Twitch now accepts Bitcoin! (Twitch is owned by Amazon...)

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On their Twitter Feed, Twitch announced that they are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Check it out:


Right there, the 3rd one from the left, bitcoin is listed among a whole host of other gift cards etc.

A little about Twitch:

Here is a brief description from Wikipedia:

"Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Introduced in June 2011 as a spin-off of the general-interest streaming platform,, the site primarily focuses on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of eSports competitions, in addition to creative content, "real life" streams, and more recently, music broadcasts. Content on the site can either be viewed live or via video on demand."

On top of that, as of Q3 2017, Twitch still remains the leading live streaming video service for video games in the US.

Not bad, but check this out:


Do you see what I see?

*Hint: Look who Twitch is owned by...

Why is this potentially significant?

As you probably noticed from my hint above, Twitch is owned by Amazon.

Which means, if Twitch is accepting bitcoin as a means of payment and is owned by Amazon, it probably isn't that far of a reach to think that perhaps Amazon may soon be following suit and accepting bitcoin as well!

A great step in the right direction in terms of bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses.

As more and more legitimate businesses start integrating bitcoin and cryptocurrencies into their payment options, the faster it will gain traction among the masses.

Stay informed my friends.

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BTC is out of gas. Time to cash out and move on.

That's the great news. Steam has stopped accepting bitcoin.


They mentioned the large fees were an issue, so perhaps they will accept a coin with smaller fees, perhaps something like a bch, heck or maybe even little ol steem. ;)


I think Bitcoin Lightning makes way more sense than a cheaper coin, but because Lightning didn't have a ICO that got pumped nobody is talking about it. But I think the smartest people around will choose it finally.


Yes, Bitcoin is more of a store of value at the moment.

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Why use Steem for daily transactions? STEEM is social media. Do you ever see a day when you take all your Facebook likes into SBUX and try to trade for a coffee? NOPE. Why not. Social media is not the same as daily transactions.

STEEMIT can cause mass delusions. People start to think that their 40 words are worth $12.

It is an illusion, you will wake up soon.


steem will be hot


transaction fees are like 20-30$ now for btc, so for now i do not see it being used. Litecoin and all other crypto would have been better option. I think with this move twitch just wants some attention (look at us, we are accepting crypto). Just my opinion.


maybe ltc


I vote for LTC.


looks like LITECOIN may be moving up a notch or two???


True, fees is indeed and issue. Moreover it is slow as well.


Amazon hasn't announced anything related to its relation with cryptocurrencies. Based on a report on October 31st Amazon bought,, and


Companies buy lots of domain's. Doesn't mean they will use them.


So? If they don't buy them some squatters will do it and they will try to sell them for millions.


True, but so did Windows and they recently started accepting it again so it may happen on Steam also...


Microsoft also stopped supporting bitcoin, the lightning network really has to come about before offchain transactions take hold.


good sore kawan



That's a great news for crypto!

It's a bit late for everyone to start accepting bitcoin. They may as well start accepting Western Union. Bitcoin fees are higher.


Good point, though if they "start" accepting one, perhaps they will soon branch into other coins as well ;)

Good to know! Another reason to avoid Twitch...


Are there people in the world who take Info Wars seriously?


Get todays news 10 years ago!

You can make fun of Info Wars - but they are proven right, time and time again.

Anyone saying their information is inaccurate, I'd kindly ask for a few examples as they'll be hard pressed to come up with any.



I'm still confused if this is some American meme or there are really people who believe what this guy has to say. Seeing how there are Americans who actually think vaccination causes autism and their who their current present is I really hope this is some joke like The Onion. If not... I feel sorry for those poor souls.


Like I respectfully asked...

Please tell tell me what InfoWars said, claimed or put out there that was inaccurate.

Even Amazon can't stay away from the future of payment. While there are so many options better than Bitcoin, nonetheless, step in the right direction.


I agree. There are so many options that are better than Bitcoin. I hope some of these companies take a look at Bitshares, which has a very low transaction fee and fast transfer times, or Steem with No Transactions Fees and fast transfer times.


I think someone reported after asking to the customer service of Amazon about Bitcoin, they answered it will come in the next months with Litecoin ?
Also I think Ethereum could be something amazing for them on deliveries for insurance and smart contract, the big thing of Amazon is the delivery, only the future will tell us :)

The news is great for visibility of bitcoin but who is going to spend their coins on goods at this point. We are still years out. Remember the multimillion dollar pizza delivery. I think the demand to transact in bitcoin will be low if amazon adds it.

Bring it on Amazon! 👍

  ·  last year (edited)

If amazon took BTC, would you even use it?

I wasted a lot of BTC in the early days and that has taught me to not sell it. Holding!


Not necessarily, but the more big legit companies that accept it; the better for all Cryptos.

