8 reasons Bitsquare is the best way to Buy and Sell Bitcoin

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Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange

Since the birth of Bitcoin there's been a sore pain point of centralization in its economy and markets.

While Bitcoin its self has maintained and grown its decentralization, Bitcoin exchanges have not decentralized until a certain point. Their design is one similar to a bank, with yes, great efficiency for fast trading and much faster trade times then the block times. But with the risks of failure, the trust points and the big visible target that centralized stores of wealth like Banks, come with.

Until now.

Bitsquare has been proving that a decentralized exchange is possible for the past few months.

It's also special announcement time. I'm officially the new community organizer for Bitsquare. And they are now sponsors of CoinOlympics.

Check out the official post. https://forum.bitsquare.io/t/welcome-out-new-community-manager-juan-galt/336

Here are 8 reasons why Bitsquare is one of the best ways to buy and sell bitcoin.


Very cool.

Nice to see more people paying attention to #bitsquare !

If this stuff interests you, and if you do not mind a plug, I have been working on a series of articles about #bitsquare.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The next article in the series will be out by Saturday, the latest.

Great, I'll start there.

Get em Juan! Glad to see you posting here :D

:) You too! you are like a superstar here eh? LOL

HAHAH! Nope, just got in on launch day ;] and wrote my ass off for weeks after lol I've hit sort of a writers block lately..

Bitsquare is definitely an awesome platform

I'm in Juan. If you can decentralize it do it.

Congratulations Juan!! Ever since the Bitfinex problem I have really decreased my exposure on exchanges. Hopefully decentralized exchanges will be the fix.

I'm in Juan. If you can decentralize it do it.

Definitely, time to stop those con artists. All hacks are inside jobs, these exchanges are laughing their ass how much money they steal from poor suckers that store their money there. This has to change in the future!

Good post. Since Steem came out, I've been looking for a lot more information on how it works and how to transfer it and so on.

You don't know what you don't know, right? :-)

Thanks, I was just looking for more information on BitSquare.

Updated version with some corrections

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