This feels like a big deal...

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Twitter allowing users to tip via Bitcoin

I haven't fully dived into all the details just yet, but it sounds like a very big deal.

Twitter users on ios can now tip using bitcoin via the strike and the lightning network.



This is expected to begin shortly and then functionality for android is supposed to launch in the next week or two.

This is great news for adoption and cementing bitcoin within the ecosystem.

Ironically BAT had a shot at this and didn't really do much with it, bitcoin likely will.


People don't like tipping.

Doesn't have to be a tip. The entire platform can now be used as a remittance service.

For example someone can send $10 using Twitter, have it converted to bitcoin by the app, which then flies across the globe to El Salvador (for example) and have that bitcoin converted back to USD once it gets there (if they choose).

Pro Tip:

Also with SBDs trading so much above a dollar, it pays to have all posts and comments 50/50...

Thanks for advice. Btw; all my steem power is on peanut farm. Are you familiar with this opportunity?

Yes, all mine is delegated to nutbox as well. The APY has been very solid for the last 6 months. Now we just need that big steem pump... is it coming?

The problem of BAT was that it was based on Ethereum and withdrawing BAT did cost more than the earned amount ;)

I would say that with Bitcoin, the tipped amount must be at least about 100000 satoshis before it becomes usable.

Good point about BAT. I stopped using for that exact reason.

Withdrawal fee is still about 15 times what I have balance left.

Well if they get it to work properly with the lightning network this is super huge and just torched Moneygram and Western Union.
If people can seamlessly use this to do remittances it brings a ton of utility to Twitter.

People will start using it soon. They are not stupid