What do twitch offer that you would want to use bitcoin for? Fees are so high I can’t imagine sending less than several hundred dollars worth in one go!

Is Amazon next?

I actually didn't know that twitch was owned by amazon!

Why would Amazon ever accept BTC? There are 20 better coins that Amazon could accept.

I think this is amazon's "experiment" before actually implementing it on a larger scale on Hopefully it will happen! :D

  ·  last year (edited)

Great news! There have been rumors Amazon would accept bitcoin and other cryptos. Given how long it takes and how expensive it is to transact using bitcoin, it would make sense for Amazon to accept other coins like Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, etc. that process payments faster than bitcoin.

That's massive news i wonder if Amazon sell them on afterwards or are they hodl-ing them lol.

That's massive news

we will see if that happens

Tnx for sharing this info. This is huge. Once biggest online retailer start accepting bitcoin, everything will go up like crazy. I am going to watch closely their earnings conference call on February 2. How knows, maybe they announce big news on that date.

That's good news. Thanks for sharing!

Nice post...
Thank for sharing...
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@jrcornel Prepare for another 2017-style explosion this year!

Thanks for information.I'm following you

Wow...... Fascinating we can trade with bitcoin wallet......thanks for sharing.......thumbs up

I wish more games would accept bitcoins as payment... Nice post, good reading:)

  ·  last year (edited)

great stuff

great news for the crypto market , hopefully we see more organisations adopting these coins as payment methods, which aims to reach users all over the world and takes steps for this purpose by adding Bitcoin to payment systems, League of Legends, Dota 2, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, and many more.

If this is the case then it's a first step in the right direction, the next step is to figure out which CC will be used for each individual purpose. Bitcoin is to slow for day to day purchases, that creates a space for the upcoming CCs.

I think it is inevitable, definitely the world, all people, navigate towards the use of cryptocurrencies. It is a fast and very versatile mechanism. Greetings.

Well, it seems crypto is no longer a "Bubble".

It'll be cool if we can shop on amazon with cryptocurrencies in the near future. Looking forward to crypto becoming more widely accepted. :D

So what? Do you think anyone will use bitcoin to buy a 5$ subscription and pay 4 times as much in fees? The same with bits. They are just getting in on the hype.

  ·  last year (edited)

nice .. They are making some upgrade

This is really good news, if Amazon starts accepting bitcoins it's really a big change to cryptocurrency.

Finally cryptocurrency is soon going to be a part of our life

  ·  last year (edited)

Great News!!,
It is time to start to give value to the crypto...... crypto are not only speculation, the future of crypto and tokens will be the value that they give to the holders and them use in real life.
I think that Twitch and some other companies that in 2018 are starting to use crypto, will be the pioneers of this. The future is crypto, the future is blockchain. That's all :)

Xsolla, which allows Twitch to pay over 600 varieties, partners with Coinbase for Bitcoin payments. At the moment, only Twitch paid for Twitch Turbo premium accounts with Bitcoin, then they continue to work for channel subscriptions. @jrcornel

That's awesome news... Here's a valuable analysis for you on Ethereum Classic:



this is amazing, wow, crypto currency is getting mainstream, after twitch, it might be amazon, then google and then everywhere

That is the considerable news. Steam has quit tolerating bitcoin.

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It sure would be a game changer if Amazon started accepting bitcoin. We will all be steem millionaires!

Imo that's probably partly due to Refereum "partnering" up with Twitch to bring a share of the money pie to streamers and twitch users.

Twitch a compagny own by amazon interesting
probably next time amazon accept bitcoin

  ·  last year (edited)

Bitcoin's fees are really high, so its not gonna be really that good for us "advanced " . I mean yes, it's bringing crypto to the masses, but most people know about BTC anyways. What would be really great is if they started accepting ethereum or EOS oe even steem. These coins are faster and have low transaction fees although the ethereum network has been under major stress recently, but it will surely get resolved with the skilful team improving on the coin.

if amazon accept bitcoin then you know altcoins after that, i'm using to buy gift cards for amazon and itunes and they are going to be supporting ALT COINS after the 19th of january 2018 this month..

@jrcornel .I foresee Amazon switching to another cryptocurrency such as steem in the future away from bitcoin that is if bitcoin transaction fees continues to be impractical. Imagine paying for a service worth $14 transaction fee $16. Besides with the growing popularity of Steem and its ever increasing user base it might be a good fit

Good notice, thank you for sharing.

It's great news .. !! The Bitcoin market is covering every day important markets .. !!

Like twitch all over the world. bitcoin will be considered as a form of payment. if they wish and they not wish, this is your future currency :)))

interesting.... I was at twitchcon two years ago and asked streamlabs (donation service for streamers) if they would implement bitcoin. They were scared. Maybe that'll change now

good news man:)

thanks a lot @jrcornel for useful post. I look forward your next post

pretty exciting!, but i would love to see other coins there such as litecoin as people probably wont be expending BTC due to high fees...

this is the best promotion of crypto currency, the future is more efficient of crypto.

