Basic Attention Token $BAT Will Rise This Week for Full Release of Mercury Update

in bitcoin •  last year


If you hold $BAT I'm sure you are confused with the recent price drop. This is due to the long awaited Mercury update that is released at 6th October is the review version for Github bug hunt. People expecting update release got FUDd and there goes mass selling.

This is a golden opportunity to get cheap $BATs as of now it's stabilize at 4700 sats.

The update is not cancelled mind you, matter of fact the dev said it will be released next week and from the screenshot of one tester from reddit. The deadline for the review is next friday, thus the release can be as soon as 13 october or perhaps sooner if there are no more bug found.

Stay tune for updates, I'm sure next week official statement from BAT's team will be spoken and lo the market will get excited again.

Goodluck, trade well.

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Thank you, @judas. But what is the reason for the price drop exactly?
I mean releasing a review version should be a great news and should cause the price to rise. Right?


@sadekj most likely because a lot of the seller got FUDd. Rumors are swirling about it got cancelled and some fake accounts and competitors are firing up that rumor by accusing BAT's team as scammers for only releasing the review version. Although the team did say that they will release the full version next week. I think that's the weakness of BAT's team, they lack clear communication skills.

Another theory is that because XRP and Stellar are rallying at the same time, a lot of people are thinking they can make a quick buck by booking their profit early after the review was released. If this theory is correct, then I'm sure those traders will return near the full version release time.


Thanks. That clarifies the situation a little bit.
I hold a lot of bat and I do think it is a good investment on the long run.

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