$42k is likely to be the low

in #bitcoinlast month

Good chance to get some cheap Bitcoin

With all the FUD going around, it's a good opportunity to get some cheap bitcoin.

$42k should act as support and so far looks to be holding solid:


(Source: https://twitter.com/inmortalcrypto/status/1440004306799824898/photo/1)

I think this may take a couple days to fully play out, maybe even a week or two, but a month or two from now we won't even remember this dip happened.



Well... I did say we're back at 50k USD by weekend... However, I didn't say which weekend...

Gonna take a few weekends to get back to $50k I think...

Possibly... Like I said earlier, current market situation might be too unpredictable to give any reliable guesses based on previous patterns. Sometimes we just don't know all the variables or there is too many variables...