This seems to be aimed at the techies that use Twitch. I think Bitcoin with it's volatility and fees will be an impediment to the widespread adoption of crypto currency. The more people that start using or accepting BTC and then quit because it does not function well will be skeptical of the next big thing in crypto that functions perfectly. Also, the tax code in the US has not changed for the better and every purchase with digital currency is taxable event for capital gains that must be reported on a Schedule D. For the majority of US taxpayers that do not trade or own stocks or bonds and have never filed a schedule D... this will be a daunting task.

From Marketwatch 12/28/17:
"The IRS says bitcoin must be treated as property for tax purposes. That means a capital gain or loss should be recorded as if it were an exchange involving property. It should be treated like inventory if it is held for resale, and therefore an ordinary gain or loss recorded. If it is used as payment, it should be treated like currency, but must be converted, and its fair market value checked on an exchange."

Twitch has been owned by Amazon since 2014. That's why there's a "Twitch Prime." If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can link it with your Twitch account.

You get:

  • A free channel subscription every month
  • Ad-free
  • Free loot boxes for games like Overwatch, Hearthstone, etc...

If you already have a Prime membership and you use Twitch, you should set it up. Just my opinion. #freelootsftw

This will help out a lot of streamers. Great news !

well, with the big fees it's nit that useful. Now if they added other crypto! Like STEEM!!

woah bitcoin is ready for some ride to the moondownload btc.jpg

great news

Nice information

Crazy good! Thanks for the post.

good information I will always follow you if you have a chance to visit my blog because as a beginner we need you to be immortal in steemit.

Hurray! Now people can give the world's most environmentally friendly coin to the world's smallest family business! Let's keep up this trend of decentralizing the global economic balance of power by supporting local businesses like Twitch and Amazon! I'm sure Jeff will be more than happy to support your local kids' sports teams. :D We're literally helping to blast the Bezonator to the moooooooon, and even better, mars!!!

I love this post.

Amazon accepting bitcoin willing be incredibly huge for crypto!

Let’s hope they decide to do that and perhaps more cryptos to follow?


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

He are going to win this currency battle, crypto is the future, steem is the future. :)

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Crypto is on mainstream. I am not shock if on the next one or two years, it can conquer the world. 🙂

Your assessment seems right to me. There's already been rumors of Amazon accepting Bitcoin, now this? My only question is how they plan to handle the fees - will it be an option only for transactions over a certain amount of $$?

Great news. Due to high price of transaction btc it will happening one day.

This is just one of many simultaneous adoptions of crypto that we all need! I will be sharing this with the people in my life that still doubt bitcoin and crypto/digital currency in general! ;)

Hello @jrcornel I am very glad to know that information. Thank you for that. It's very good for us investors in crypto. Maybe that can start crypto world to move up to the MOON. :) Best from Serbia

Big news, this could be Amazon's test case catering to a market (on Twitch) that are likely to be involved, or at least cognizant of crypto. Now we've gotta get companies like Microsoft back on board

If this happens? Its literally easy to buy and sell products.
We are engaging the cryptocurrency with our daily life.

That’s a nice discovery!

Great post! I follow you :)

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After all this they pick the shittiest crypto to accept payments with!?

keep , the good work

The best news, thanks!!!

Good development.

That is great news,thanks for shareding

I think all of the publicity lately is playing a major part in all this. Though I've known about these things, I've not dug into it as much as I probably should have. Thanks for sharing more information.

awesome news ☺️

I think banknotes will not soon be worth

Great to see, but for there is like no benefits of that, bitcoin transaction fees are like 20-30$, do not see it being used on twitch for now, maybe just maybe when btc will launch lightning network. But there is so many other options which would be used to support twitchers.

very useful and what you publish is very good for my personal knowledge, hopefully always keep motivation bro

Thanks dear discuss the cytocurrance ..

Big news, and if parent company amazon do follow suit it'd HUGE! Then all we'd have to worry about is the btc transition fees... a little high to justify buying say a $2.99 t-shirt. Steem anyone?

Would be even better if they would accept Steem ;-)

sangat bermanfaat,, terimakasih sudah berbagi



This is actually Big News for Bitcoin and people are about to see a huge change in the crypto SPECTRUM!

Btc has been one of the greatest trading techniques and thank God Steel has stopped accepting btc
Thanks for this post, I've really learnt more. Keep the good works going, there will definitely be a light at the end of the tunnel. My upvote is of No worth because am a newbie here but I'm supporting you with my comment and so you can check my introduction post and recent posts and help upvote for me and also follow me in return. Thanks for this post

If Bitcoin can just lower the fees it would skyrocket, small purchases along with the high fees are not really helping it.