coin Telegram Group:

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I wonder why 57 people had a look at Ur post and nobody gave U an upvotes..


Don't get it either. Anyways, the post for the giveaway is not this one but the one on the link...


May be because these views were by people who are not registered on Steemit
Anyway, I upvoted


Hi mate, it doesn't matter what we matters people knowing NAV. have an entry click in the Spanish Link...since it was intended for that community.. pick a # from 0001 to 9999 (make sure nobody picked your before) and post the number in comments! Good Luck!


Yes I did it already.
Hope to win)

And what's the price of it?
Looks really nice, if I don't win, may be will buy it


Actually now I found the answer for my question, it is $100

Posting the link here in case somebody would like to order



please follow the link. The drawing is in the Spanish entry.

Hope am the winner


Can you give some hardware specs for the DIY community (like, does it run on a RPi Zero)? :-D


Raspberry Pi 3 model ''B" with an SD card with 16gb